Friday, February 27, 2009


As some of you may have already noticed,
I change my Blogger profile pic yesterday.

It used to look like this:

It looks like this now:

More fun, right??? Wheee!

Thought the other one with me in sunnies didn't quite go with the look and feel of my newer, more-playful header. (Scroll up. The said header should still be there if you're up-to-date with my posts.) And you know how it is lah. Everything mesti try ber-matching-matching lah, kan? =p Plus, I'm more like that second pic in real life anyways. Not so much the bimbofied poser I pretend to be online. Haha. (Eh, I low key wan okayyy.)

So... yeah. Me gots new Blogger profile you no haves! Yay!

*cartwheels all around*

*splits in mid air*

*lompat bintang*


FYI, I grabbed that shot of myself from this picture:

That's Duh Roads and I. At work. Fooling around
with Photobooth (the application, not the character)
on skin-look-very-nice-in-this-lighting-day last Friday.
I lost my forehead and she's got a hole in her head. =p

If you were observant, you'd have noticed that I kinda removed Duh Road's pointer finger in my edit. Just thought it looked kinda odd with no body or hand attached to it in the cropped pic. HAHA. Well, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right? If that's what it takes to make the picha look awessum, that's what I'll do. =p

Many more embarassing funny pics where this one came from. May post 'em one day. See how first lah ya? Kalau kalau free to edit pictures and all that. Haha. A bit the boh eng now lah. FYI, this one had to be PS-ed. It came from Mac's Photobooth app so the original actually looked kinda washed out. This, and all the others we took last Friday, February 20, 2009. So... lotsa work!



I got a papercut. =p


This is me finding an excuse to write a short post that takes less than 2 minutes of my time. No time to blog at all today lah. You think what? No need to work ah? Sheesh.


Later lah, ok? Make sure
you check back again soon.

In Anticipation Of Liquid Precipitation

I love it when it rains. And right now,
it's raining cats and dogs outside.


So since the weather's got me
feelin' all jolly bolly on the inside,
lemmie tell you a story the lazy man's way.

Went for dinner. Attended a wake. Went back to work. Enjoyed a chat. Finished work. Helped others. Packed up. Bugged others to go home. Realised Baby was parked outside. Borrowed an umbrella. Made a mad dash for the car. Umbrella was useless. Covered nothing. All drenched. Jeans wet. Hair frizzy. New shoes ruined.


Double-K, Power Puff Boy, Duh Roads and I while waiting for the lift.

All because the lot of us waited 5 minutes too long before leaving the office. (I blame Power Puff Boy for our delay. Most definitely. All his fault. Nobody elses. *stares daggers at Power Puff Boy* He owes new shoes. *grunt*)

Anyways, I'd love to stay and tell more lazy-man stories but it's late and I'm all kinds of tired out from the day I've had. Plus, Sleep's been playing Peek-A-Boo with me lately so that's not quite helping either. Heck, I can't even handle words like "liquid precipitation" right now. Error message reads: "Brain dead. Comprehension failed. Understanding unsuccessful."

Ugh. Big words suck.
I like short words. Like "Nights."

Nights, guys.

My Debut Album

Pam Song was tagged in the note "My Debut Album" yesterday at 12:08AM by Arin Askandar, and again at 9:04PM by Tim Tams.

So... yeah. Here's another.


1 - Open The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band. If the first article you hit is short, hit Random Article two more times.
ANTECHAMBER: An antechamber is a smaller room or vestibule serving as an entryway into a larger one. The word is formed of the Latin ante camera, meaning "room before." Antechambers are commonly used in theme parks where guests enter the room and are usually told about the story while other guests are riding the ride.
Click here to view wiki article from source.

2 - Open The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

Marriage is the only adventure open to the cowardly.
– Voltaire (1694 - 1778)

Click here to view quote from source.

3 - Open Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

Click here to view picture from source.

4 - Use Photoshop/paint or similar to put it all together.

Photoshop – check.

5 - Post it to FB with "My Debut Album" in the "caption" and TAG the friends you want to join in.

Sorry, it's a no-can-do for this one. It's appearing on Tinki Talks and not on FB. And I ain't tagging no one.

ANYHOO, here's my debut album cover.

Damn, my band's cool.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

English Tea For Breakfast

But tea alone ain't enough. I need a wholesome meal. To start my day right, you know? In a bid to stay healthy so I'll live forever ever and never ever die. (Which is kinda the same thing when you really think about it, no? And my gawd, so many 'evers' in that sentence. Haha. I'm such a failed writer. A writer who rambles, too – ohlookatmeI'mdoingitnow. Argh, so fail. Kill me! Slay me! Slash my wrists and let me bleeeeeed!!! Haha. Drama. Nice. But, hmmm... I said I didn't wanna die. And I don't. I wanna live forever. So I shouldn't ask you to kill me. You know, I think I'm going around in circles now. I should just stop typing. This brackety thing is getting way too long anyays. Stop! Ok. Sorry. Shhh.) Indulge myself in a complete English breakfast that's just dripping with golden butter. Mmm. And must have ham, eggs and sausages wan. Or else don't count.

And that's all I said.
(In more Manglish lah, of course.)

Then Duh Roads leans over and says,
"Eh. Sounds wrong."

And then the babi big big grin me and asks,
"How many eggs? Two?"


Today confirm lah
– Duh Roads got dirty brain.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

EVENT: VO Recording
DATE: 25 February 2009 (Wednesday)
TIME: 2.45PM – 4.00PM
VENUE: Imaginex Studios
THINGS TO NOTE: (1) Client wasn't present; (2) Talent was late


I love this pic.

From Left to Right: Miss Armpits-Smell-Like-Onions
(formerly known as
Miss Disgusting in previous posts),
Yours Truly and the now-infamous
Beef Jerky. =p

Not cos we look hot or cos
the composition's awesome.

But cos it says a lot.

It tells of what my life at work is like – half the time, none of it even really feels like work. And it serves to remind me of the things that (and the people who) keep me doing what I do. I mean, sure, there are bad days. Tough days. I-just-wanna-kill-myself-or-crucify-a-Suit days. But there are also things I've found in this hoopla that I wouldn't give up for the world. (That includes people, too.)

I did some thinking last night. And the night before that. Just cos it felt like time for a little bit of "ambition assessment" – no biggie. Some career-goal-vs-personal-happiness reflection, smart-sounding bla bla I thought I should take time to think about lah. Funny thing is that I found this time no different from the other times.

