Tuesday, August 30, 2011


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Ever since I received that eeevil comment a mere 20 minutes after I published a post regarding the new coat of Barbie-doll-pink nail polish that sat on my toes, I couldn't help but feel a little less happy about my pedicure and a lot more insecure about my toenails. T_T

But after looking at it over and over again and taking numerous pictures to see my pink polish under different lighting conditions, I have only one thing to say:

Infinitium ah, you colour blind issit?? >(

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Muar, August '11: The View From Where I'm At

The skies in Muar are surprisingly clear and the air is always cool and fresh. Especially way up here in this apartment on the 10-storey-plus floor I'm now at.

The view from the 10+ floor.

The view from the room I'm sharing with The Husband.

Maybe it's just the rainy weather nowadays. Haha. But then again, maybe not. As far as I remember this place has always been windy. Just maybe not quite as air-con cool as it is now. =)

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Muar, August '11: Best Otak-Otak In Muar

Remember that super-duper yummy and amazingly awesome Muar Otak-Otak roadside stall I told you guys about yesterday? Well, today, I found out that it's on Si Beh Lor, meaning "4th road".

 View of the store from the road.

 Bakar-ing in action!

I even got you their business card
so you can find your own way there
if you're an Otak-Otak fan.




p/s: Muar is famous for its Otak-Otak so make sure you get yours from THIS stall – namely, Nice Food Trading – and not any others. That road is lined with many, many, MANY Otak-Otak stalls. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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Muar, August '11: Muar Otak-Otak Bakar

I've got a confession to make: You see, the past few times I came to Muar, I've had to eat Otak-Otak. Paksa rela. Cos, to be honest with you, I've never really enjoyed it. *gasp!* Yeah. True story. But today, I tried some Otak-Otak I actually LOVED. No kidding. I enjoyed it! Lots! And it came from this roadside stall:

Otak-Otak from Nice Food Trading.

It's amaaazinggg! The last few times I came, the Otak-Otak was tapau-ed, a little fishy in smell, and a lot spicy. Waaay too spicy for my pondan tastebuds, in fact. But these ones? They were P-E-R-F-E-C-T!

Before – a mini pile of 5 Otak-Otak.

 During – first sight of the orange Otak-Otak
as soon as the leaves are pulled apart.

After – a pile of burnt leaves.

Go try it if you're ever in town! Unfortunately for you, I'm useless with directions in foreign places so all I can say is this: The stall's right opposite Loong Kee. =p

Muar Otak-Otak Bakar being prepared by the roadside,
opposite kedai Loong Kee Makanan Ringan.


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Monday, August 29, 2011

Muar, August '11: Hello, Muar!

So you must be wondering why I was down in KL and out of the city in under 3 hours earlier today. Well, that's cos KL wasn't the actual destination. (Boo hoo.) It was just a pit stop. (T_T) I'm now in Muar, Johor. Surprise!!! =D And this, my friends, is what Muar's super happening clock tower looks like.

Muar Clock Tower.

It's like the Trafalgar Square of Muar. Don't mess. =p

p/s: You can't possibly miss this clock tower if you're heading into Muar. It sits directly opposite Muar's main bus station, across the main entryway into town from the bridge that brings you over Sungai Muar.

Status Change

A long, long time ago – way back during the days when I was still chasing facial vouchers online to rescue my facial-deprived skin before the wedding – I bought a MyDeal voucher for a super cheap facial. Too bad I didn't manage to sneak in the time for that facial till after work last Thursday night. (Plan fail. -_-''')

As with all facial centres, first-time visitors like myself are expected to fill in a "CONSULTATION FORM" that consists of a contact information section, as well as a questionnaire section for the facial company to conduct a simple skin and lifestyle assessment. Interestingly, this became my first time filling in a Contact Information section where I had to stop and think twice before picking an option.


Haha. Still feels surreal sometimes. =)

Celebrating Raya

...with ketupat...

...and chicken, beef and chicken nibbles
in peanut sauce rendang. =)

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, guys!

