Thursday, March 31, 2011

Art People Are Sensitive Folk

Copywriters often get upset when clients edit their copy. Art Directors routinely get pissed when clients tweak their designs. And the Creatives who dabble in both? Well, even more so.

Creators very naturally (and very often) get pissed when their creations get tweaked, adapted and/or moulded into something else they no longer recognise enough to call their own. It's difficult to explain the emotion but we just get overcome by this strong sense of protectiveness over our work, our ideas and our contributions whenever that happens.

And yes, we usually take rejection and disapproval personally. That's why it becomes so very painful to see a client poking and prodding around with what a creative has worked so hard to create and perfect after hours and hours of brainstorming or writing/designing behind a comp screen. Meddlesome creatures "bastardising" a piece of art, we call that.

I guess in spite of what you think your rights are as a client with regards to the work being produced, to Creatives, it is meddling. Because whether you're just buying their design/copy/work or just borrowing it, Creatives consider their hard work THEIRS by birth, sweat and blood. (Much like a baby except with less drool and upkeep. =p) Not yours. Not even if you're paying for it.

My God Is An Awesome God: Part II

NOTE: Read Part I of the story here before going on to the rest of this post.


Now, where was I?

Oh yes.

My biggest, baddest, most-recent gown miracle
that just took place early this week. =p

So, I fell in love with an evening gown I recently tried at one of the newer bridal houses in Penang. Funny thing was, when I first visited, they were just setting up shop and I happened to be the FIRST customer to walk through their doors! Haha. So the General Manager – who also just happened to be in town to oversee the set-up – took a special interest in my case and gave me her word that if I were to get a gown from them she'd offer me a good price.

She put her resident designer in charge of my file but after asking him for a quote, the dude could only offer me 10% off on new purchases and 20% off on first-wear rentals. And that was a big-bad-wolf of a problem cos the one that I liked was just crazy expensive. Like, DOUBLE the price of what I'm paying for any of my other gowns!! -_-'''

Plus, the other problem was that the dress didn't really fit me properly cos it was made for giants and was totally hanging off my frame. HAHA. So that eventually brought up lots of talk about the probability of having to make-to-measure and hints of how that would inevitably cause the price to jump up even more because of the customisation. -_-'''

So I said "no". 

(A tough thing to do at the time.)

Then, he told me he'd speak to his GM and get back to me with one quote for buying off the rack, and another for a made-to-measure replica of that gown. I, on the other hand, promised I'd return to the shop to try on the gown once more just to be sure it's really what I want. Plus, the first time I tried on gowns there, the shop didn't even have mirrors! Haha. Just setting up ma. So it was really touch-and-go for me.

2 weeks passed and still no word. :-/
So I called to check on progress.

Turns out, the designer I was dealing with had already upped and left the shop! No wonder I didn't get a call back! Irresponsible fart. Pfft! But but but... silver lining is this: thankfully, the sales assistant remembered me! =D So she very kindly offered to get the necessary quotations out for me.

And hour later, the company's Purchaser
called me from their Kuala Lumpur HQ.

While talking, I expressed how I thought the price was a little too steep for what I'd be getting considering the work put into the gown (i.e. embellishments, specialised cuts, cloth type, etc) and she asked me to honestly tell her how much I thought the gown should cost or was worth. So I told her. Half expecting her to hang up on me after hearing what I had to say. Haha. Cos I gave her a price waaaay below the original price. Like, 60% below. @_@

Surprisingly, she stayed on the phone
and continued asking me questions.

After awhile, we started talking about her branch in KL and as fate would have it, I've been there before and have even worn one of their dresses for a pageant! They're actually the bridal house that annually sponsors my church with evening gowns during Emerge KL! Haha. What a small world this is.

