Saturday, August 30, 2008

One More Note

One last thing before I leave:

Do me a favour and PRAY PRAY PRAY THAT I FIND

Thankyews yew!!!

(Then only can talk nonsense on
update Tinki Talks FOR YOU ma, right? =p)


Just in case. =)

Have a good Merdeka weekend, guys!
Make it a good one. Cheers!

It's Time

Ladies and gentlemen, Pam Song is officially prepared to OD on Asian eye candy all weekend and a day. Tee hee. Her camera's ready to capture what who she sees; and her mouth's ready to salivate on sight of male meat that's perfectly grilled to uber-perfect, well-done perfection. (Whoa.) Sounds so wrong but, yums!

*licks lips*

So, yes. It's time.

Time to check out hot hot Taiwanese guys.


p/s: The pics will be for Ah Beng lah. (I'm pointing all my fingers at him.) He made a special request for 'em. Hey, I'm not that sick and perverted, okayyy. -_-

Friday, August 29, 2008


Today – Friday, August the 29th of the year 2008 – is, without a doubt, the most satisfying, fulfilling and productive day I've had in McCann Erickson, in my year and a half of working here.

I am happy. =)

Cindy The Purple Guest Blogger

NOTE: Self-appointed Guest Blogger post ahead (only the purple text), with Blog Owner sitting right next to the said Guest Blogger, frowning, as she types. Blog owner suggests ignoring all words that begin with "pr" and "3G". And at Tinki Talks, Blog Owner's word is law. Thank you for your kind cooperation.


i love cindy. i will buy her a prada bag
and an 3G iphone. because i love her.

– Says Cindy the soon-to-be-proud-owner-of-a-prada-bag-iphone.
(Pam says: This is the same Cindy who also happens
to be McCann Erickson's Senior Copywriter.)

"thanks pam. i love you too"



She says I owe her this much cos she gave me a packet of "frickin' delicious, crunchy" Mamee – in her own words (she's standing right behind me telling me what to write -_-) – two days ago.

This is one frickin' expensive packet of Mamee, wei.
I think I need to find me a new junk food provider. -_-

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Criminal Watch

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 25 (Bernama) -- Two were summoned to court for breaking into a minister's house and killing a specially-trained dog.

The two, believed to be in their twenties, were apprehended after a 15-minute high speed chase along the NKVE. Authorities were forced to barricade the highway and special air forces were deployed to stop the youngsters, who were believed to be friends of the minister's son.

It is speculated that the two in case were after an electric drumset and a Porsche (among other material possessions) that belonged to the minister's son. The theft was said to have been hastily planned just hours before the crime took place.

All properties of the minister were in good condition at the point of surrender. The minister has refused comment. The exact cause of death of the specially-trained dog remains a mystery.


The 'Banana Exchange Programme' Story

The day before yesterday was No Banana Day.
(Boo.) But yesterday, I got TWO! Heh heh.

Two bananas on Wednesday totally make up
for not having a banana on Tuesday.

But while I was facing the heartbreak of banana-less-ness, JC decided to play the kind ol' soul and he offered me half his banana. (That sounds wrong but it's actually logical. He brings bananas to work sometimes and haves them for breakfast.)

JC: You want my banana?

Pam Song: Haha. No.

JC: I give you half my banana.

Pam Song: No!


Pam Song: No! Your banana's already small as it is!

JC: -_- My banana's not small. -_-

So salah, I know.

But, the dude broke off the top part of his banana,
ate it, and handed the bottom half to me anyways.

So, yeah. That was Tuesday. The Tuesday I got half a banana. And then I got my two free bananas on Wednesday, remember? So I decided to return the favour. Gave him one. Without realising that he brought his own banana to work again. Later that morning, he called me over to The Other Side and pointed to this:

...and said, "Pam, your banana bigger than mine."

Haha. Good golly gracious, so it is!

And I left it at that.

At tea time, I found this *points below* upon
going back to my workspace after a discussion.


Kiuts, no???
So kiut can die.