And if you're not the one celebrating the season, go pass along that wish to someone else who is... then go enjoy your 3-day holiday ahead. Don't forget to tune in while you're lazing about like a lump of lard though. Cos I plan on updating this space quite a bit during this break. ESPECIALLY CONSIDERING I JUST DISCOVERED THAT THIS PLACE I'M AT HAS 3G COVERAGE! Woot woot! Tethering, here I come! =D

Chronic Case Of Pissed-me-off-itis

Some things piss me off real easy. But after some time passes and the anger fades, all I find myself remembering is the situation. With some other things, I find that I end up remembering the tidal wave of emotion that came as a result of the moment... and not the moment itself. But when it comes to those blasted times I remember both? Well, those are the piss-me-off things I never really forget. And that usually happens when the person I'm feeling majorly pissed off with acts like he or she just couldn't care less about understanding why I'm pissed, and has chosen to be thoroughly and unbelievably indifferent to my pissed-ness instead. >(

In And Out, Just Like That

Goodbye, KL... Imma miss you much. =(

Down, Down, Down, Dooowwwnnnn...

KL, my love... I'll be seeing you soon. =)

*cue Reunited by Peaches & Herb*

Friday, August 26, 2011

Time To Learn

It's true. Sad but true.

Not everybody who calls you their friend is your friend.
– Pam Song, 26 August 2011

Seriously Overdoing It

I bought a couple of Photobook coupons a few months before the wedding with plans to prepare photo albums for the two days we celebrated our union. But looking at the crazy amount of pictures we had after the wedding, I went ahead and purchased three additional coupons when the promo was re-listed. But this morning, I saw an even better Photobook promo I simply could not resist. So I went ahead and bought that, too! So now I have a grand total of SIX Photobook coupons to use in about six months. Die. -_-'''

Buy first, think later, right? @_@
Anybody wanna buy a Groupon off me? Tee hee.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hard Rocker

Went to Penang's Hard Rock Hotel for dinner at the Hard Rock Café Penang with the in-laws last weekend. Naturally, alcoholic drinks are served at Hard Rock. But as you all probably already know by now, I'm not big on alcoholic beverages. (Unless they're super tasty and have a 1% alcohol content to shout about. =p) So, guess what drink I eventually ordered.



I was surprised that they had it, and was even more surprised at the fact that it tasted REALLY, REALLY GOOD! It really was! Too bad Air Bandung is actually not on the menu. You're only allowed to order it if you've ordered their special order for two that comes with soup and dessert. (Can't remember what that special is called right now.) I didn't order it myself to qualify but... ASK AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN! Didn't you know? Hahaha. Woot woot! =p

 The Menu.

Instead, I ordered the Mushroom & Cheese burger. That's 100gms of minced beef – Well Done, in my case – between two glistening layers of melted Swiss cheese. There was a whole bunch of onions in there, too. But I dug them all out and pushed the aside. =p

But overall, the burger was surprisingly good.
A little by by Malaysian standards... but good.

 Only halfway through.

Even so, the best part of dinner
was still my pink-like-Barbie bandung. =D


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mush Much?

Please stop. Cos not all of us can stomach
that much mush in a single (or a million) status(es).

Seen today.

You know, if I could "Like" this status message
a million times over, I would. Haha. Like, seriously. =p

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Cat Woman

Every time I see cats, kittens and/or felines of any size, shape, colour or sort, The Senior Writer comes to mind. (Yes, the very one I used to blog about ever so often, back when I was still working at MCKL.) Even when I was in London on my honeymoon, I thought of her. Look!

 A pretty bonsai kitty right outside The Savoy
(that's the name of a hotel) on The Strand, London.

Took a picture of that pretty kitty so I could blog about it and show her. I even made The Husband take a picture of me with it even though I was jet-lagged as hell and was looking far from presentable. Haha.

Yours Truly and The Savoy's cat.