Turns out she's a Christian (the only Christian amongst her colleagues) and because of that, she somehow started to behave really kam cheng with me. Told me about her current church, which church she attended when she worked in Penang, and then... she told me she'd really do her best to get me a good price for the gown I wanted. =)

Thing was due to my size, she said the dress I wanted could not be altered to fit. I have to get a made-to-measure piece. No choice. But, no matter. I believe that God's hand was on this situation all the while. Because on Monday, the bridal house called me over to get myself measured. (In order to ascertain the price, they'll need to ascertain my size.) Went over after work and another hour later, while I was karaoke-ing my heart out at RedBox, I got THE CALL.

It was the Customer Service Executive from the Penang branch. And she began by telling me about how they've contacted the original designer of the gown and that the designer was willing to customise a replica to my measurements. (They usually only make one-of-a-kind designs. Each gown is unique, bla bla bla...) Then, she started talking money. And that's when I knew that there's no way this would have been possible without The Big Guy Up There working behind the scenes on my behalf. Cos...

They offered me the price I asked for!
They actually gave me my 60% discount!!


Isn't that incredible?!?

That means that this ridiculously expensive evening gown has now miraculously become a few hundred ringgit cheaper than my other gowns! Even the designer one! And since it's now even below the budget I set for an evening gown, my actual wedding gown (the big, white one) has more to spare! Or I could invest in some accessories like earrings and necklaces if I so wish to with the leftover money from my budget lah, of course. But I'll decide on that later. For now, PTL! My God is an awesome God! =D

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My God Is An Awesome God: Part I

So is buying wedding attire, for that matter.

(Unless you're renting your gowns
or have signed up for a pre-wedding package
with a bridal house lah, of course.)

 Trust me, I should know. -_-'

When I was budgeting for my gowns, the grand plan was to set aside the biggest chunk of my budget for the big, white gown. Double the price of any of the other gowns I would be wearing on that day. And while I prayerfully surrendered that plan to God, I also made sure I intentionally kept to it.

I said "no" to any price quoted
that was above my budget.


Not an easy thing to do at times after falling in love with a gown. Haha. But somehow, God has also miraculously blessed me with Designers, Purchasers, General Managers and Customer Service Executives that always, always help me meet my EXACT budget for all the gowns I've ever fallen in love with. Not a ringgit more or less!

The first gown I bought, I bought direct from the designer. The original price was a little higher than I had budgeted but the designer offered me an Early Bird Discount of 20% that helped my gown cost the EXACT amount I was willing to pay for it. I didn't even have to ask, beg or plead! And, it was a whopping 50% less than what the bridal house quoted me for! PTL!

The second gown I bought, the opening price was significantly higher than my budget. But the Wardrobe Personnel surprisingly had a lot of say in pricing so she somehow gave me the price I asked for. Which was 30% off the opening price. And she threw in a free double can-can (worth a pretty good sum), causing my gown and can-can to cost the EXACT amount I had budgeted for it as well! PTL!

But my biggest, baddest, most-recent
gown miracle just took place early this week.

Tell you in Part II ok? Lunch now! =)

SS Is For "Syok Sendiri"

After writing my most recent post about my "Official Wedding Perfume", I decided to take some pictures of the opened DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom (100ml) on my dresser that I've recently begun using. Just to commemorate the FIRST time I'm using a SECOND bottle of a single type of perfume. EVER! =D

Bottle #2!

This really is an unbelievably rare occasion for me, guys.
I suddenly feel like such a loyal perfume user! HAHA.

Oh, and that's just me syok sendiri-ing with my 2nd bottle of DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom. Haha. Come on... Which camwhore can possibly resist that reflective perfume bottle top, I ask you?? Not me! =p

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom

I never used to be one for perfumes,
colognes or anything else that
brings with it smells and scents.

 But that doesn't mean I never had any.

I've received a good number of bottles from friends, one from The Fiancé (his first ever birthday gift to me =p), and even bought some of my own over the years. But I never actually finished any. Haha. Surprise, surprise. I've gone through more barely-used bottles of perfume than I can remember. And believe me, my dresser used to be a graveyard of perfume bottles that never had a chance to live up to their potential.

Until I discovered DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom.