Upon digging deep down inside to check myself (and successfully blackmailing my sleep-deprived, half-empty, almost-dead brain into getting down to the crux of the matter), I ended up coming to the same conclusion as always:

I keep doing it cos I love doing what I do
and I love doing it with the people I do it with.

Case in point: Miss Armpits-Smell-Like-Onions, Beef Jerky and I, we're part of a team. We deal with each other daily. Sometimes even HOURLY. Haha. (And mind you, that's a lot of Onions and Beef Jerky to take!) The awesome thing is that this picture shows me how close we've become in spite of what we put each other through daily. (I think that, generally speaking, it's pretty rare that Suits and Creatives are this close without the presence of Alcohol.)

These are times to remember.

Cos it's times like these that make
all the other less-than-fun times
worth every frown, spat, or late night.


p/s: I had a new top and a new pair of jeans on today. And my new classic-ish Converse shoes were only in their second wear. Wheee!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Open Fields

Run. Only if you know you won't trip. Or only if you know that even if you do end up tripping, the person you're running to won't laugh.

Time For Change

The plan for this weekend?
Have no plan.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Her Morning Elegance By Oren Lavie

I love stop motion and this MV really rocks with it. Entitled "Her Morning Elegance", the song you are about to hear was written and produced by Oren Lavie. It appeared in the Oren Lavie album "The Opposite Side of the Sea" and was once featured in a US-aired Chevrolet TV commercial.

Click play and take my word for it,

Credits to Butt Crack for introducing the MV to me.

Directed by: Oren Lavie, Yuval & Merav Nathan
Featuring: Shir Shomron
Photography: Eyal Landesman
Color: Todd Iorio at Resolution
© 2009 A Quarter Past Wonderful

Change Of Nick

Baru kena sakai. Time to make amends.


Pam Song: *innocently* What?

Gossip Queen: Don't think I dunno!

Pam Song: Hahaha. Okay okay. But... that nick not I give wan!!!

Gossip Queen: WHO???

Pam Song: Duh Roads! (Easiest way to get out of trouble: Blame someone else. =p) I ask her, "Eh, what nick should I give XXX on my blog ah?" and she said, "Gossip Queen!" So ma Gossip Queen lorrr. Haha.

Gossip Queen: *sniffle* But but... I even gave you beef jerky! ='(

She's right. She did give me beef jerky. Fed me when I was hungry. Oh, how could I have forgotten? How could I have done what I did to her? How could I have been so mean? I mean, after all her kindness??? After all she's done for me??? Sigh. I'm ashamed of myself. I really am. And I'm sorry.

But I'm here to make it right.

So... from here on out, Gossip Queen
will officially be known as Beef Jerky.


Peace out.

I Like It...

1. When he calls me Lil One.

2. When he gives me pet names and calls me by them.

3. When he pats me on the head affectionately.

4. When he asks for my opinion.

5. When he listens as though my response actually matters.

6. When he listens. Period.

7. When he tells me about his day.

8. When he asks about my day.

9. When he notices that I've gotten a haircut or that I've added some highlights to the mop on my head I call 'hair.'

10. When he takes interest in new additions to my wardrobe and actually pays enough attention to know what's new and what isn't.

11. When he remembers what I eat and what I don't.

12. When he remembers me on special occasions, celebrations or festivals.

13. When he bothers reading my blog to know what's going on in my life (or in my head).

14. When he calls, SMS-es, Gtalks, Gvideos or MSNs out of the blue for spontaneous sharing-is-caring-so-let's-catch-up sessions.

15. When he tells me that he'll marry me if we end up finding ourselves too old, too grey and too alone for our liking.


*sleepy eyes*

You know what? I started off pretty sure that I had much more to say. Haha. But I think my brain's giving up on me. As much as I'd like to grow this list tonight, I think I'd actually rather have a nice, warm bath and a good night's sleep instead. Sorry, guys. This blogger's beat. Toodles.

No Full Stops

Funny how we're back where we started.

4 years down the road. Ahh, who would have guessed that we'd both find ourselves back in the very same situations that resemble what used to be when we first crossed paths. The used-to-be that made us what we were. And as Life and its ironies would have it, the very same used-to-be that eventually gave us what we shared. What we will share again when we find all that we can be again.

No full stops. I'm counting on it. =)


"We still have a lifetime together
so you're not getting rid of me."

– N.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Playing The Sneaky Neighbour

Duh Roads is so gonna kill me for this...

Shot on Wednesday, 18 February 2009.

...but I think the fun's gonna be worth the death.

Tee hee.

If she naik gila, you guys better protect me ah.
I give you stuff to read and laugh about, you know!


p/s: You see that killer pile of paper on the desk? It's all the JRs I've been served in the last three (3) to four (4) months. See also sket.

I. Am. Superwoman.

Cos today, I discovered FB notes!!! Wheee!

All by myself summore. Dun play play. Che wah. Bangga only. Haha. Took a good look at my profile today (I hardly ever do that but today I got itchy and started entertaining thoughts of rearranging some stuff around – it was getting messy) and finally noticed the tab staring back at me. Haha. Eh, I'm soooo proud of myself wei. Immediately decided to write a REAL note and tag the peeps who've been bugging me to use FB notes. Just to show off my new-found skill and all that. HAHA.

One response so far.



So hard getting compliments these days.


p/s: In case you were wondering, I'm still gonna answer notes on Tinki Talks. I'm a creature of habit and old habits die hard. =p

Beef Talk

Gossip Queen: *excitedly* You want beef jerky???

didjital: I don't really eat beef.

Gossip Queen: *turns to look at me incredulously then turns back to hound didjital* WHAT!? You don't eat beef???

didjital: Not really. Try not to lah.

Pam Song: Why ah? You don't like the way your shit smells when you eat beef? (I swear I'm not always this forward or this gross. Haha. *pause* Okay, fine. Maybe I am. *grin*)

didjital: *laughs* No. I don't smell my shit.

Pam Song: *pulls wth face* How can you not smell it? It's YOUR shit, isn't it? -_-

Gossip Queen: Haha haha haha.

Pam Song: Eh, you know ah, they say the best way to not smell your shit is to light a candle or a match. (I'm not crazy. My father tell my mother wan. Blame him if it isn't true in any way. Haha. See where I get my crazy ideas from? It's in the genes!!!)

didjital: No, I don't do that.

Pam Song: Then???

didjital: Uh... I hold my breath?

Pam Song: *blink blink* How fast do you shit, wei?! Hahaha.


Beef jerky courtesy of Gossip Queen.