Flipped the paper over and saw this:

Yes yes. The Banana Exchange Programme. A very good programme that is. Very good indeed. We shall do it again sometime. And this time, I suggest getting equal-sized bananas. Bruises the (male) ego less, no? =p

Give Me Some Jazz

I have no idea who this couple is but
I'm crazy over the song being played.

So feel!

Somebody, send me this song!!!

Don't Say 'I Told You So'

Doing's scary and thinking's tiring.

So how now?


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cubicle Messaging Gone Wrong

The first time, we were lucky. (Honestly, I'd consider it a fluke rather than say that it was thanks to pure luck.) The glass wasn't half full and neither was it half empty. In fact, it was dry. So we kinda got away with it scott free (pun intended) and even managed a good, hearty laugh. This time, well, we weren't quite so lucky.

Coke-ed note.

Your fault. =p

For once, good aim
becomes a bad thing.


You heard the gasp soon as it happened. I didn't plan on it but I'm pretty sure that it was loud and clear. A sure sign of a mishap in The Cu•bi•cle. And true enough, a mishap did take place ont the other side of the partition. Sigh. I lost my fresh glass of Coke to colourful handwriting on a Corbis Post-It note.

Oh well, no use crying over wet paper. There's plenty more where that came from, I'm sure. No biggie. Plus, there'll always be other glasses of Coke to drink from, right? But yesterday, on the other hand, was a day to remember. A date to note in the great books of Cubicle Messaging. Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to welcome the dawn of a new era.

Can't stand the text on this pic, actually. So lala!!!
Makes my skin crawl and my eyeballs melt.
*shiver* It's only there to prove a point.

Hello there. We just upgraded to colour.

"Cubicle Messaging 2.0.
Now in colour! Get yours now!"

Place To Hide

Artist: Lucie Silvas
Song Title: Place To Hide

If you're lonely anytime, you can talk to me
When you have trouble on your mind
I will always be here to shield you from it all
The best way that I can
Anything you want from me

Call me day, call me night
Call me anytime you need someone to hold you
The tears in your eyes
Will be gone, they will dry
And if you still find that you can't face the world outside
Let me be your place to hide

I could always lie to you if that's what you need
Tell you life is never cruel and people never leave
But love is not always kind
And hearts break all the time
And even if I'm far from you

Call me day, call me night
Call me anytime you need someone to hold you
The tears in your eyes
Will be gone, they will dry
And if you still find that you can't face the world outside
Let me be your place to hide

Little corner of the world is what I give to you
Somewhere you can find some peace and understanding
Life can be so sweet

Call me day, call me night
Call me anytime you need someone to hold you
The tears in your eyes
Will be gone, they will dry
And if you still find that you can't face the world outside
Let me be your place to hide

Personal Message

Dear Friend,

Words are never quite enough.
A tune tries but seems inadequate somehow.
But still, I've gotta try.


The Graveyard Shift

3AM. 3 teams. 3 accounts. 6 jobs. 3 cubicles. 1 open space. 4 work stations. 4 comps. 3 lappies. 1 desktop. 2 girls. 2 guys. 2 Writers. 1 Art Director. 1 Designer. 4 dead brains. 8 sleepy eyes.

And a whole lot of camwhoring before calling it a night.

Balala can't aim for nuts.

Balala has shaky hands. And JC's showing off his pits.

JC took over and... well, I don't know what else
to say about JC's photo-taking skills.

A 10-second timer propped on a lappie still works best. =)

Then JC just had to do his thing with his comp.
(I always knew he was a tad jealous of my camera phone.)

Mac Photo Booth rocks our 3AM graveyard-shift-crew socks off.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Here's a sneak peek into the virtual arena of my social life.

Anybody wanna trade friends?

It's That Time Of The Night

Smell something? Surely.
Saliva? Maybe.
Yuck or yums? Debatable.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Back & Front

Remember how I got a not-so-Korean courier last week? Remember how I said I'd blog about my gift the day after? Remember how I then said I'd supply you with pichas of me in that gift as soon as I blogged about the wedding? Well, dearies... 'soon' is NOW.