This is the ONE and ONLY perfume I use. My signature scent, so to speak. And I know it is so cos my ex-housemates used to recognise me for it. =p You see, I once asked The (Ex-)Owner to buy me a miniature from the airport on his way back from Thailand. Well, when he brought it back, he let The Housemate take a whiff first and The Housemate immediately said, "That smells like Pam." HAHA. (Mind you, up until the time I upped and left KL, I've only known and lived with the dudes for 5 months in total.)

Oh, and with DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom, I've finally used a perfume enough times to make it through the entire 100ml bottle. That in itself is a miracle, my friends, cos that has NEVER happened to me before. No joke. In fact, I don't think I've ever even made it through half a bottle of perfume. Haha. Think it's cos I usually get bad, bad headaches after. But I don't get that with this one. So since it's a scent I'm recognised for and it's the only perfume I like using, it automatically becomes my wedding day perfume.

Confused? Well, let me explain
what that is and why that is to be.

I once read in a wedding blog that the bride-to-be (sorry, can't remember which blogger liao) actually went through the trouble of preparing a specific type of perfume for her wedding day. No, not just for herself, but for her entire bridal party! The rules were... her scent, or no scent. Sounds unbelievably anal and dictatorial of her, right?? Well, not really. Why? Here's why...

The blogger went on to explain that she was only doing it after hearing some advice she got from a friend of hers who was a wedding planner. You see, on special days, women tend to put on more perfume than usual. And if a group of women all put on more of their own different perfumes, the whole rojak mishmash of smells will just ruin the everything, much in the same way that too many cooks will inevitably spoil the broth.

Well, I thought her explanation made perfect sense
so that's what I'm doing for my bridal party, too. =)

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom
was naturally my scent of choice. =p

I actually wasn't planning on making a purchase so early. (Ok fine, 3 months to the wedding isn't early anymore but... technically, I still have some time. T-e-c-h-n-i-c-a-l-l-y. =p) But the super salesman at the Parkson DKNY counter was giving me an offer I just couldn't refuse! He was willing to let me swap all the stuff I didn't want in the set... for everything I did. Look!

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom (50ml), Miniature DKNY Be Delicious
Fresh Blossom (7ml), Limited Edition DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom (5ml)
& Be Delicious (5ml) Dual Rollerball Pen, together with a
DKNY Be Delicious Apple A Day Body Lotion (50ml),
PLUS a complementary travel bag I didn't bother shooting.

All that for just RM315*. That's a real steal!

My receipt with a "Good Sales!" note on top
that made me smile on the way to the counter. =)

A small price to pay if it means knowing for sure that my girls and I are gonna smell great TOGETHER (and I also won't have to fear the possibility of a headache) on our wedding day. Big, fat yay! =) Now, that's one more to-do to tick off my never-ending list of to-dos. Phew!

* Parkson happened to have a promo where shoppers get RM10 for every RM100 spent so I received RM30 back from this purchase. Meaning all this (plus the complementary travel bag) effectively only cost me RM285. Steal! Steal! Steal! =D

Just Another Typical Song Family Lunch

Every family member on the table
with a mobile in their hands. =p

Hearty Congratulations!

Yayyy!!! Like, F-I-N-A-L-L-Y! =p 

It really is about time these two tied the knot. Not that they've been ding-donging and dating forever lah but... he's such an incredibly nice guy (the dude scrubs her feet, yo!) and so totally made for her that it really came as no surprise. Haha. 

Hey, love birds!
Congratulations, you two. =)
Pam Song

Sing Song All The Night Long

Last Thursday, some of us from work decided to plan a karaoke outing for this week. It was decided that Tuesday would be the better day cos some of us already had other plans on other days taking up our nights. Mana tau, after discussing, agreeing, planning and booking together-gether, our drop-out rate was still a whopping 50%. Haha. Organisation skills fail maximum! =p Out of the 10 who agreed to go, only half ended up actually sing-songing tonight.

