Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why Do You Do The Things You Do?

There are only two reasons as to why people willingly go through pain, hardship and suffering – (1) selfless love, and (2) selfish gain.

Wow. You All Actually Quite Kaypo. =p

Just an hour has passed since Ask Me Anything (AMA) was launched and already I've got a question sitting in my Inbox and 5 on my comment page. Haha. Good job, y'all! Keep it up. I'll do my bit soon. =)

Funny how all the questions
came from guys though.


Where are you girls lah, wei???

Ask Me Anything (AMA)

I wondered for awhile if I should do this.
But decided on a whim that I just might as well.

How "Ask Me Anything" works is simple – you ask me a question, I'll answer it. Easy as that. Just leave a comment at the end of this post or drop me an email at and title it "Ask Me Anything". If you're emailing and want to remain anonymous if/when your question appears on Tinki Talks, sign off with a code name and I'll use that. (Otherwise, I'll call you whatever comes to mind. =p)

So, ask me anything. (But don't make me regret doing this ah...) My grand plan is to answer a question (of my choice) once a week. Twice, if I'm really bored. =p So, go ahead. Ask me anything. =)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Funny how things change at the drop of a hat.
From Happy to Sad; from Just Fine to Bad.
Funny how there's nothing funny bout that.

The Reveal, At Last!

So, this was where we ended things earlier, right? With me bending over, giving my coloured hair a good rinse in the bathroom (and messing up the bathroom in the process =p).

Well, right after, The Lauder One and I went back outside to the TV area and she lovingly dried my hair for me (YOUR CUE TO GO "AWWW...") while I watched emo TV. (Sorry, can't remember the title of the movie. Two words wan. Lead actor was Robert De Niro. There was also Kate Beckinsale and Drew Barrymore. The time it took me to remember all that random info would have been enough for me to Google the movie title for you but I didn't. Heh.)

That's Supersara from UberSuperBakes, hugging the pillow
in the background. She's The Lauder One's youngest sister.

This is the life, man. =)

Seriously lah... This is the life. =D

And... after much delay,
here are the pictures of my hair
after dyeing and drying!


So how? Burgundy, nice?

Yuck. What is with the two-tier thingy, man? Urgh.
I really don't like this new haircut. I hate it, actually.

Well, I like it. =)
(The colour, not the cut.)

Thanks, The Lauder One!
I lurves it many muchness!

p/s: The De Niro movie I couldn't remember the title to is called Everybody's Fine. (See?? I so nice to you!) Super emo movie. Go watch! (Not you, Mee. You watch you sure cry. =p)

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Free Nougat, Courtesy Of Lamé!

Am in a mock tudung cos I don't wanna show you my hair
before the great reveal. =p Stay tuned. It's coming!

Totally made me miss Australia. =)

I Gots Da FIYAH!

So what do you do after you've bought hair-dye and finished coating your hair with colour? You let it heat up in a plastic wrap, that's what! And since we didn't have a shower cap, The Lauder One settled on using used plastic bags on my head instead. -_-

But it wouldn't fit my head. Haha.


Cos I'm smart. And my brains are extra big.
To accommodate all that extra knowledge.


(Cut me some slack.
It's been a very stressful day.)

Anyways, she used another unclean looking,
used plastic grocery/shopping bag instead.


So very glam hor?


Oh, and since we're at it,
here's a very unglam pic
of The Lauder One. =p


And one of me in the same category.
(See, babe? We're even now. No getting angry.)

Wah, I can actually make my nostril damn big hor?

Here's one more just for good measure.

20 minutes later,
I was bent over in the shower,
watering my coloured head of hair.

Quite terror, right, this picture?
Haha. So much dye. So gross. =p

I was pretty shocked at the mess, actually. See, this is what happens when you're so used to getting your hair done at the salon. You don't know what goes on behind the scenes cos all you see is your own face in the mirror and a smiling stylist who's just waiting to get his/her hands on your hard-earned $$$... not the ugly mess in the sink.

And now,... I'll have to leave you with that last image. HAHA. Sorry lah, guys. Busy like hell. Promise you next post you get to see the end result, ok? Mwah!

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That's the thing about this industry we're in.
Everybody knows everybody. And everybody talks.

