Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Emo-ness Of It All

I miss my parents. I miss the careless abandon of being the baby of the family. A daughter and child to parents who love me selflessly. I miss living my days without the overshadowing responsibility of being the dutiful wife and doting mother to the respective members of the little family I have to call my own now.

I miss having a proper job. One that pays well enough to (almost) justify working me to the bone. I miss earning a living for myself. I miss having a paycheck to look forward to every month. I miss looking to my right or left and seeing an actual person working on a comp next to me instead of having to Skype or FaceTime. And I miss having colleagues I can talk to face to face and have lunch with.

I miss having friends. I miss spending time with them. I miss chill-out sessions and girly hangouts over cakes and cups of tea. Shopping and gossiping like we shouldn't, while laughing and creating memories like we totally should.

I miss shopping. Real shopping. Without a deadline or a budget. Without a shopping trolley alongside rows and rows of toilet paper, floor cleaner, cereal or organic vegetables, too. I miss shopping with both hands free to pick out clothes and try them on. I miss hitting the malls before lunch and going home after dinner.

I miss wearing clothes that fit and flatter. As opposed to always having to resort to loose tops that serve no purpose other than to keep me covered up well enough to also be able to uncover in a flash and breastfeed my son whenever he so demands.

I miss sleeping soundly through the night. To just relax my body and mind for more than a couple of hours' stretch at a time. To sleep without having to wake up at the slightest whimper, stir or cry. To be able to stretch out my arms and toss and turn and do somersaults in bed without worrying that I could unknowingly crush and flatten my sleeping 4-month-old lying next to me.

I miss waking up feeling refreshed and recharged to face a brand new day. Instead of feeling sluggish and fatigued like I usually wake up feeling so very often these days. I miss snuggling under the covers and snoozing just a couple of minutes, and yet a couple of minutes more, after I first open my eyes, to begin with.

I miss having time to blog. Whenever about whatever. I miss sharing my thoughts, telling random tales, and logging my days. I miss reading comments from my regulars and replying those comments as quickly as they come in. I miss the closeness of the online community I once enjoyed and was once a part of.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So. Much. Laundry.

Mind you, what you see here are just TWO days' worth
of face towels that we use to wipe my son's face
and clean up his ever-flowing drool. -_-'''

Monday, March 25, 2013

Renewed And Ready To Go!

I don't know what it was about
last week but it was just bruuutaaaaal. -_-'''

Sleep training has been tiring as hell and I'm guess it's all cos of rotten timing – a teething baby just isn't very cooperative to begin with. T_T It's difficult times like these that I miss blogging on Tinki Talks more. Wish I had more time on my hands to rant and rave about my situation but even that is hard to come by nowadays. Sigh. Oh well, for those of you who still bother dropping by, here's a simple cheater-blog-filler post for you to remember me by. Haha. 

New pic on the left, old pic on the right.

Forgive my vanity but, in spite of everything,
I think motherhood looks good on me. HAHA.

p/s: I can't wait for April to roll by cos that's when we're bringing our son on his maiden trip abroad!! Wheee! I'm a mad mix of anxious and excited at the moment!

p/s/s: Too many exclamation marks in a p.s.!!! =D

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Just Another Day In Malaysia

Spent the better part of the day at the immigration office in Plaza Glomac, Kelana Jaya. Got my passport renewed and made the little one his first. I'd already taken his passport photo at a studio yesterday (my baby's first studio shot!! =p) but decided to have mine taken on the spot at Immigration so I don't risk getting my picture rejected. (Heard they're more understanding with baby photos.)

My most recent passport photo, minus the one
I used to apply my passport with.

RM10 for 6 photos plus free photocopying of necessary documents. Not bad, huh? So much more worth it than that lousy (and lansi) photo studio I went to at SS15 that charged me RM15. >(

But I digress.

So I drove to Plaza Glomac, walked toward the immigration office, had my photo taken and documents photocopied just outside its doors, stepped inside, walked up to the first counter I see with an immigration officer, and asked:

Pam Song: Encik, boleh bagi saya borang ka?

Immigration Officer: S'karang takde borang punye le cik... 

Pam Song: ???

Immigration Officer: Paperless!

Pam Song: @_@ Wah! High-tech!

After two seconds pause...

Pam Song: Urm... So sekarang ambik nombor then sudah boleh buat ka?

Immigration Officer: S'karang tak boleh le cik... 

Pam Song: ???

Immigration Officer: System offline!

Pam Song: -_- Apalah. Cacat...

Lousy. I tell you, Malaysia really boleh lah.

Time needed to make/renew passport in Malaysia – 1 hour.
Time spent waiting at the immigration office – 5 hours. -_-'

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Really Champion

I don't always enjoy eating grapes. For one, I don't like the siap-ness of grape skin, and I definitely do not like them when they're sour. But these grapes *points below* that Papa and KV bought are just the sweetest, cutest, little grapes ever!!