The 5 of us from KRPG + 1 guest.

Still, those of us who showed up had heaps of fun singing along to hot numbers, awesome oldies and lame music videos, as well as laughing our butts off with bad impersonations and far too many forgotten melodies. Haha.

Drinker CIA (Caught In Action)!! =p

Considering it was pretty dark inside, I didn't really take a lot of pictures. But karaoke isn't about looking good while being captured on JPEG as you sing. Neither is it about singing well. What's most important is this: When you sing, you must sing with feeeeeeling... Like so:

 Hacker singing dengan penuh perasaan.


Hahaha. Kidding. That close-up
was zoomed in from this one below.

I think it's the only picture I caught of the group actually singing without posing. Cos in the rest of the pics in my stash, someone or another was either posing or looking at the camera. And you wanna know who's the posing queen amongst us? Well, I shan't tell you. Go spot the poser in the pic below! =p

Posing Queen in action! =p

Haha. This woman ah... macam macam pose pun ada, I tell you. Mouth open, hands up, fingers clawed, kawaii style posing – everything lah! Haha. (I have pictures to prove it if she denies all.) So since her posing so power, if you can't beat her, join her!

Posing Queen and I doing, urm... poses.

From L-R: Yours Truly, Newbie and Jun-Jun.

I had a really good time singing my lungs out at RedBox 1st Avenue tonight. Now to let my throat heal in preparation for Karaoke Round 2 that's set to happen later this week with another bunch of friends. HAHA. True story. Wheee! =D

Partners At Odds

Colour-wise, I mean.

 Tiam Tiam and I.

Cos on the work front,
I think we're doing fine. =)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Time To Gang Up

I'm so excited that a bunch of my girls a.k.a chi muis are coming up to Penang in two weekends to help me hatch a big, fat, grand trash-the-men plan that will be executed on the morning of our wedding day.

Duh Roads and Lamé's bus tickets back down to KL after.

Watch out, boys! You're goin' dowwwnnnn...

Pampered All Weekend

On top of minor moving my stuff over to the new house last weekend, I also miraculously managed to throw in a healthy dose of pampering. Like SUPER healthy dose. I dunno, maybe it's all that excitement about my upcoming S Spa appointment or something. Haha. But I somehow ended up going for TWO hair appointments and a facial, two days back to back. @_@

You see, I've been meaning to get a haircut for the longest time now but have been putting it off till a time when I get to sneak in a leisurely KL trip. (I've not cut my hair in Penang for many, many, MANY years.) But that doesn't look like it's going to happen any time soon considering how rushed my trips down to KL are and will be over the next few months. :-/

So, in the mean time, I've asked around and gotten a recommendation for this dude on the island who's supposedly "the best". Or so they say lah. *skeptical* Was thinking of going on Saturday to try him out but since all Mee wanted was a steam at her regular salon, I ended up ditching my haircut plan and going with her instead.

Me after my steam and waiting for Mee to finish hers.

That was Saturday afternoon.

Then that night, The Fiancé's mom suddenly mentioned that she wanted to cut her hair so... we decided to go to "the best in Penang" together the day after – Sunday! Hahaha. I called Danny up – that's the name of "the best", by the way – and got us two haircut appointment slots at his salon. Thing was, weeks ago I'd already booked myself a facial that Sunday so I went for that by myself in the afternoon first.

Me with flat post-facial hair and post-facial face.
No concealer, no make-up, no nothing – yuck.

After which, The Fiancé's mom picked me up and off we went for our haircut. To be honest, I wasn't very sold on my first impression of the dude lah. But in hindsight, I guess he's okay. Pretty good by Penang standards, I suppose. But I still think my two regular stylist in KL are better. *biased* I really liked the wash though. My hair smelt like flowers after. =p

Wet hair post-cut and still no make-up.