(I'm only pretending to be excited. Really. I felt uber lame and
narcissistic taking these pics outside my office entrance. Boo.
See the things I do for you guys? You see or not?! Say 'thank you.')

Wore this to work so that I wouldn't have to change into it later for the wedding at night. And that wedding, by the way, blew. Like, totally. We ended up parking a mile away from the venue, no thanks to the lousy parking system at the place. Then we ended up standing around for 45 minutes waiting for a free table. In a drizzle. When we finally found a place, we had to wait in line at the buffet before even getting a whiff of rendang. By the time the crowd around the buffet dwindled, most of the good stuff was gone. Haih. And the worst was that we only got to speak to the couple for less than a minute. -_-

No offense to the wedded couple though.
They looked super hot holy in their outfits
with the keris and all. =p Very Melayu. (Duh.)

Congratulations on finding each other, guys!
Better get to work quick! Me wants to carry baby.


Camwhoring just before Ex-Gangsta Kia
came to pick me for the wedding.

And thank you, Cocorich,
for dressing me for the event.
I have other events in my books.


p/s: I just realised that Melayu weddings are very cost-effective. Sure make money wan! Based on our ang pows alone, I think we probably paid for 2 and a half tables. No kidding. And there were just 8 of us.

Men Are Superficial

Hot chick walks by. Nice hair, neatly pressed shirt, fitted skirt, fair skin, good teeth – I think. (Tee hee. I may have exaggerated a little. I'm only sure of the hair.) I turn to JC and ask:

Pam Song: Pass?

JC: No.

Pam Song: *frowns* Why?

JC: *in a matter of fact manner* She's got sausages for lips.

Pam Song: -_-

I think some people are made for bachelorhood.



I could so live like this every day. =p

Smile, laugh, smile some more,
and have a great Monday, y'all!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Little Something Something

Just added a little something something
to my codes. Tell me if you see it. =p

HINT: A little something something.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Held For Ransom

Got me a real newspaper cutout-styled ransom note today. Which was full of smudged finger prints, by the way. *rolls eyes* Ransom dude no skill. Summore use Scotch tape instead of glue. Haha. A bit the fail. Thing is, to his credit, the note came complete with a clue.

Which I caught, cracked,
and then ignored. Hahaha.

Till then, gimmie back my stuff!!!


JC No Swing Left

It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that I share this conversation with you readers of Tinki Talks – boys and girls of all colours, ages, shapes and sizes. Please note, however, that the most important part of this post is not the conversation itself, but is my final one-liner. Thank you for your kind attention. Enjoy the show. =)


Pam Song: JC, would you ever go senget? (Read: Turn gay.)

JC: No.

Pam Song: Why not? A man would understand you better than a woman ever would. A man will understand your needs better than a woman ever could.

JC: They can understand my needs all they want but they can't satisfy them lah.

Pam Song: Ooo... Good one. *grin*

JC: Yeah. I know. Not bad a comeback, right? *grin*




Who gave me this banana? Fess up now!

Cocorich, My Favourite Non-Korean Courier

Told you guys I received a courier yesterday
but never told you what was couriered my way.

Click here to read said post.

Well, now is the time for the reveal.

I received an email from a certain Mr Andrew Boey earlier this month informing me that I've been selected as one of the five "young & internet-savvy ladies" (che-wah, bangga only) who will be receiving a gift or two from the online fashion boutique he represents and is the official fashion photographer to – Cocorich. Terrer.

Cocorich's official website. Click here to enter.

Funny how he was very careful to add, "No worries, no obligations, no strings attached,... really,... nothing, we just want you to receive that gift and enjoy it," in that email though. Haha. Sweet. No strings attached? This is surely the best kind of gift to receive. =p

Anyhew, yesterday, the gift arrived
and boy oh boy, was it pretty!

What I found under the courier plastic wrap.

Nice right???
So nice, I see also beh tahan.
BUT BUT BUT... I must tahan!
Super self control must kick in!