This reminds me... I should really get back to blogging about the honeymoon before I forget anything (or worse, everything!!) I saw and experienced there. :-/

Anyway... back to the subject at hand: CATS. And my cat woman, of course. =) Well, needless to say, when I bought this super comfy dress that's all covered in cats last weekend, it also reminded me of her.

My super comfy dress all covered in fat-faced cats.


The Senior Writer,

I mish you much. =(
Just thought you should know.

Pam Song

LV Fan Spotted!

The thing I love about female pampering stations is their stash of girly magazines. While my toenails were being treated to a little O.P.I loving last weekend, I was flipping through pages upon pages of celebrity goss. And that's when I saw this:

 Angelina Jolie walking out of a toy store with her kids in hand
and an LV bag comfortably slung over her right shoulder.

Same pic, zoomed in for you to see clearly.

And another pic in a facing page of the same article!

 Angeline Jolie with two of her daughters together with
an LV bag with what looks like baby stuff on her right arm.

Same pic, zoomed in.

Wah... imagine that. An LV just for baby stuff. Crazy sh*t. But of course... unlike the rest of us, Angelina Jolie is like, a mega superstar who can totally afford it. While she carries LV bags, the rest of us "normal people" will just read magazines that write about people who carry LV bags. =p

p/s: I never knew how ridiculously priced LV bags were until The Husband and I shamelessly walked into a Louis Vuitton store on New Bond Street while we were in London on our honeymoon. I took one look at the price tag hanging off a tiny wallet and laughed. It cost more than our flight tickets to London. Bwahahahaha.

Pictures Of You, Pictures Of Me

Cos a picture ain't a picture till it's a picture
you can hold in your hand, right? =p

I chose that picture of me on the far right.

 The Husband selected his own picture on the left, as well as
the picture of the both of us right there in the middle.

Plus, it really was about time that we had something a little bit more personal and a tad more representative of "us" in the room we now call our own. =)

 Our pictures on our study table in the bedroom.

p/s: It's unbelievable how expensive it is to enjoy hardcopy prints nowadays. These three cost RM1.50... EACH!! Gosh! That's daylight robbery, I tell ya! Makes me wonder: What happened to the days when it only cost 30sen per print?? -_-'''

Suki Tak Korek Telinga

Midway through the work day, it started raining cats and dogs. The sky got significantly darker and the pattering of the rain against the windows got louder and louder. It was then that I suddenly rediscovered my need for the soothing sounds of the Garden State soundtrack. And I made everybody in The Studio listen to it, too. Tee hee. =p

Pam Song: Let's listen to indie music!

Suki: Wah! Bollywood ah?

Pam Song: @_@ Not Hindi la... I said INDIE! HAHAHAHA.

It's 4:00AM

And still no shut-eye. Sigh.


Imma blame that empty spot right next to me
on the bed. Yes, it must be that. T_T

Rabbit Wedding, Dragon Baby

I've never been big on horoscopes and star signs.
But it sure looks to me like lots of people are.

The Star, Friday, 19 August 2011. [Source]

It's pretty normal that many couples get married in the Rabbit year – if you didn't know, it is said to be a good year to wed cos rabbits are nice, cutesy, cuddly creatures that don't fight... and breed like mad =p – and immediately go on a mad baby chase in hopes of birthing a Dragon baby. @_@ How hardcore of them.

I'm curious... Takkan they don't want a couple of honeymoon years to berdating-dating as husband and wife wan meh? Even if dun wanna ber-romantik berdua-duaan, sure still need some kind of teething period before the factory opens and the kids start popping out, right? I mean, if you're not 100% comfortable with the new living situation yet, how to deal with a newborn child that is 110% dependent on you? Hmmm. Tough.

Close-up of one part of the article.

Anyways... as it turns out, The Husband and I are one of the 264 registered Chinese couples who got married so far this Rabbit year. That's a loooot of couples. (And it's no exaggeration that I personally know more than a handful of those recently registered folk!) No wonder it was a total headache finding a hotel to host our wedding! In fact, we didn't even get to have the June wedding we wanted and had to settle for July instead. >(

Bah. These superstitious people and their bunny craze.