Beef jerky actually looks kinda gross to me. Haha. And the smell is damn kau. I can't really take it for long. Too power di. But... once in awhile, to wake myself and shock my system, ok lah. Haha. Thanks, Gossip Queen! (Dun sakai me. Duh Roads gave you that name wan. HAHA. Okay, now she's gonna kill me pula. Die.)

Ahh, how could I possibly
dread Monday mornings?

They rock with this crew!

Playing Mute

Her with a comp and keyboard, me with a blue marker and white board. Both of us, accompanied by two (2) whole hours of silence.

ShirleT BooM & Pam Song.

Compulsory on her part, willingly on mine. =)

Ahh, it's been too long since the last time I've shared such a night with this soon-to-be-married woman. And I have to say, I'm glad it happened. (Though I would never wish another painful operation on ShirleT BooM ever – sumpah sepenuh hati punye promise deep deep!!!) Sure brings back fond memories of the good ol' days – our FOTH days. Talking (and falling asleep) in Baby till the wee hours of morning and all that. Haha. Makes me smile every time.

Babe, promise me you'll rest lots, chill more, think less, and get a whole lot better... or you're gonna be wearing that mask again the next time I stop by! =p

Pam Song

First Thing

RULES: Don’t think about an answer, just put down the first thing that pops into your head. (Sorry, I just had to reword this sentence. =p)

1. My ex is still:
...far, far away from where I am.

2. I am listening to:
...Superwoman by Alicia Keys, on 8TV.

3. Maybe I should:
...listen to my mom and believe that this year's gonna be the year.

4. I love: music collection and my new shoes.

5. I don’t understand:
...why trusting another is so scary for me, as is being vulnerable.

6. I lost: ability to give. And when that happened, I lost myself.

7. People say:
...all sorts of things they don't mean all the time.

8. The meaning of my screen name is:
...not too difficult to decipher.

9. Love is:
...always worth fighting for.

10. Somewhere, someone is:
...bound to be just perfect for me.

11. I will always:
...believe in love.

12. Forever seems:
...but a lifetime away.

13. I will never ever want to:
...die without having lived my life to the fullest.

14. My cellphone is:
...currently a dead PDA.

15. When I wake up in the morning:
...I turn on the radio and turn off the AC.

16. I get annoyed when:
...people who don't know nuts behave like they know everything they is to know about anything, everything, anyone and everyone.

17. Parties are:

18. My pet(s) is(are):
...still in Penang.

19. Kisses are the best when:
...they're with someone you can't possibly live without.

20. Today:
...ended well.

21. Tomorrow I:
...will be working my butt off. *groan*

22. I really want:
...a nice, long, relaxing break.

23. I really want to ask:
...the dude who started this meme why there's such an odd number of questions. (FYI, I've got this weird thing about numbers. And to me, No.23 just isn't one of the better ones.)

Wow. This is actually the first meme I've done that doesn't require that I tag other people and pass on the tag. Haha. Awessum!

So WTH-Worthy

So the first rant turned out to be a miscomm of sorts. This one *points below* guarantee not miscomm. Memang patut kena belasah verbalisme teruk teruk. (Dammit, how the heck do you say "verbal bashing" in Malay???)

The said post.

Again, I screenshot-ed the entire post so even if it's taken down, you'll still get to read it. (Done ala ShadowFox. I'm a good student. =p) Just click hereto view it in its actual size. Worry not, for what you see is as is on 21 February 2009 at 1:42AM. Seriously though, I doubt this blogger's gonna check back on what I say here so it should still be on the blog lah. This one's a lot less civilised than yumisayuri who, by the way, I highly commend for her response to my earlier post regarding her use of "To Love Is To Give."

ANYHOO... we're not talking about her or that post now. Today, I got new target di. Jeng jeng jeng. Haha. Today, standing afront the Tinki Talks one-man (one-woman, rather) firing squad is "Hot and Spicy Dreams: Hot story and spicy dreams for you desire." *rolls eyes* Even the blog title sucks, wei. England damn off. Haha.

So what this bugger did was he (yes, I'm being gender biased by assuming that the fella's a he) ripped my "Japanese School Girl" post of its title (for the most part – 2 out of 3 words, at least) and stiched it to another one of my posts entitled "In Penang."


Need or not ah? Want raunchy title, but want another post's story. Waaat??? My post for Jap Girl not good enough to snitch? Or my title for the Penang rant wasn't good enough to have? Babi. Now, it's all totally disjointed. What has a Jap school miss gotta do with customer service, driving, aunties and the weather in KL, I ask you??? Sheesh. Wanna copy (actually, they call it "plagiarism," but I doubt a person of your mental capacity would ever be made to understand the term) also use brain a bit can bo?

And come on, man. Guys, just do me this favour and click on the screenshot to read the said post. You've really gotta see it. The dude totally screwed with my spelling and grammar kau kau wei! Look! I compare for you to see.

3. Bikers, cyclists and aunties with big grocery baskets rule the streets. Thinking of taking up a whole lane when you drive cos it's specially made for the width of your car? Please. Just do yourself a favour and forget it. Why? Cos a puny 70cc bike is probably taking up all that space. Or an aunty with bifocals hanging from a chain around her neck, slumberly walking along the road (and by that I mean "right smack in the middle of the road"), dragging her shopping basket along. Or bicycle's going at 2km per hour and you're expected to stick to your place in the queue. Haih. It's freakin' cowboy town here, wei.

3. Bikers, cycliwtss and aujties with big grocery baskehs rjle the streets. Thinking of taking upp a whole lane when you drive cos it’s speckally made ffor th e widtb of your car? Please. Just do yourseif a favour and forget it. Why? Cos x puny 70cc bike is probably taking up all that spsce. Or an aunty with bifocals hanging from a chaim arounc hdr neck, slumberly walking along the road (and by that I mean “right smack in the middle of tme road”), dragging her shopping basket along. Or bicycle’c going xt 2km per hour and you’re expected to stick to your place in the queue. Haih. It’s frezkin’ fwn here, wei.

So wth, right???

Haih. See also heartache man.
My writing, my work – bastardised.

What is with these people lah?

Credits also none, link-back also none,
copy also copy like shit liddat.

Fed up nia.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Coldplay's Going To Singapore

And a bunch of my friends are headed their way.

Me? I'm giving it a miss cos, to be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of their work. (Brit sounds are just too emo-depresso for my liking.) Sure, a few numbers I do like (e.g. Shiver, Sparks, Fix You and Lovers In Japan) but... I guess I just don't like 'em enough to spend RM600 on a ticket. And that's minus lodging, travel costs and food, mind you.


So ex can die, wei.