MIX fm's Pay Your Bills

Yep, I just made a submission.

Gotta do something to help ease
this dry spell I've been under lah, you know?

So, dear readers of Tinki Talks, please, please, pleassseeee let me know if you hear my name being called over the airwaves, okay? Could do with your help on that. Call-outs happen between 7AM and 12 midnight on week days, and all I'll have is 30 minutes to call them back (03-9543 3322) and get my bill paid for. Stresss... -_-'''

So, yeah. If you hear them call for me – Pam Song, 5444 – lemmie know! Thank you sooo so very much in advance. Thou rocketh much!

p/s: Click here to submit your own bill. But of course, I'd rather you didn't cos then my chances of having my bill paid for would be lower. =p

Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm A Red-Head!!!

It was a spur of the moment decision.

When I was having dinner at her place last Friday night, The Lauder One invited me over for afternoon tea on Sunday. Everything was progressing as planned that Sunday morning but just before lunch, I suddenly decided that I wanted to get my hair dyed at the same time (since I've heard rave reports of her hair-dyeing skills from some very reliable sources).

So, I asked her on a whim,
she said 'yes' without hesitation,
and... we just did it!

I arrived at her home, she drove me out to Watsons, we grabbed a box of kick-ass hair dye and before I knew it, I was sitting on a stool between her legs, in front of the telly, watching an emo movie, with a towel around my shoulders. Haha.

We used Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Color in #48 Burgundy on my hair. Actually, I was leaning more toward #34 Deep Burgundy. But The Lauder One somehow talked me into going for the very-jeng-jeng-looking #48 Burgundy instead.

But no regrets lah.


Picture later. (Main suspen sikit.) All you need to know is that I likey it so many many muchness. Haha. Didn't quite begin the session feeling that way though. =p

Come, I story you.

If you take a look at the pic below,
you'll notice that I look pretty 3C.
(Cool, calm and collected lah, bodo.)

So steady, can hold the box
and camwhore summore, right?


Actually, outside only smile big big.
Inside damn skeptical. Haha.

I was actually a little worried the colour may turn out more jeng-jeng than I'd be comfortable with cos that's what usually happens to my hair. Dunno why but somehow, it absorbs colour faster than it should so I end up looking like somebody poured Dulux on my head. -_-'

But that, of course, wasn't the result
of my session with The Lauder One
considering I so love the outcome
as much as I do. =D

Clip clip – splitting my hair up into sections.

Anyways, here's what happened:
The first squirt of colour.

The bridge of my nose tak cukup tinggi. =(

Ok, technically, the dye looked white instead of
burgundy cos it hadn't yet oxidised. Haha.

The woman takes her job very seriously.

But as we progressed, the dye started to take on a maroonish-red shade. I couldn't see it for myself cos I don't have eyes at the back of my head (duh) so I was pretty oblivious to the fact. Right up till the point I saw a blob of hair dye on the floor.



*heart attack*

As seen here.

Like the pig's blood in curry mee liddat, right??

So... I panicked!

I look more constipated than panicked. Haha.

Trying to smile.

Then I thought to myself:
Argh, screw it lah. It's almost done.
Too late to do anything now.

So, I might as well just smile
and enjoy the moment.

To call off the plan would be worse, right?? And it's already too late to turn back around since half my head's burgundy. So, I might as well just have some fun while I'm at it. Haha. Plus, the dye surprisingly smelled pretty darn good, too, so I focused on that and let it bring out the smile on my face.

Eh eh, keluar topik a bit.

Don't you think I look a bit like the China mui
with the screen name Qing Qing in this next picture???
She acted in Green Green Grass By The River wan.

Hahaha. I keep laughing to myself
when I see this pic. Haha.

Ok. Serious.

Back to the subject at hand:

My DIY hair-dyeing experience with
wannabe celebrity stylist, The Lauder One.


Finishing up.

Anyways, s
he finished up the dye and in about
15-20 minutes from the time I sat down, we were done.

Very red hor? Haha.

Anyways, I realise that in my last post I said you'd get to see a picture of the result in my next post which is this one but... next next, ok? =p

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Latest Blogger Update!

Ladies and gentlemen, this blogger just got her hair DIY dyed (not by herself, of course) for the first time today! So many excitingness! =D

The master of at-home hair-dyeing's the one on the left.