OMG, I can't believe it.

In less than 48 hours since I started
playing Plants vs. Zombies... I'm done!


Like, WTH?? Liddat only ah?!

It didn't feel that way while I was playing but I just found out that there are a total of 50 levels in the main Adventure Mode that I just completed, and they are spread across five different settings – Day, Night, Pool, Fog and Roof. Naturally, different settings require different combinations of plants (there are 49 types) to kill the various zombies (26 types here) and... you know what? Forget it. The more I talk about it, the dumber I feel. -_-''' Zombies? Plants that kill? Pfft.

Anyway, I'm writing cos I'm done
with the Adventure Mode.

I mean, seriously... IS THAT IT???

I don't believe The Husband just made me spend $2.99 on what was barely 48-hours worth of non-serious gaming. My Penang brain just cannot accept. -_-'''

p/s: There are other modes I can play but... they're not very exciting so... I've begun losing interest in a massive way. Time to get back to Cut The Rope. =p

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Garden State – Music From The Motion Picture

I'm wouldn't call myself an indie fan but
I confess, I have my indie-music days.

And they usually pop up on quiet nights like these.

The curtains are drawn, and the room is dark. The air-conditioning is off, and the fan is set to Slow. And in the background, Garden State's collection of music from various artists is providing me all the peace, tranquillity and comfort I need, that neither this world, nor its many inhabitants can offer me.

Garden State – Music From The Motion Picture album artwork.

Downloaded this album on a whim awhile back – not knowing what to expect or having even heard anything about the movie, Garden State – and tossed it aside after giving it a once-over like I often do. (No need to pay, so dunno how to treasure. =p) Knew it was good at first double-click but didn't bother listening enough to realise that, "Hey, this album is great!" But that was before I got reminded of it today when I read Su Ann's recent post entitled "Beauty".

Garden State – Music From The Motion Picture track list.

Best collection of indie music
I've heard on an album in awhile.

Perfect on a night like this.

Sad Fingers, Happy Toes

Last Thursday, I cracked my right thumbnail.

Thing is, I also juuust cracked
my left thumbnail the week before.



So I decided since my hands and feet hadn't gotten any loving since the wedding almost 2 months ago, I'd go pamper myself with a nice pedicure on Saturday. Last Saturday, that is. Had The Husband drop me off at Gurney Plaza and walked all around the mall looking for a decent nail salon, and finally settled on the more popular one of the two I found.

 Feet getting a soak before getting a scrub last Saturday.

My happy feet, taken earlier today.

Yeah, they're pink. I would have totally preferred a less Barbie Doll colour but... they didn't have anything else even remotely "natural-looking" for me to pick from their O.P.I range in store. Fail. I think I shall go elsewhere for my pedicures from now on. And in case you were wondering... yes, I'm thinking of pedicuring my toenails to toe heaven once every couple of months from now on. =)

Stupid Game, Stupider Price

I didn't get sucked into the Plants vs. Zombies craze when it took the iPhone users by storm last year. But then, this *points below* happened last weekend...

No, it wasn't me. The Husband did it. It's all his fault. Cos... $2.99 USD for a freaking iPhone game?! You gotta be kidding me, man. You guys know how much I love Cut The Rope to death, right? Even then, I only spent $0.99 USD on it. This is 3x the price!! Die also I play until worth it kau-kau, man! Zombies... BE DEAD! >(

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Mother's Love

...it comes in many forms. And last Thursday night, it was freely and selflessly offered to me in the form of a McDonald's brown bag that contained a Double Cheeseburger (Plain) Value Meal with extra salt.

Even when everybody else who ever claimed to care conveniently forgot that I hadn't had dinner, my mother didn't. Only a mother will do anything and everything to make sure you never go hungry in spite of what you need to do. Even if it doesn't include her. *emo*

This Is Where I Belong

Hi dear Internet,

At the end of the day, it is still you
whom I feel most at home with.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Smell The Flowers

New wallpaper since yesterday, 18 August 2011.

Good change, yeh? =)