Plus, to be honest with you, my favourite song by the band is their rendition of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. (Very odd, I know.) So I highly doubt they're gonna sing that when they're in Singapore on the 23rd of March. Heh. So... no Coldplay for me. I'll just sit tight in Malaysia and look forward to seeing Jason Mraz who'll be serenading me on the 4th of March instead. =p

RM208 tickets (seated front and numbered) for
Jason Mraz's maiden concert at Stadium Negara,
scheduled to take place on the 4th of March.

Who said I only spend money on clothes and shoes? =p

I Think...

1. That doctors and/or scientists should come up with a cure for sweaty palms. And body odor. And bad breath.

2. That late mornings are simply divine. And a luxury.

3. That fresh laundry smells a little like heaven on cotton.

4. That chick lit is the genre to be obsessed over.

5. That chick lit has ruined my expectations of men, love and romance – they're too high now!

6. That guys who send girls home and drive off before they're safely indoors suck.

7. That chivalry is dead. At least for the most of it.

8. That I'd die without my music.

9. That technology, no matter how advanced, is fallible.

10. That I really need to invest in a good digicam.

11. That online shopping is the busy girl's gift from God.

12. That online shopping is eeeevvviiiilll.

13. That I need to stop shopping.

14. That I need to earn more money.

15. That I should stop putting off my travel plans.

16. That dry public restrooms don't come by often these days.

17. That I use more tissue/toilet paper than most people.

18. That I miss being having someone to call my own.

19. That I might have just forgotten how to kiss.

20. That marrying young is a good thing.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Confirm Shopaholic Liao!

YapThomas has graciously offered to be my Lip Smacker buyer while he's in Australia for a break. Yays! It's been awhile since I've stocked up. About time I did that. =)

And Tim Tams, on the other hand, is gonna try getting me this pair of Converse shoes I've been lusting over while he's in Hong Kong and Singapore for work. The fella now high-flier liao. =p

Hmmm. Maybe I should get my UK boys to buy me something, too! Haha. Might as well since I'm on a roll. =p But but but... *smacks self* Aiyoyo! As though online shopping and real life shopping isn't enough, I'm going international too now??? Stop it, Pam! Stop it! Your bank account is begging you to!!!


Oh yeah, I tell you later about two clinchers I bought from an online store ya. Made me a real happy girl yesterday. Am wearing one when I go out later. =p Pictures when I get back.

Time To Slam? Or Time To Forgive The Copycat Ma'am?

Generally, when people link back to my posts, I feel... like, bangga a bit lah kan? Cos it kinda means that people like what I say enough to want it on their page, too. (Or they hate it enough to slam it lah. Haha. But thank goodness, that's never really happened to me before. Choi choi choi so pantang, touch wood!)

Well, this time,
I've got mixed feelings.

A 25-year-old girl from KL named Yumisayuri extracted my emo-post-Valentine's-Day post, entitled "To Love Is To Give" and published it on her blog. With a linkback to me. And a mention that the post was a verbatim.

Ok lah kan?

So far so good, still considered quite respectable in my books. (CHE WAH BOLEH MAIN RHYMING RHYMING SECARA TIDAK SENGAJA LAGI! POWER-NYE AKUUU!!!) Halo floating atop her head and glowing quite brightly. Shing shing shingggg...


It'd have been nice if she snitched some other post rather than this one lah. Cos this one's a teensy bit too personal lah kan? I talked about my life, my past, my fears, my insecurities. Heck, I poured my heart out and now, it's all splattered across some other blogger's site. It's also pretty ironic how her blog's entitled "THIS IS ME" and upon reading you realise... hey, that's not you! That's ME! Like, the Pam Song kinda me! Hmmm. Not very cool.

Oh well, considering the linkback and the "verbatim" note, she hasn't really done anything wrong. Yet. I mean, she even has my blog linked to her sidebar, okayyy. Not bad wan this blogger. Got angel wings growing from her back and can flap flap summore. Or so I thought. Till I noticed that she screwed up big time. (Halo stops shing-shing-ing and wings get deleted.)

You see, this Yumisayuri chick changed the date so it seems as if she published it first. I wrote that post before I went to bed on Valentine's Day. Technically, that makes it the 15th of February 2009. SHE, on the other hand, dated her post the 8th of February 2009. A whole week before my date of publishing – the REAL date this post actually found its way into Cyberspace. I'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt but this time, I seriously doubt it was a Blogger error lor. She would have had to manually set the date back by that one week for it to appear that way.

Cis bedebah.

So now I'm confused. Why do that if you're already linking back to the original post? I don't get it. You're already saying upfront that it's a verbatim wat. Nothing to hide ma. So now, you're just contradicting yourself – by that I mean shooting yourself in the foot – and acting all schizo-like. (And that's bad, if you didn't know.) And oh, you're making me waste precious blogging time writing about this rather than catching up on posts I actually want to write.


So... time to slam?
Or time to forgive the copycat ma'am?

You tell me.

p/s: I screenshot-ed her entire post so even if it's taken down, you'll still get to read it. (Learn from ShadowFox wan. =p) Just click here to view it in its actual size. Worry not, for what you see is as is on 21 February 2009 at 1:39AM. And if the post wasn't removed, and if anything's different – like the date, maybe? *grin* – she probably found out about this post and decided to do something about it. (I am linked in her blog, remember?)

Movin' On

Chinese New Year's over.

Time to move on.

Ooo, I think I likey this movin' on business. =p

Friday, February 20, 2009

25 Random Things

You guys really seem to like
FB note-tagging, huh?

Pam Song was tagged in the note "25 Random Things" on (1) Monday, February 9, 2009 at 10:20PM by Simon Seow, on (2) Friday, February 13, 2009 at 5:08PM by Barry Bader, and (3) yesterday at 4:10AM by Doktor Lurve. And since I'm not bothered enough to learn how to write a note on FB (behave yourself and stop dissing me can or not???), I'mma just gonna do it here.

One question before I begin:
Why tag ah? So fun meh?



RULES: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. (Not doin' it. Heh.) You have to tag the person who tagged you. (Not doin' this either. Heh heh.) If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you!

1. I only drink RO or distilled water. And yes, I can tell if it's not one of the two.

2. I'm currently a fan of peppermint tea. (Tim Tams' influence – click *here* and *here* to see how it all began.)

3. If there's a pot of hot tea before me, I never stop drinking.

4. I always find myself holding my bladder. I know it's bad but... the freaking toilet so blardee far!!!

5. Converse rocks my socks off but since I come pretty small feet for my height, I rarely ever find Converse stores that carry funky styles in my size – Converse Size 3.