The result... later!

(Still editing the pictures lah.
Patient a bit can?)


Just discovered that I'm being featured

Click here to view from site.

Aren't sure if I'm lagging on the news front but... judging from the number of hits I've only just recently discovered I've been getting from the site, I'm willing to bet that I'm at least a week late in finding out. Haha. Oh well, I'm not complaining. =p

I Liked My Blue Dress

Attended another wedding again tonight. (For the same person as last week lah, actually. Round 2, hosted by the bride's side of the family.)

It's crazy stuff with the atasan lah. They go all out and bring out the big guns. Sangat ter-amat grand sekali. Make me feel quite kuchi mayam. *hides face* The hall looked like the inside of a spaceship. Seriously, okayyy. I kid you not. (Show you pictures of it later then you'll believe me.) Got Datin, Datuk, Tan Sri, Dr and every other big shot present summore. 120 tables, all in all. Dun mess.

But... we Chinese really know
how to feast better lah
with our 8 course dinners.

Was still hungry after the wedding (oh, did I forget to mention it was a Malay wedding with a 2 course dinner?) so a few of us – Duh Roads, Sausage Boy, Beyoncé and I – went over to Alexis, KL for some cakes and white wine. (The banana cake damn good! Go try!)

Actually, those three had wine. I didn't. I had Darjeeling in a pot. Haha. So halal hor? Yeah, I don't drink. And I hate the taste of alcohol. Got a problem? Ok, dun wan fight you tonight. Tired lah all the time fighting, fighting, fighting. =p

The music was really, really good at Alexis tonight. There was a live band playing there tonight. Full band summore. With piano, acoustic guitar, congo drums, violin and double bass. Damn nice. I think the singer chick is supposed to be quite famous in the local scene but I can't for the life of me remember her name. I thought her pianist had a nicer voice, though. Haha.

Tell you a joke about what happened
just before we walked in, okay?

There was this sign outside that said that entry was free if we ordered food/drinks. Sure lah, being so typically kiam siap and kiasu, we were all happy cos there was free music by a good band at no extra charge. But all act cool lah, right? Well, all of us except Beyoncé. She just had to be jakun and jerit super loudly:


Wth?? Shy only.


Anyways, I picture you later lah, ok? I snapped quite a few tonight with the Omnia 2 so I've got some to share. Just too bad I brilliantly left my phone-to-comp cable in the office. Again. Bleh. So all you're gonna get this weekend is the customary after-party Photobooth, self-camwhore pic.

After the night out, before my bath.

Ok, the shower's calling. Nights, guys!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I drooled watching this.

Ashleigh and Jakob dancing to Whatcha Say.

Not because of the guy per se
but because of his moves. So ons.

The girl so-so lah. Hahaha.

But on a whole, I loved this dance. (But then again, it's the only ep I've caught from S06. Sad case, I know. *shame-faced*) The energy. The drag of the moves. Aih, it totally makes me miss dancing. Sigh.

Anybody looking for an aged (as in reference to advanced age, underdeveloped muscles and old bones... not experience -_-) dancer, lemmie know. I'm in.

If You Don't Talk, Nobody Know You Stupid

I'm sorry but I really can't help myself from thinking this: We've officially got brainless, selfish, idiotic, selfish (oh wait, have I mentioned that already?) morons running mega companies in Malaysia. Just take a look at this nonsense lah.

*click here to jump to site*

(You better read ah. You dun read,
later you dunno what I'm talking about.)

Ok, so this is what I think the big problem is: As much as some of us try to do all we can to save Mother Earth, there are still people out there who fail to see the big picture. They just don't get that our planet is dying. And it's not rocket science. It's simple cause and effect. If we don't do something about it, and the planet goes past its tipping point... we're dead, too. Is that really so difficult for a CEO of a KLSE Main Board company to get?

I personally think that the opposition is a selfish bunch who look no further than their paychecks, bank statements and checking accounts. Sure, 1 hour of darkness could be a bigger-than-preferred chunk out of your profits. But, come on. You've already monopolised the market. There's nobody out there who's got another piece of your pie. Can't you just let this 1 hour go for the sake of your kids and your grandkids and their kids and their grandkids?