So, yeah. That was my weekend. Happening hor? HAHA. 2 hair appointments and 1 facial. Ahh, if only I could be pampered like this every weekend. Wah, I'd feel like a queen and look like a million bucks by the wedding, man! HAHA. Pfft. If only lah... But a girl can dream, can't she? =p

Feeling Like KL

You know how I always say I don't put in enough effort to look presentable when I'm in Penang? Well, today I was feeling a little more semangat so... tadaaa!

Ok lah ok, I know I still don't look like a model or anything with that extra five minutes in front of the mirror. -_-' (It's true, that's all the time it took for me to work on my eyes.) And fine, I guess you can't really see any difference since I'm still wearing glasses and all my hard work is hidden underneath it. -_-''' But I'm feeling pretty good about myself right now. =)

You know, it's funny but I think I'm actually feeling a little like the way I used to feel when I worked in KL! So, maybe it is true. Looking good for a woman is more for her... than it is for the others around her who enjoy the way she looks. Hmmm... I think I shall indulge in this more often. After all, what's an extra five minutes for a whole day's worth of Happy? =)

A Piece Of London

...was sitting on my desk this morning.


My very own little red telephone booth,
flown in all the way from London! Hahaha.

Nana, Hiyashi and I with my red telephone booth.

It was a gift from Hiyashi and Nana.

...who just returned from their 11-day
London-Edinburgh-Paris-Amsterdam holiday.


Hmmm. Time to really start
planning that honeymoon thing.

Bringing Photobooth To The Next Level

Every part of this YouTube video is so funny
I can't decide which one's my favourite. Watch!

I hope you had a good laugh.
Have a great Tuesday, guys!
3 days to the weekend! =D

The Significance Of Empty Floor Space

You have no idea how happy I am
to see that bit of parquet in my room.


Last September, after returning from Australia, I walked into the living room of the family apartment only to be greeted by a mess of unpacked boxes.


Reason? Well, I'd flown Down South not 2 days after I returned to Penang from KL. That meant that the life that I'd built for myself throughout those amazing 8.5 years when I was in KL, was still sitting all taped up in labelled brown boxes waiting for me upon my return.


But wait... the plot thickens!

You see, the room I rented in KL was a lot bigger than my room in Penang. Like A LOT bigger. Maybe twice the size. Or more. No, I'm not exaggerating. That meant that I had a king-kong-sized room's worth of stuff to squeeze into what felt like Thumbelina's backyard. Shit.

So, I did what any sane person would do
when faced with such a daunting task:



Did that for 3 months, and also miraculously managed to even avoid that touchy conversation with the parentals throughout the time. Then Chinese New Year brilliantly decided to came along and ruin my life. -_-''' Chinese New Year means Open House. Open House means si liao. Takkan all my boxes are in the living room when people come and visit, right?? So how?!?

*panic attack*

Well, The Fiancé – who hates packing with a vengeance, by the way – suggested that I just leave my things in their boxes and later bring them over to the new house when I'm ready to move in. Not a bad idea, I suppose. So I went with that. Plus, I wasn't exactly looking forward to unpacking, repacking and unpacking (again!) all my stuff in the span of 6 months.

*sweats at the thought*

That conversation took place before Chinese New Year '11 – a whole 2 months ago. But time really does fly cos last weekend, Part I of my move into the new house finally took place! =D We brought 2 boxes, 2 trolley bags and 1 carry bag's worth of stuff over. Phew! Hard work, it was! (For The Fiancé. =p)

But because of all that stuff, our new room is finally looking a little less barren and a little more lived-in. The bookshelves now have books in them, my drawers, wardrobe, cupboard and shelves are comfortably filled up, and half my shoes have migrated over and are currently enjoying their new home. Wheee!

Oh, and most importantly, I finally
have my little bit of floor space back. =)

It was a good weekend. =)

*cartwheels all around*

To Dog, Or Not To Dog: That Is The Question

So, remember how my dog passed in January and I was all beat up about it? Well, I still am. Some of the time, at least. But on a whole, I've begun to move on. And, in the process, I remember her for her laughable quirks and the good times. Not for the bad or for that heartbreaking last look she gave me.