6. My favourite finger is my left pointer.

7. I wish I'd taken Art in highschool.

8. I'm less than 2 months shy of having worked 2 years.

9. I've got a snack drawer at work. It helps me (and some other leechers) get through the day.

10. I eat funny. I can't live without rice, I don't eat garnish, and I always always order the same old dishes at the same old places.

11. People think I don't enjoy sleeping. I do. I just don't seem to ever get enough of it.

12. I procrastinate. A LOT.

13. It feels like my day's incomplete when I don't blog. And I feel bad about it, too. Sorta like I've let people down. -_-'

14. I prefer to PS with a tablet than with a mouse. (No points for guessing it wasn't Play Station I was talking about.)

15. I have four phones at the mo – a Nokia, a Sony Ericsson, a Samsung, and an LG.

16. I hate birds. I'd kill every one of them if I could but I couldn't ever get close enough to any to strike 'em dead, and... well, problem is, dead birds scare me, too. -_-

17. I lost my iPod Classic last December. Think the one of the aircon dudes who scoured the office snitched it. *sighs*

18. I lost a few thousand pictures the last time my comp crashed.

19. I owe a lot of people a lot of pictures. (Sorry, Charlie Chia! Take heart. You are not alone! There are many others out there who share your same fate. -_-')

20. I love it when Valentine's Day comes around but I never do one-on-one dinners unless I'm attached and it's with my significant other. The day carries with it too many messages. Scary. Group dinners are safer.

21. My favourite grandparent was my maternal grandpa – my Kong Kong.

22. I'm a pathetic participator of social networking sites. The only thing I do online is check my email, publish posts on my blog, check its stats, innit posts and answer comments you guys leave. End of story.

23. I've answered 3 FB notes on Tinki Talks (First Letter, Whatever, Otherwise and this one) and I still don't know how to write a note on FB.

24. I hate answering memes but I do it anyways cos it makes me feel bad that people bother including me in stuff but I don't respond.

25. I never tag.

Mr Talk-A-Lot Meets His Match

His name's Hobbes. =p

Click on image to enlarge.

Looks like Mr Bill Watterson understands my pain.
Bill. Hmmm. Wonder why that name rings a bell.

Mayday! Mayday! We Are Going Down. I Repeat. We Are Going Down.

New target in sight.

Looks soooo good.

Dammit, this can't be
good for my bank account.


Gah! But I like it!

*smacks self silly*

Duh Roads tells me that this pair looks perfect for me cos I talk too much. Haha. What-evaaa! Speech bubbles rawk. Especially when they come on rawkin' shoes. And especially when those rawkin' bubbles are on rawkin' shoes on a rawkin' person. Hah. (Sorry, I couldn't resist that last bit. I hadn't quite fulfilled my self-praise quota for the day. =p)

I Wanna Be The Girl

1. Who goes on awesome holidays to far away lands. The kind of holidays that are long enough to pick you up and sweep you away from those damned everyday stresses. The very kind that make you forget reality. In a good way.

2. Who lives on passive income. Having to work for a living is a sucky thing. I want to work for kicks, put my efforts into doing something pointless that I love, and earn money from something else that has nothing to do with working or putting in any form of effort. Haha. Someday perhaps.

3. Who has a baby of her own. Doesn't matter if it turns out to be a he or a she. I just want one. Which reminds me... The other day, a friend MSN-ed me out of the blue to tell me that he dreamt I had a baby of my own. Haha. I asked if I was Mummy to a boy or a girl. He never replied. Heh.

Check out the date, wei. Haha. See how
pathetically backlogged I am with my posts?! Grrr.

4. Who owns a good digicam. The kind that doesn't come with call/SMS/MMS/roaming capabilities. =p Considering I take as many pictures as I do, I should really invest in a good one. One that takes good night shots with minimal noise. I'm thinking LUMIX but... we'll see how goes it. (This is also why I need to come to a point where I can start living on passive income. Heh.)

5. Who is the type of person people wish they had the good fortune of meeting, falling in love with, then marrying. The kind who'd understand, support, and love you through the good, the bad and the ugly. The kind you'd bring home to Mummy and Daddy without a second thought. The kind who'd raise good kids. The very kind whom you'd be able to imagine falling asleep and waking up next to every single day for the rest of your life.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have them.

They're just a teensy bit... unconventional. =p

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


  1. Put your iPod, mp3 or media player on shuffle.
  2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
  3. You must write down the name of the song, no matter how silly it sounds!
  4. Tag 10 of your friends to do the same! (Not doin' this bit. Sorry. Haha.)

Me And Mrs Jones – Abby Backer

Sing Alleluia – Marc Byrd & Steve Hindalong

Good Go Bad – Cheyenne Kimball

Strange Cup Of Tea – Sister Hazel

I'm In The Mood for Love – Smokey Robinson

If I Ruled The World – Tony Bennett and Celine Dion

Things Don't Always Turn Out That Way – The Calling

Here, There And Everywhere – Sissel

Perfect (Acoustic) – Simple Plan

Home – Katharine McPhee

I Believe In You And Me – Whitney Houston

The Man Who Can't Be Moved – The Script

Pierced – Audio Adrenaline

Nine In The Afternoon – Panic At The Disco

Sweet Memories – Olivia Ong

Simple Things – Jim Brickman & Rebecca Lynn Howard

Can't Live A Day – Avalon

Sunset Soon Forgotten – Iron & Wine

Half Light – Athlete

十九八七… – Khalil Fong (方大同)

Some kinda make sense, some totally don't.
Haha. Oh well. Note 2, CHECK!
I'm on a roll, yo! Woot woot!

First Letter, Whatever

Pam Song was tagged in the note "First Letter, Whatever" at 6:43PM today, by The Senior Writer. (I got tagged by Jeffro in this same note the day before Valentine's, too, but I didn't quite have time to do it then. =p Sorry, Jeffro!) And since I'm such a noob queen with Facebook, I'mma gonna do this Facebook tag on Tinki Talks instead cos I have no idea how to start writing a note.


Damn kau fail, I know. -_-'


The Senior Writer (and Jeffro),
this is in answer to your note.