Very expensive Australian Champion Grapes.

To be honest, I never even heard of,
much less had this type of grapes before this.

But oh, they're goooood.

Tiny... but good.

The once-you-pop-you-can't-stop kind of good. Haha. =)

I will definitely be looking out for Australian Champion Grapes whenever I go fruit shopping for the home from now on. Once in a week or two la maybe. So ex. -_-'''

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

"What Is Mummy Doing?!"

During the first 3-4 months of my pregnancy, my skin underwent a massive outbreak. Pimples erupted all over my forehead! Arrrrghhhh! Hormones!! At the time, I looked as shitty as I felt. (Harhar. Morning sickness. *snorts* Go figure.) Maybe shittier even. T_T

But right after morning sickness ended, my skin just blossomed. I finally found that pregnancy glow every mother-to-be other than myself had raved about earlier. No moisturiser, no sunblock, no nothing and I still looked fabulous! (Or maybe it's true and how you look is a reflection of how you feel. And because I was feeling better, I looked better, too. Haha. Who knows!)

Unfortunately for me, those wonderful "good skin" days didn't last forever. My face went halfway to hell after I gave birth. No, it's not pimply like it was during my first trimester. Instead, it feels dry, parched and flakey. Haih! Hot mama? Oh, what a dream that is now. A dream that isn't coming true anytime soon considering how I look today. You know, I'm secretly glad babies are said to have blurry vision. Or else I would probably have freaked my son out, too. -_-'''

So... desperate, I snuck in a quickie mask after my bath last night. Tried the Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque from the Aesop gift pack I received a couple of weeks ago and felt a million times better after. Didn't look the way I felt this time though. Somehow, my skin turned red. Like, DRUNK red. @_@ 

Red-faced after my quickie masque.

I didn't even leave the masque on for very long. (Of course not. You think I have all night to pamper myself nowadays?? I skipped my conditioner for this okayyy!) Just long enough for the clay masque to dry under the fan. So I wonder what happened there. Hmmm. But worth it la. Look like lobster for awhile also ok. Cos my pores looked less clogged and I felt all sorts of awesome. Haha. Too bad The Husband didn't feel the same way about it. :-/

The Husband: *takes one look at me, turns to my son and says to him* AIYO! Why Mummy's face so red?? What is Mummy doing, Papa also dunno. *shakes head*

Pfft. Men. Some things, they'll never understand.

The Clashing Of Two Worlds

I decided pretty early on – way before my baby was born – that I would work from home as I mother. I thought it meant that I'd get the best of both worlds – self-fulfilment from keeping my career going and earning a living to supplement my self-esteem, as well as getting to play the perfect got-it-together mom and take care of my son myself. But now that my son is born and "freelance + motherhood" is actually a reality... well, I must admit that it's not really going the way I planned it to. :-/

For one, I'm always tired. Like, a-l-w-a-y-s. My brain is fried and the accumulated lack of sleep is really beginning to take its toll so getting into the right head space for work, is difficult. Plus, whenever the baby feeds, that's exactly when an important email comes in and needs to be answered immediately. Whenever I'm on a Skype conference call, that's exactly when my baby cries. Whenever I'm out grocery shopping with the baby on hand, that's exactly when the information I've been waiting for all morning finally comes in and work needs to commence chop chop. 


The two worlds I've taken on are clashing horribly and sometimes, I just feel I made the wrong decision to try to be Superwoman and do both. At this point in time, knowing what I know now, I say choose one or the other. Don't be greedy. Either work full time then come home and enjoy the baby, or be a stay at home mom with no regrets. Cos doing both, as I've come to know now, is just madness.

My First World Problem

The beauty of having a live-in maid is that you never actually have to do anything yourself if you don't want to. Problem is, if you want anything done right...

You've got to do it yourself.


Sunday, March 03, 2013

My Latest Sinful Addiction

Chocolate CINNABON.

Sooo good when it's hot out of the microwave.


Friday, March 01, 2013

The Living Room Couch Deserves A Permanent Resident

While talking about our son's ability
to recognise faces last night:

The Husband: Aiya, he can remember me best la. I was the first one to see his face!

Pam Song: Whateverrrr...

The Husband: *thoughtfully* Or maybe it's Dr Yeoh. (My OBGYN who delivered my son.)

Pam Song: Ya la. Sure Dr Yeoh. How can it be you?

The Husband: No la. Confirm it's me. I was looking wat! I saw her take his head out! (Pfft. "Take" his head out?? Please la. I PUSHED his head out okay!)

Pam Song: WTH??? Weren't you looking at ME? And supporting ME??

The Husband: But but... he's the star!

Pam Song: @_@ ??? Then me leh?! 

The Husband: You're... backstage. The prop. =D

Pam Song: !!!!!!!!!!! >( >( >( *merajuk*

Grrr... Melampau betul ini mia suami! >(