Same goes with Mee, I suppose. The moving on part. (I think mouthwash no longer makes her cry.) Thing is, we kinda talked about not having a dog for awhile. At least till we're old enough to die before our next dog does. (HARHAR.) Kidding lah. I guess we're just not ready. Yet, apparently.

All that happened before lunch.
But here's where it gets weird.

During lunch, Dee suddenly decided to make a stop at CTY (a pet store) to check out some fish tanks. So since fish are boring and empty tanks are worse, Mee and I decided to walk around. And that's when Mee and I went puppy crazy. Cos, guess what? We saw two little 2-month-old Miniature Pinschers!! (I would have taken pictures for you guys if the security guard hadn't given me The Look.)

Could it be a sign that "Yet"
is to come sooner rather than later???

Cos those two? They t-o-t-a-l-l-y looked like Princess when we first brought her home in 1996. Same same. Floppy ears, short snout, round tummy – the works! So kiuts! Except that these two were Brown and Tan instead of Black and Tan like Princess was lah. But oh, still cute as a button lah.

*heart melts*

Aih, but who wants to read words about all this lah? When you talk about cute pups, if you ain't got no pictures, you ain't got no story. Sigh. :-/ Well... at least I've got a quote to show from it. That's gotta count for something, right? =p

Ahhh, such wise-old-dog wisdom.


Monday, March 28, 2011

You Tengoklah Ini Mia Bapak!

Too much. >(

Just When You Thought Mondays Would Suck

Life throws you a golden curveball. =p

Sure, I may not get to redeem or enjoy it cos I only head thataway during the weekends. =( But... it's still good to know it's an option (or a good excuse? =p) to head into KL on a weekday. *GRIN*

UPDATE AT 3:49PM ON 28 MARCH 2011: I made my appointment! And... I'm getting the sweeter deal with the additional Gold Facial Mask! That also effectively means that I'll be in KL on a weekday! This calls for a double woot! Woot woot! =D

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Favourite Kind Of Weekend

Woke up to the pattering of rain.
I live for weekends like these. =)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Need. Food. Nowww... *dies*

I've been so busy rushing copy, checking FAs upon FAs, heading out for meetings, and getting all sorts of miscellaneous things done that I haven't had a decent meal worthy of my Penang blood all day.

 Breakfast: Zip – a gift from one of my colleagues last Christmas.

Lunch: Maggi Hot Cup from my stash of
Break-In-Case-Of-Emergency snacks.

Well, I'm finally just 4-minutes away from the end of this work week. (Officially lah. That doesn't necessarily mean I get to pack up and go home in 4 minutes. -_-''') I pray my hungry tummy makes it till then.

The Firefox 4.0 Experience

Remember how I blogged about downloading Firefox Version 4.0? Well, I've been using it since yesterday and it's rocking my socks off one orby App Tab at a time! Syok gilerrr!! Dun get? Nevermind. I explain soon.

After downloading Firefox 4.0...

...and updating my MBP with this latest version...

I immediately started customising my browser.

Just cos I'm big on personalised interfaces. And this version of Firefox is DA BOMB when it comes to customisation. Plus, I like how customisation allows me to enhance my browsing experience the way I like it, while helping me do things my way (Frankie, you my bestest best friend) with the least amount of trouble possible. Well, look at my Firefox browser now!!!

So clean, right?? I love it max!!!

No fuss, no clutter, no unnecessary buttons or words
to mess up my most-frequently-used application. <3

But to-die-for good looks aside, I think my ultimate favourite part of Firefox 4.0 is its ability to convert an open tab into a permanent App Tab. Like so:

They're basically neat, little tabs that never go away. Good for pages you like to always keep open for quick and easy reference, but hate the way they always seem to clutter up your browser with a million and one open tabs.

But wait wait! There's more magic in there!


Isn't that crazy cool??? I love it! It's such a neat, convenient and unobtrusive way to let users like myself know that we've got new mail, updates or alerts from the sites we've got open. Without having to download any add-ons or notifiers! (Not a big fan of notifiers, and adding add-ons are just too much work.)