RULES: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag twenty people. (Not gonna tag nobody so if you commented, YOU'RE IT! Ha-hah!) Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real; nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

  3. A BOY'S NAME: Patrick
  4. A GIRL'S NAME : Priscilla
  5. AN OCCUPATION: Police
  6. A COLOR: Pink
  8. A SPORT: Polo
  9. A TYPE FOOD: Pizza
  11. A PLACE: Portugal
  13. SOMETHING YOU'D SHOUT: Pi lah engkau!
  14. A MOVIE TITLE : Pride and Prejudice
  15. SOMETHING YOU DRINK: Pink guava juice
  16. A MUSICAL GROUP: Puppini Sisters, The
  17. AN ANIMAL: Possum
  18. A STREET NAME: Pitt
  19. A TYPE OF CAR: Porche
  20. THE TITLE OF A SONG : Paint Me In Your Sunshine

FYI, The Senior Writer, you had "20" questions in your tag. Question 8's missing from the list you posted. But, don't you worry. I didn't skip no questions. Haha. Jeffro's tag had the complete list so I snitched Question 8 from him. =)

Beh Tahan!

Super si beh kau lat kia si lang stresssss!!!
ARRRGGGHHHH!!! Kill me nowwww!

*stabs self with butter knife*


I need Zen breath.

*in out in out in out*

Not helping.


No, wait. You know what? Scrap that idea. It's rubbish. I don't wanna die. Cos I die for what? Cos of him??? No way! Killing him would be a whole lot sweeter. Heh heh. Down with Mr Talk-A-Lot!

*sharpens butcher's knife with evil glint in eye*

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm Sucha Good Fren

Gosh, the things I do for friends
who wanna impress their boyfriends
on their boyfriends' birthdays.


Well, at least it brought back fond memories of my primary-slash-secondary school calculator story-telling days. Haha. Too bad I don't remember those stories no more, else I'd share them here. =p

Settling For A Quickie Rant

1. I had a bad morning. Tell you later. That wan really grandmother story. Need time. Now cannot. Now got work. Be patient. Or else I bite your head off.

2. JRs came in after lunch and they're due by 6PM. I haven't started working on them yet. And considering the shitload of other JRs I have sitting on my desk right now, I highly doubt I'll be able to start on it before the short needle kisses 6.

3. I've got a hugeass pimple at the side of my face and it itches. Ugh. How do pimply-faced kids take this day in and day out!? Can die wei! Sure scratch until my cheek skin hang from my chin.

4. I'm wearing a tube dress (on the inside) today and I keep having a nagging feeling that it's slipping. ARGH! Need I say more???

Today is so not my day.



I have so many things I want to write about. So many things I want to say. Like, SOOOO many things. Never bluff you. I just need to find time enough to do it. Ugh. Posts have been pending since, like, forever, I tell you. Haih. So sat pai. I could really do with either:

1. More time
2. Less work
3. Another job
4. The same job at another agency.
5. A dedicated slave to do everything else for me


Think I like #5 best.

Applications now open.
Interested parties, please apply.
Get hired and we'll talk benefits.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Anybody Wanna Swap Heads?

I could really do with some head donors right about now
cos I'm pretty much had it with mine. Blergh.

You know, I blame Mr Talk-A-Lot for my pain. Really. The hour spent "brainstorming" (which, by the way, wasn't supposed to be a brainstorm anyways) totally killed me. -_- It's just too bad that all that headache-inflicting talking didn't quite result in much of anything. Sigh. I don't need a Mr Talk-A-Lot right now lah. I really don't. I need a Mr Talk-A-Lot-Of-Liew, thank you very much.


A number of you have SMS-ed, messaged or called to ask how I'm doing. Haha. Guess my emo post was a little out of character of me, huh? Especially since I've not been emo for ages now. Probably a good half year or more, in fact. Haha. Funny.

ANYHOO, just so you know, I'm fine now, guys. I just needed to clear my thoughts and let some things out. And it always helps when I'm writing. Somehow, putting my thoughts into words brings clarity to my situation. It gives the mess that is my thoughts some much-needed organisation. A little bit of order in the chaos, so to speak. That's all.

I'm not jumping off a rooftop anytime soon so you've really nothing much to worry about. I haven't bought any razor blades either, so stop dialling +603-7956 8144/5, put down the phone, then slowly turn and walk away from it with your hands above your head. =p

Jokes aside, what I want to say is this:
Thanks for caring, you guys. And thanks
for bothering to know if I'm okay.

I appreciate you for it. Really.

And look! Even Google asked me how I am!



Tee hee. So syok sendiri. =p

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Emo Bulldozer

Thank you. =)

To Love Is To Give

I learned this lesson today.

I learned that to love is to be able to sacrifice yourself for another. Because the act of loving isn't about you. It's not about receiving. It's about giving. And if you're not prepared to give, you're not prepared to love.

I mean, It's not like I've never heard this being said
or known it before. But today, it really struck me.

Because I came to realise... that I'd stopped giving.

I stopped giving because I stopped believing in people and their intentions. I stopped giving because I thought that all people liked about me and what they wanted from me was only what I had to offer. I stopped giving because I never learned to trust again. I stopped giving because I told myself that I'd given enough once before. I stopped giving because the thought of putting myself out there scares me. I stopped giving because the last time I did, I got hurt. And...

I stopped giving because I needed
to know that other person would
be willing to give even if I didn't.

That the other person would love me enough to give without expecting anything in return. And besides, I always told myself that when I decided on who it was I wanted to share my life with, I'd eventually want to give again. And to be honest, I still believe I would eventually find myself wanting to give again if I found that perfect someone.

So... this whole non-giving thing I practiced
sort of became my little (unintended) test for
the people who dared invite me into their lives.

But that's not fair of me.

I guess I've known it all along – that I wasn't being fair to the people around me. I just never bothered to deal with it. Or rather I never dared to. Because as much as giving of myself is scary, loving is, too. All the more so, in fact. And if I can't bring myself to love another like one should a lover, I can't possibly give. And if I can't give, how can I find love enough for another within myself?

You see, over time, this whole concept of loving being equated to giving became something I knew in my head, but no longer did in the physical. Not because I didn't want to. I mean, I felt the tugging, that's for sure. But I never acted on it because I never found the courage to do it all over again after being put through some tough times the last time I gave my all.

I guess what they say about broken-before hearts is true. The pain goes away (numbs itself, rather) but the hurts never really heal. The scars never quite disappear. We just cover it up real well with fake smiles and phony laughter. Self-preservation and all that other nonsense, you know?

So... I guess what I need now is
to learn to deal with my inability to give.

But how?

I was the girl who burned a mix-CD of sappy love songs and prepared a love-pill-a-day pack (haha, how corny of me) for her best friend-turned-boyfriend-turned-ex-boyfriend-turned-friend. The girl who used to buy her then-boyfriend tennis tees from Nike every time she saw any cool ones just cos she knew he'd love them. The girl who once gave her then-boyfriend a gift every month to celebrate the passing of their monthiversaries. The girl who could find it in herself to send "I love you" and "I miss you" SMS and chat messages that ended with "Muaks" or "Hugs" just because. The girl who wrote and posted an update-letter a day to her then-boyfriend who was miles and miles away from home so he'd never feel alone or out of touch with the people who mattered in his life.