Fine. I'll admit that this 1 hour of darkness doesn't exactly 'save the planet'. But Rome wasn't built in a day. This is about making a stand. And most importantly, it's about creating awareness so that more and more people begin to open their eyes to see what's happening to our planet. If all goes well, it is ideal that these people are moved enough to want to want to dosomething about it. What begins as a 1 hour social event, could hopefully become a daily habit. Participation could lead to practice. That's the 'save the planet' change we're looking for.

If a 25-year-old like me can see that,
how is it even possible that these people
in places of power don't?

Throw away Time To Come for Profits? Sacrifice a BRIGHT FUTURE for just 1 hour of bright lights in the city? Really, you actually think that's wise? Wow. Way to go, big guns of TNB. Way to go. You really so smart. And don't you give that "Tell me, what am I supposed to say to the kids of this electrical technician when we can’t give bonus this year?" nonsense.

There are 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year.

24 hours x 365 days
= 8,760 hours in a year

1 hour out of 8,760 hours
= 0.01141 percent

* I'm already discounting the fact that as much as a bunch of us will turn off our lights tonight, a bigger, more indifferent bunch will not. So in actual fact, it's not really zero electricity use during this hour of darkness. But I'll close one eye to that ralat.

You're thinking of not giving bonus to your employees this year AND blaming this 1 tiny, little hour for that? You still earn 99.98858% of the time and you wanna use this hour as the annual scapegoat for not rewarding your staff? Pfft. Really pathetic, I think.

Let me tell you this:

After reading this nonsense,
I suddenly feel a bigger need
to turn off the lights tonight.

And I'm gonna.

p/s: Ok, so here's the truth. I wrote this rant after just breezing through the article. Went back and read properly then only realised it was a joke. Bleh. So... rather than put this piece to waste, I decided to publish it anyways. Being energy efficient is good, right? Don't waste, right? Reduce, reuse, recycle, right? Right! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it! =)

p/s/s: Shit, I just realised I wrote that I'm 25. I'm actually not. Not anymore. I'll be turning 26 this year. Boo hoo. T_T

p/s/s/s: Don't forget to turn off your lights tonight. =)

Blogger Malfunction

Okay, this is really weird cos I'm sure I clicked Publish yesterday but you guys obviously didn't see this so... let's try this again, shall we?

Urm... happy Friday?


Fail max.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some Girls Binge In Secret

...others publish it on their blogs. =p

Ugh, look at those hideous eye bags, man. -_-'''

Don't judge. Stressed out girls need comfort food.

Gossip Girl. Shot Live In KL!

Duh Roads on full-on gossip mode.

Girls talk. Deal with it. =p

The Need To Meet That Cannot Be Met

It feels like time is running out sooner than I want it to. Like the sands of time are just slipping through my fingers. Slowly finding its way out of my grasp. Falling far and out of my reach.

There's so much I want to do. So many places I want to go to. And so many people to go there with. But I can't do any of it. Not with the day-to-day things that are vehemently eating into my Last Days.

The thought came to me: What if I end up finding myself without time enough to do all that I hope to do before I say my goodbyes? And let's be honest here. With the way the last couple of weeks have been going, I'd say it's a definite possibility.

8.5 years and it all comes down to this – 1 week.
3 years and this is all I'm gonna get – a week.


So I guess it's true what they say: When you start off, you begin with Time on your side. But you waste it all on the fleeting things in life. Like work, deadlines and award submissions. And silly little emotion-wasters. Like cold wars, fights and I-don't-friend-you-anymores.

Then, before you know it, The End has founds its way to your doorstep, and you don't got extra time to waste no more. Realisation smacks you on the forehead and you wake up to the same pretty sight of falling grains. Except that now, that sight comes without the company of the beautiful clinking sounds of sand bouncing off the bottom of the hourglass.

You're not done, but your time's running out.
And there's nothing you can do about it.

I Should Be Paid So Much More

...especially since I'm the one who gives
the peeps around me energy to work.

Awww, I always knew she loved me. =D

Che wah... I demand a raise lah, boss!

Stomach Itchy

So, yeah. My tummy's been itching.