*Zen breath*

Cos really now, the packaging was just too nice
for me to destroy before capturing it on stills, no?

That red, black and green paper on the right
a tiny brochure they stuffed under the bow.

That folded white paper underneath the bow and label was a
letter attentioned to me from Miss M, the lady from Korea. =p
(Her real name is Michelle Chan and she's the MD of Cocorich.)

What the packaging looked like after I removed
the letter and the mini brochure. Still damn nice, no???

And now for the best part: my gift!

I received a semi-see through blouse with turquoise and black geometric prints, from Cocorich. It's nice! It comes with a black tube top. (It is, after all, semi-transparent, remember?) And it's really soft and floaty. And it's gathered at the waist. And the top is held up with slim ribbons at the shoulders. And there are slits along the arm. Haha. I know it sounds crazy complicated and overdone to death but I tried it on, and me likes it! A lot a lot. Tee hee hee. Perfect choice, Miss M! Or Andrew! Or whoever it was who chose this top for me!

The best part is this: I've got a wedding to attend tomorrow night. And as if things couldn't get more topsy-turvy in my world, I was actually informed about the wedding yesterday afternoon and only officially received my invite THIS AFTERNOOON. Crazy or not? And the wedding is TOMORROW NIGHT, okayyy. Stressness. *sweat*

So I guess this gift from Cocorich came just in time for me. Haha. (Yes, guys. Perfect timing. Now you know.) There's no longer a need for me to hunt for an outfit at the very last minute or even desperately rummage through my closet for one that I've worn before but hope nobody else remembers seeing. I've now got my outfit covered, thanks to Andrew, Miss M and the gang at Cocorich. Wheee!

I've been a big fan of turquoise and brown for awhile now but
amazingly, turquoise and black work pretty well together, too!

Now, enough about me, my pressie and the up-coming wedding I'm attending. Go check out Cocorich for yourself, shop online, and spend some money. You know you wanna. =p

p/s: No pics for you guys of me in the top. Not yet. Will show you how it looks on me when I blog about the wedding. =p

Thursday, August 21, 2008

RM3.00 - RM0.40 = RM2.60

Had the cheapest lunch EVER today. And you
won't believe how I got it. Was a fluke, man! Haha.

This was what happened...

I walked to the mamak chap fan (that's mixed rice for you England-speaking folk) stall down the road with a couple of FRIENDS and proceeded to pick my dishes. Ended up grabbing two ikan pari (that's sting ray) fins and half a salted egg. Head straight for the mamak dude thereafter to get my mamak mixed rice calculated and priced.

The conversation between us went like this:

Pam Song: Encik, b'rape ye? (Manglish Translation: Mister, how much ha?)

Mamak: Ni... tiga ringgit lah. (Manglish Translation: This... three ringgit lah.)

Pam Song: Ok. *nods while proceeding to rummage through bag for purse.* Oh ya! Boleh tambah papadam? (Manglish Translation: Oh yeah! Can I have extra papadam?)

Mamak: Booollleeehhhhh. (Manglish Translation: Caaaannnn.)

Pam Song: Terima kasih ye? (Manglish Translation: Thanks yeah.)

Mamak: *looks at my chosen dishes again, then turns to me with a smile after giving me an extra papadam* Dua ringgit enam puluh sen cukup lah. (Manglish Translation: Two ringgit sixty sen enough lah.)

Pam Song: *confused expression* Huh?

Mamak: *freaky smile* Ikan you pilih kecik lah. (Manglish Translation: The fish you choose very small lah.)

Pam Song: *still confused* Oh. Ok. Boleh. Dua enam kan? Boleh. Boleh. (Manglish Translation: Oh. Ok. Can. Two sixty right? Can. Can.) *hands over money*

Mamak: Terima kasih! (Manglish Translation: Thank you!) *big big smile*

Pam Song: *more confused than ever* Terima kasih. (Manglish Translation: Thank you.)

Closing-down-sale kinda cheap mixed rice with fish and salted egg.