I was once the girl who never failed to remember birthdays, who always sent her best wishes no matter what. The girl who used to love shopping for (or making) birthday and Christmas gifts for the people she cared for. The girl who actually took the time to really think about what people liked and wanted for Christmas or their birthdays, and then did the best she could to give it to them. The girl who stayed up with friends when they were down and needed a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen to what they had to say. The girl who also stayed up with them for nothing more than just to spend quality time together, building the friendship in a car with the music on and the windows down.

I used to be the girl who left others hand-crafted, inspirational notes or surprise cards or bookmarks every other week. The girl who was always first to send a heartfelt SMS when it was Mother's Day or Father's Day. The girl who always sent Christmas and Chinese New Year cards to those who've touched her life. The girl who bought hundreds and hundreds of Hallmark and Memory Lane cards whenever she saw any that struck her fancy even though there was no need for a card at the time because she knew that she'd eventually find someone who deserved one. The girl who not only believed that Valentines was special, but also believed that every day was Valentines when she loved and was being loved in return.


I miss that girl. And I want her back.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Geram Betul!

I've got so many things I want to talk about. And actually, seeing that I was stuck at home all of yesterday, I could have probably published, like, 50 million posts already. Too bad I hadn't planned on being on MC (*cough cough* inside joke *snicker*) or I'd have brought my Omnia cable home with me on Thursday night – MY PICTURES! And my external HD, too – MY MUSIC! Ugh. Bodoh-nye aku.

On a whole other note, although yesterday was a pain (literally), it was nice having the day off to catch up on sleep, Prison Break Season 2, and more sleep. Woke up bright and early, sent off some work to Duh Roads, cleared up the mess on my desktop, then sat down to watch Wentworth Miller run from bad guys.


Too bad he's gay. At least that's what rumours tell me. Wiki hasn't said anything about it so I'm just gonna keep my fingers crossed and hope that he's straight as a bean pole. Not that his gay-ness or straigh-ness matters to me, of course. I'm waiting for Pitt, remember? Tee hee.

Anyhoo, it's Valentine's Day! Woot woot! Tonight's gonna be a busy night for me. (No, I'm not telling what's happening, where I'm going or who I'm going with. Aiya, you know you'll read about it here later anyways, right?)

Am gonna get dressed right after I click "Publish," then rush off to Kota Damansara for a haircut. I need it real bad. My hair is in such a deplorable condition that Edward Scissorhands would have a ball snipping everything off. After he catches me, of course. I'd be running far and fast. Cos only one person cuts my hair. Heh.

I digress.

And then... it's off to Sunway for a date with God. You know, I think I'll stop by the office and grab my stuff after the haircut, before church. I can't live without my music. And I wanna blog with pictures!!! ROAR!

Oh, look at the time! I gotta run.
More (picture-filled) stories later. Toodles!

Friday, February 13, 2009

V-Day Goodies For The Girlie

I'm like about the worst person to depend on when it comes to favours. Was supposed to publish this post this morning but... that just never quite happened. (In my defense, I'm down and out. Have pity on the sick girl, ok? She has good intentions.) Anyhoo, I hope these guys are still open to taking orders (although they said their deadline was 2PM today *groan*).

The bouquet with 6 roses and 4 types of assorted flowers costs RM65. Add couple bears to it and it costs RM80. But these guys aren't all about just making money. As a sign of goodwill, 10% of the profits garnered will be donated to UNICEF. And don't worry, they'll publish the receipt on their website *click* as proof. Why don't you make your girl (and a whole lot of other people) happy this Valentine's Day. Call +6012-979 1252 for more information.


Tonight, it all became obvious. Dear friends, I believe I've discovered what the stars have kept from me all this while:

I'm a sucker for boys who
speak and write good England.

Like, totally.

Just give me a nice accent and a string of beautiful sentences with flawless grammar, then watch as I roll over and show you my tummy.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

You know how I've not been getting quite enough sleep of late? Well, today I officially woke up looking like Death mowed me over with a 2,000 tonne lorry while I slept. My eyes were so puffy they looked like they were glued shut. =_= So...

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

I whipped out my brand new (only 5 days old!) Etude House Dual Change Eyeliner and got to work. Though technically, at the time, I should have already been out of the house, speeding cruising along Federal Highway towards PJ. Heh. But...

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right???

So, I do.

Ish. One eye's focusing on the camera that's inches from my face,
and the other's just chillin'.
-_-' Rambut pun ber-chang-chang. Haiyo!

Not too bad for my almost-first cat eye attempt, no? Haha. Didn't want it too drama-drama cos today was set to be one of those all-work-and-no-play days. But hey, still pretty rarr rarr without going OTT giler babi, right? Meow. I like! Think I'll do it again someday. When I'm in the mood again. And even when my eyes don't look all super kaulat chinky-fied by my lack of sleep. =p

Before getting to work, after getting myself to work.

This girl did what this girl needed to do.
And she liked it. Meow.


The Etude House Dual Change Eyeliner (RM39.90) is a felt-tip liner. (Sorry, no pictures of this product for you. Am much too lazy to take, edit and upload anything else at the mo. Google it, okay? Looks just like a purple marker pen.) Very easy to use. Offers eyeliner noobies good control. Only good for those with normal to dry skin, though. It doesn't go on well if you've got oily skin and it smudges soon after. Even though they say it's waterproof. *rolls eyes* Such liars.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lunch Break

Finally got around to responding to
a whole bunch of outdated comments.

I. Am. So. Proud. Of. Myself.


Comments to 27 posts answered.
Only 282 comments left to go.


Battling Morons In The Dead Of The Night

Right now, I am grossly annoyed
by someone I don't know.

I haven't met him/her before, I haven't yet spoken to him/her, I haven't had any form of personal correspondence with her whatsoever... I mean, heck, I don't even know his/her name! Or gender for that matter! (In my mind, the moron's a gender-less earthworm with piles of brown shit trailing behind him/her.) All I know is where the fella works and that I hate him/her already.


Cos I hate it when people who don't know anything about what they're doing start acting like they know everything about everything else every other person is doing.



Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Error: Brain Not Functioning

Getting up this morning took so much out of me that I tripped on my comforter on my way out of bed. -_-' Thank goodness I didn't smash my head into my writing table on my way to the ground. -_-'' But that ain't the worst of it. I finally realised that I had to blog this cos my exhaustion from the past three nights of work had me doing the ultimate:

I tried tagging into the toilet stall
when I visited it for my mid-afternoon pee.