Pam Song: (To no one in particular) Eh, why my stomach itchy ah? *scratch scratch scratch*

Sausage Boy: *too excited* Eh, you know Melayu cakap left hand itchy give money, right hand itchy get money, kan? So stomach itchy? Get baby! *laughs hysterically*

Pam Song: *wth face*

Pfft. Yeah. I wish.

But if anything, I'll be carrying Cauliboo's baby first. This morning, she officially told me that the factory's opening in May 2010. =D

As you can see, I'm crazy excited. Haha. Woman, your production deadline is Feb 2011. Don't let me down. I'm counting on you. Hubs included. You two lovebirds owe me a baby.

Wednesday's Gone

Can't believe the day went by with me doing nothing for me. All I did as write, brainstorm, run from Agency to Client's and back to Agency again, present work, write some more, brainstorm some more, then write even more. And that's it! That was my Wednesday. Sigh.

But truth be told, although Wednesday's come and gone in the blink of an eye, the week's hardly past mid-point for me. There's so much to do, it's so not funny. I feel swamped. Like the powers that be are trying to drown me in work before they toss me out to sea. Ugh, sucks being me. (Gee, I rhymed.)

On a separate note...



Look! I can finally put a name and a face
to another one of you silent readers. Wheee!

Surpriseee! Haha.
Indeed it's a small world we live in. =)


Ok. I gotta get back to work now
if I intend to get any sleep at all tonight. ='(

Oodles of toodles noodles, poodles.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just The Two Of Us

SFX: Her mouse clicking. My keyboard tapping. Fans buzzing above us. Soft music playing in the background.

She turned to me between clicks, took in a breath and said, "Tonight may just turn out to be our last night alone at the office together." I stopped my tapping, turned to her and told her that it wouldn't be. Not with our current workload, at least. She insisted that it was definitely a possibility. Then added a fake cry for good measure.



Because Sometimes All We Need Is Love

...and 100 million AUD.


To the people with damaged cars, flooded rooms, hurt families, ruined houses, blacked-out homes, drenched belongings and more bad days ahead (let's hope not), this one's for you:

"Jesus Loves You"

After the rain, there's always the promise
of colourful rainbows and brilliant sunshine yeh?

Note: Read this if you totally didn't get this post.

Gotta Shoo Da Blues

...cos it's been a sucky day.

Dressed up the wallpaper
and I'm still not feeling better.


Me wants go home. =(

Childhood Vs. Maturity

Screw the latter, I'm gonna start going all out for the former before it's too late. And why will it be too late? Well, cos I'll be turning 26 this year, dammit! T_T Gosh, I can't even rant and complain about rainbows and daffodils like I'm going through some quarter life crisis now cos I'm already past that mark. T___T Can't use that excuse no more. Why? Cos I'm OLD! T_____T

Ok, time for some comic relief to shoo the blues.

This is why I've gotta start
living more and slaving less.

Thanks for the reminder, Mr Watterson.
I shan't forget this one. =)

p/s: The thought suddenly came to me: Does Calvin have a surname??

Chrome Cuteness

Haha. Comel!

You know, it's funny but after seeing this fail-to-load message, I'm not at all pissed at having the page fail to load on me. Hmmm. I should definitely learn from this.

Life Lesson 01
When in trouble, act cute.
(Cuteness gets you out of everything.)

Tee hee.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cannot Make It

It's official.

The Owner has the most
terrible-est-test taste in food.

Last Sunday, he introduced the worse bak kut teh on the planet to me and called it the best. *gag* Seriously lah. The best? Backside! The place cannot make it until super fail dot com and he summore dare tell me that it's the best. Kononnya authentic BKT. Pfft! So fail.

Come, I tell you why fail.

(Actually, you wanna hear,
dun wanna hear also have to listen cos
I'm gonna get it off my chest. Haha!)

Firstly, they didn't offer us a selection of Chinese teas. The dude just took our order to 'chung cha' and then walked away. Wth. I had to call him back to ask what types of tea they had. Then, when they brought us the tea, they didn't bring the usual +1 teacup. Double wth. Eh hello, this is Chinese tea lah. What kind of Chinese kopitiam that serves bak kut teh dunno how to serve Chinese tea with +1 teacup wan?!