You know what that means or not??? Technically, that means I got a 40 sen discount because I bothered to ask for extra papadam! How crazy is that? Haha. It's awesome lah. Just awesome! I shall tapau food from his stall more often. (Or maybe I should continue putting in more effort to dress up for work. =p) Dunno how the fella make money also. BUT... not my problem. And I'm not complaining. Haha.

The two darlings that got me my 40 sen discount. =)

When It Rains, It Pours

So nice. If only I wasn't working today. =p

My Little Ko-ree-ah

Ring ring.

Pam Song: Hello?

Receptionist: Pam Song?

Pam Song: Yes?

Receptionist: Pam, there's an envelope here for you from a lady called Miss M. It's from Korea.

Pam Song: *blink blink* I'm sorry. What??? From where again?

Receptionist: Korea. It's from Miss M.

Pam Song: Huh?! Who's Miss M? Are you sure? I don't think I know anybody from Korea.

Receptionist: No no. What they did was that they came by to drop your envelope off for you.


Receptionist: No! No! A Korea! A Korea!

Pam Song: @_@ Woman, I don't know what you're saying. Gimmie a sec and I'll come out.

Upon collecting my parcel, I found out that
the confusion was actually because of this...


See? This is why writing still beats every other form of communication when it comes to clarity of message, in my books. (Kinda sorta if you choose to ignore non-verbal cues in the entire communication process. =p) No need to worry about diction, no need to worry about pronunciation, no need to worry about enunciation, no need to worry about articulation.

p/s: Will tell you guys more about 'my little Korean' tomorrow. Am too beat to think enough so as to not write in fragments right now. Nighty nights.


Got me free tickets to watch Zohan yesterday,
courtesy of Seventeen and the lady working within.

And thank goodness they were free.

Cos I fell asleep midway through. Tee hee.

I was already pretty tired out by night time. (No thanks to my crazy schedule over the past week.) So it really didn't help that the jokes were pretty much recycled time and time again throughout the movie. The LAME, SLAPSTICK, SUGGESTIVE JOKES, especially. Bleh.

I'd say this movie was pirated DVD standard only. No more than that. I wouldn't pay RM10 to watch it at the cinema. I'd even sleep over the thought of paying the KL standard rate of RM6 for a pirated DVD. And I'd think twice about buying it for RM4 in Penang before pulling out my purse. But I'd probably watch half of it (with a lot of forwarding in between) if it was downloaded. =p

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Ah Beng is right.

Nan Ren Mei You Hao Dong Xi.
(Literal English Translation: There is no good in men.
Intended, Regularly Accepted Meaning: All men are bad.)


I wanna be Somewhere. After all, I've already been Everywhere but. That's why I think deserve to be Somewhere. Right? Because right now, being Nowhere really sucks.

The Time Is Now

I need to do it. Like, soon. Because the longer I wait, the worst it becomes. And that's bad. And I don't like things bad. I like 'em good. Yes yes, I'm sure of it. I should really get down to doing it before it gets too late to do anything about what I want to do.

Semakin Hari Semakin Bodoh

We're living in the 21st Century.

Very advanced times, these are. With an ever-growing faceless population, thanks to the World Wide Web. But it also marks times when you don't know who you're to trust online anymore. Having said that, it is vital that we all move into a whole new era of 'intelligent', absolutely-TOP-SECRET, pinkie-promise-you'll-never-tell-anyone, illegal downloading.

Secret code so secret hor? Haha.
Spelling also wrong. Haih. So fail.

[You can read my previous complaint about Verification Codes here.]

Cheras Wednesday Night Market

Last Wednesday night – the night dear ol'
Ah Beng got bumped up to Boyfriend.

...for very practical reasons.
(More like for material and economic purposes, actually.
Haha. Cheras is so kampung! Maybank ATM also dun have.
Only got AmBank – as you can see. -_- So fail.)

Honestly, the plan to crash the other side of Federal had already been in the works for weeks. Talk about heading thataway had been thrown about for ages! But all cakap only. (Ala Ah Beng and his so-called going-to-happen karaoke plans. *snort*) It finally took some girlie mau-pergi-pasar-malam-cari-cincin-RM5 determination to really kick the plan into action. =p

Us stuffing our faces before heading for Cheras.