So. Fail.

Paint The Town Red

I love days when messing
with polyvore™ is considered work.

Artwork prepared in under 10 minutes.
polyvore™ rocks my socks off!

QB even said, "That looks great,"
when I sent it over to him. Tee hee.

Love. It. Lah.

I so need more days like this.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Award For Worse MSN-er In The World

A friend of mine left this message
on my MSN one day. Out of the blue.

Haha. Got me laughing my butt off. And no, he wasn't just being irritating. Wonder why he said that? Well, it's cos I hardly ever reply my messages. And even when I do, it's about a gazillion years late. Haha. So if you're one of them who hardly ever have me write you back, you're not alone. There are 376 others who share your fate. =p

So... outta my way, losers!
That award is mineeeee!!!

If You're Badly Bugged By The Blues...

...remember the good times. =)

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you cannot hear my voice
I'll be right beside you, dear

- Leona Lewis, Run
(Originally by Snow Patrol)

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Took 10 minutes out of my day to cream CincauHangus.

*blink blink*

No, wait. That seemed alright in my head
but looking at it now, I think I should fix it.

Round 2.

Took 10 minutes out of my day to ruin the life
of LOW-ly (pun intended) CincauHangus.

After shrinking the dude down to size,
his pose suddenly looks soooo salah. HAHA.
Try guessing what it was he was holding. =p

Nyek nyek nyek.

Never mess with a woman. Or her height.


p/s: Took this pic at my house when the DGMB-ians came over last Sunday. It was the final stop of our DGMB Chinese New Year '09 visitation round. Haha. Can't wait to blog it but SOME people still haven't shared their lot of the pics. *points all 10 fingers at JoshuaOYS, CincauHangus and Narymama*

Monday, February 09, 2009


I'm so free that I've got nothing better to do than take stupid pictures with equally as silly people, and blog them like they mean something.

didjital, Photobooth and Yours Truly.

I see eyes. Tee hee.


Okay, fine. I lied. That pic wasn't taken today. It was taken last Friday. Today no time to play lah. Why? Cos busy like hell lor. ON A PUBLIC HOLIDAY SUMMORE!


As you can see, I'm so not over it. Come one lah. Not only is today Thaipusam, it's also Chap Goh Meh. That's Chinese Valentine's Day, wei!!! Damn kau suey work on any V-day. Nanti nanti cannot find husband then die alone how???


Cis bedebah.

It's Thaipusam!

And I'm at work. Whoopie.

Perhaps it'll mean I'll be able to sneak in a post or two later. Gotta get some stuff out of the way first. Check back later, people whose companies/schools/colleges understand that public holidays are meant to be PUBLIC HOLIDAYS.


So, Happy Thaipusam, y'all.

*snort snort*

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Random Grump-ing

1. I hate it when people call, have nothing to say, refuse to hang up and expect me to carry on the conversation.

2. College kids suck. (Story later. Hardcore ranting takes time.)

3. The snooze button is EEEVVVIILLLLL.

Gotta run. Ciao.

Horror Of Horrors!

I shopped! GAH!

*slaps self till sendiri pun tak boleh cam*

Tell you story tomorrow. Am thoroughly beat and I've still got work waiting for me. *grunt* Makes me wanna consider adding "Earns enough for the both of us so I'll not to have to work for a living" into Idealistic Thoughts. Bleh. Tempting. Will think about it.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Idealistic Thoughts

Was blog-hopping when I stumbled upon a post YapThomas recently put up. *click* You see, H. Jackson Brown, Jr. (the man best-known for his book entitled "Life's Little Instruction Book" – a New York Times bestseller) had a list of suggestions for success. And the one on top of the list was this:

"Marry the right person. This one decision
will determine 90% of your happiness or misery."

And he's right.

It's time I did some soul-searching. Time I did some thinking about what I want and what I'm looking for. About WHO I'm looking for... as I wait patiently and hope that he's looking for me, too. Here goes.

My ideal man...

Loves me. Loves my God. Loves my family. Likes my friends. Has good, healthy friendships. Enjoys sharing his friends with me. Includes me into his world and is open to being incorporated into mine. Is a family man. Adores kids and is good with them. Has a certain boyish charm about him. Is older than I am. Is mature. Is a man of character – the good kind, that is. Has a stable career and is doing well in it. Earns more than I do. Is a good steward. Is provision oriented. Is generous but not stupidly so. Is financially savvy. Is business-minded. Is a planner – cos I'm not much of a long-term-plan kind of person and I should have a little bit of that in my life. Is good with numbers, dates and times. Has foresight. Is respectable. Respects me. Believes in me. Supports me in my efforts at work and everything else outside of it. Is responsible. Is adaptable. Has a good memory – cos I don't quite remember much of anything. Accepts me for all that I am – that includes my many flaws and shortcomings. Understands me. Understands women and their needs. Is sensitive towards the needs of those around him. Prioritises the importance of things in life the same way I do. Is biblically sound and knows the Bible better than, or at least as well as I do. Is confident. Has good self-esteem. Has a good mix of IQ and EQ. Is secure in himself and his abilities. Is expressive. Is a good listener. Is up for G-rated public displays of affection. Communicates well – with me and with every other person in spite of their social status, race, income bracket or relationship to us. Has a good command of the English Language. Is well-educated. Is wise. Is street-smart. Is all man. Is helpful. Is capable of playing the handyman at home. Is musically inclined. Has good taste in music. Plays a musical instrument – primary school recorders don't count. Doesn't sound like a toad – not tone deaf. Understands ornithophobia. Is protective but not possessive. Dresses well. Is tall. Is lean. Has good skin – the occasional pimple is fine. Doesn't smoke. Doesn't drink – the occasional beer with the guys or a glass of wine while fine dining is perfectly okay. Doesn't inject profanity into his every sentence. Is not a gambler. Dances but isn't a fan of the clubbing scene. Is homely and house-broken – his masculinity isn't undermined when he's to do the dishes. Is able to cook – instant noodles and mushroom soup count. Tells good stories. Is honest. Is humble. Is loyal. Is faithful. Is not easily jealous. Is emotionally healthy. Is healthy. Is good with his body, hands and feet. Plays a sport he loves. Enjoys traveling and seeing the rest of the world. Is fun to be with. Has a wicked sense of humour. Is able to laugh at himself. Is kind. Is patient. Is just my kind of perfect.

I may have missed some things out but...
I'm sure my ideal man will eventually fill in
the gaps I've left while writing this. =)