All these things considered,
Firefox 4.0 gets a big, fat "LIKE" from me! =D

*end gush*


Now, to see if the iPhone app is just as likeable.

Let you know when I know.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Firefox Version 4.0

In June 2008, I made a big deal about Firefox Version 3.0.
Today, Imma tell you about his newborn younger brother.

Like, urm... he's HEREEEE!!

Yeah, that's all I'm gonna say. Go download now! =p

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Triple Threat Afternoon Snack!

The smelliest, tastiest, most addictive snack.
Super yums! No idea what it is though. Haha.

Peace For Pooping People Please!

Walked up the stairs to the second floor of KRPG this morning and burst out laughing when I saw this Inmagine tag hanging from the upstairs toilet doorknob.

Ya lah. People pangsai dun kacau can?? =p

Don't Like Also Must "Like"

After experimenting with Facebook Chat yesterday, I must have forgotten to set my status back to PO (Permanently Offline) mode cos... when I logged into Facebook tonight, a whole bunch of chat boxes popped up. -_-''' Many of those boxes came from friends I no longer actively keep in touch with, who also somehow thought that making small talk on a Wednesday night would be fun. Hmmm. Unfortunately, I'm not big on small talk. So, I didn't bother responding. =p

Until this popped up:

Hahaha. So yes, do dear Lamé a favour and pop by *THIS LINK*, will ya? It's her IMASTRAVEL contest entry. Just scroll right to the bottom and click the "Like" button at the end of the post. Remember! Don't like also must "Like" ok? =p

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wedding Fuss Pot

Some people think I'm being too fussy
with the wedding and with what I want for it.

Like what kind of flowers? In what shade of purple? Next to which kind of green? On what stands? With what trimming? Will that look nice? Will it all go well together? And match my earlobes? What are the specifics?? Tell me nowwww!!!

*deep breath*

Because of that, some people call me a "fuss pot."
Or a "yim cim poh." (That Hokkien for "fuss pot.") -_-'''

Well, to that comment I often think to myself: "So?? How is it their problem??" I mean, seriously! What's it to them? Plus, what's wrong with being a fuss pot with it concerns a once-in-a-lifetime day? And what's wrong with ME being a fuss pot on MY once-in-a-lifetime day?? How does it affect THEM? I don't get it!

But I guess what I hate more is how it bothers me so much that I'm being judged for wanting things to be perfect on a day I'll never get to relive again. Ever! Why is striving for ultimate perfection okay when it comes to doing highschool homework, completing a college assignment, finishing a piece of copy I'm writing at work, or checking a press ad that's about to be published...

...but not okay when it comes to planning a wedding?


I did a million pages of homework all through highschool, I completed dozens of college assignments, I've written more pages of copy than I care to remember, and I'm so tired of copy-checking 6 pt text I could just barf at the sight of fine print. But guess what?? In my entire LIFE, I'm just going to have ONE wedding. So, is it wrong for me to want the best for that?

Stop judging meeeeeee!!


*blink blink*

OMG, I've become Bridezilla.


Perth, March '11: Puppy Love

It was just like the way they say it is in Disney cartoons and rom-com movies. Everyday people... doing everyday things... going about their own lives... minding their own business... and then... BAM! It happens. Just like that.

I was walking down the street, minding my own business on my second last day in Perth, doing the most boring thing on the planet (buying bread at the grocery store – go figure) when suddenly... it happened: Love. At first sight.



*dies of massive cuteness overdose*


*dies again*

I know, I know, it's all the same picture cropped differently. -_- But my fiancé, the photographer, refused to take more than one picture of me with the pup. In fact, after I handed the puppy back to its owner, he looked and me incredulously and said, "Yuck! You touched that... thing! Not dirty meh??" -_-'''

Well, what can I say?
Love makes you do stupid things.
Like fall in love at the grocery store. =)

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