Needed some nutritional input to sustain us throughout the walking-around output. Haha. Thank goodness we did, though. That pasar malam is HUGE! If we'd listened to JC and just ate while we shopped, we'd probably have died and appeared in the papers on Thursday morning. "First-time visitors to Cheras' night market faint and get trampled to death." -_-

On the way back to Ah Beng's car after dinner.

Black and white also nice, no? =p

With that, the Cheras adventure begins!!!

Ah Beng and I arrived at kampung town (JC drove his own car) a little past 9PM and came to the unanimous conclusion that Cheras drivers, all gangster blood wan. No kidding. Almost Honkee gangster movie standard. Tough fight. Oh, and all pedestrians think they're kings and queens of the road. Cross road no need to look wan. Jalan only. -_- Sigh. Primates.

ANYHEW... we finally found an illegal lot atop a hill and proceeded to look for JC. *cough cough* Who was haggling for hp covers like a true, blue Cheras gangster. *cough* "Leng chai... Pheng di lah. Hor yi geh." (Manglish translation: "Handsome boy... Cheaper lah. Can wan.") Haha. Was pretty funny standing by, watching the boy do his thing without realising that he was being watched.

Okay, enough rubbish. It's picha time!

Group pic at the start of the seemingly endless
rows of night market stalls.

Glasses for sale! Cheap cheap!

I think we pulled off the geeky look like naturals, yo! Haha.
But I have to admit, Ah Beng more natural than me lah. =p

The vile stuff that brought out the true Cheras pheng-di-lah gangster in JC. =p

Ah Beng posing with his plastic bag of pirated CDs in his right hand. Shameless. Oh, and if you look closer, you'll notice that he's wearing white undies. (See, I told you I'd do it.) Tee hee.

Surprisingly, the music playing from the pirated-CD stalls were good! Jason Mraz's I'm Yours, Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown's No Air – stuff like that. Totally The Cu•bi•cle kinda tunes. Got us singing along to many of them, too. Haha. Ah Beng even danced a little. (I know. Sometimes cannot bring him out wan. Kasi shy only. *grin*)

Coconut flavoured ice-cream.
RM1 each. Quite ex, if you ask me. -_-

Comes in three different flavours all together.
From Left to Right: Red bean, coconut and sweet corn.

It just so happened that we each preferred a different flavour. Haha. I'm not complaining, though. Works well for the pics and helps with the story telling. =p

On our way back to the car, we got stuck looking through rows and rows of cheap Made In Thailand t-shirts. Haha. SO NICE! (Some lah.) And only RM10 each! We saw them on the way down the row of stalls but there were so many people earlier in the night that we just didn't bother stopping to check any tees out. Too many people to fight off. Sien only. But since we hit the stalls at the end of the night, we got to even camwhore with the tees. Haha.

This is the thing I loved about this night market in particular. None of the stall owners had any problems with us taking pics with their stuff. Glasses, t-shirts, food – apa pun boleh. In fact, they were smiling while watching us make fools of ourselves for the sake of what I'd like to refer to as 'artistic expression' on our part! Haha. Me likes. It's little things like this that makes Pam Song a happy shopper. =) Oh, and the night market stays open ridiculously late. Haha. Works well for our work schedule, actually. Yay!

So happy until I was willing to promote
the night market on my Happy O-Meter. =p

And gangster kia JC just had to have the last say. -_-

JC's quick response to my Happy O-Meter message.

Well boys, I had fun that night. Though it was hot, and cramped, and my legs were pretty close to breaking and dropping off by the end of the night (DID YOU KNOW THAT WE WERE THERE FOR ALMOST 4 HOURS?!), it was fun. We shall do this again on some other Wednesday. Crash Cheras for more good times, expensive ice-cream and cheap tees. And maybe get Ah Beng to try again for that pale blue, half-dice lighter he failed to haggle down to RM8 last week. =p