Secondly, the place is DAMN UNHYGIENIC. You see, I was seated next to a window and what I didn't know was that beyond that window, was an old man. Suddenly, he began coughing and coughing and coughing like nobody's business. I mean, ok lah. Uncle, I know you're old and I'm sorry time went by and did that to you. But still... when coughing time close mouth can?? Aiyerrr. Beh tahan. Summore when he cough hor, it's the kind of cough where you can hear his phlegm flapping back and forth in his throat. AIYEERRR! Geli me until heart attack die lah, I tell you.

Then horrr... (Yeah, you got that right. I'M! NOT! DONE!) Then... when the bak kut teh arrived, I knew that I'd never... EVER... go back there ever Ever EVER again. I mean, I'm from Penang lah. Drinks bad, I can take. Dirty, I can close one eye. But bad food??? NO WAY, MAN! Contaminate my delicate, atas taste buds from the supreme Island of Penang? NEVARRRR!!!

So why was this particular bak kut teh so bad? Well, for starters, they use KAILAN for vege in the soup. Like, wth?? Where got people use kailan wan?! And the mushroom and tau pok are still hard like rock. The pork still smelled porky. And while the soup smelled relatively ok, it still ended up being a total letdown cos it was not at all tasty.

Summore hor, in an effort to 'save' my meal and rescue my poor self from death by hunger pangs, I wanted to order ewe char koay. But guess what?? They don't have! Wah, last straw lah liddat. Drink cannot make it, hygiene cannot make it, soup cannot make it, vege cannot make it, tau pok cannot make it, mushroom cannot make it, pork cannot make it, ewe char koay cannot make it... Forget it lah.

The Owner, you mark my words. That will be the first and LAST time I'll ever go there for BKT. It's Klang (or PJ Old Town)... or nothing! RAWR!

Haih. I tell you, these Ipoh people ah...
Taste buds really cannot make it. =p

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yay Beats Nay 2-1

Spent the morning watching Atonement in bed with hot mushroom soup on my lap and a loaf of bread by my side – YAY! It's no secret that I can't stand Knightly but she's got a thing for acting in movies I fall in love with. I loved this movie to bits! Bitter romance – ahh, the perfect breakfast-in-bed pick for the romance deprived. Haha.

“I will find her, love her, marry her
...and live without shame.”

Wah... Gila babi romantik.
Cannot tahan. Leg jelly.

Spent the afternoon writing and rewriting scripts, then timing and retiming scripts – BIG. FAT. GROUCHY. NAY. I've got two due over the weekend. Wonder why. *stares daggers at Sausage Boy and Baby K* So not happy. Looks like I've got tyres to puncture come Monday. RAWR!

Spent late evening getting ready for a wedding I've been looking forward to for awhile now –YAY! 4YRS2ABD's married and the Chinese dinner's tonight! Wheee! I have big expectations for this one. Rumour has it that a Vera Wang replica (the real gown's just too crazy expensive to afford lah) is making an appearance. Woot woot!

2 out of 3. Hmmm.
I think I did ok for a Saturday.


While waiting for Duh Roads to arrive
so we can carpool into KL for the wedding.

p/s: I had time to camwhore and I'm writing this from home at 7:19PM although the wedding started at 7PM cos Duh Roads is late!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Wonder...

...why most of the girls in American Idol Season 9 seem to have really bad teeth. Not born and blessed with straight teeth nevermind lah. But never heard of braces before meh? Hmmm.


That's what I'm feeling right now.

At what, you ask?


It ain't a what it's a WHO.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So, It's True!!

This 6 Degrees of Separation thing, I mean.

The said theory is based on the assumption that every person on Earth is, at most, six steps away from any other person on Earth. That he's-a-friend-of-a-friend-of-my-first-aunty's-second-cousin's-neighbour's-great-grandmother thing lah, basically.

You know, I always thought that the theory was interesting. And I guess a part of me wondered if it could possibly be true that I'd have only 6 degrees of separation from, say, Obama, Brad Pitt or Lady Gaga. But now, I'm beginning to really think that... it is true!

Check out it.

Haha. Amazing, huh? I blogged about this French portrait artist a whole year ago *click* and just this week, she added me as a friend on Facebook. Small, small, super-duper, teeny-tiny world, eh? =p