Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm Tired

Physically, mentally and emotionally.

Am physically worn out from my day. Last night's lack of sleep didn't help either. Am mentally exhausted. The never-ending back and forth between ideas, concepts and directions are just driving me nuts. So much so that I think that I can no longer tell the difference between the three. Am emotionally spent from walking on eggshells between two dormant volcanoes and playing middle man. Feels like I keep getting forced to take up residence between a very stubborn "rock"... and a somewhat diva-ish "hard place". -_-' Not fun at all.

And the day's not even over yet.


So can't wait for clock
to strike 8:20PM tomorrow.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


The folks are now officially on Facebook!

Tene nene. Tene nene.

Don't play play. That's what you get for having a techie for a dad. He added me sometime last week. Mee added me this week. I'm willing to bet the 4G dinosaur desktop I'm working on now that Mee twisted Dee's arm to get him to set up an account for her. Haha. (But then again, my parents getting too savvy with tech these days. Better not put the good stuff on the table. If sailang lose all then die.)


Whatever the case... yes, as you can see, I've already accepted their friend requests. Haha. No choice or else they stop giving me pocket money and dun let me date or stay out past midnight. Dee seems less active though. I left him a comment on his wall so long already, he never chai me also.


I see see he sure sama jenis as me.
On Facebook but dead wan. Haha.

Mee, on the other hand has been very diligent
with her communication on Facebook.

*blink blink*

Wah, I tell you ah... if their Facebook page more happening than mine, sia suey wei! No face giler babi if lose to them! CANNOTTTT!!! Need. To. Facebook. NOW!


Why am I so kiasu?

Play Time's Over, Night Time's Here

Looks like I'm guarding the fort on the graveyard shift again. Zippedy doo dah. You know what? Considering it's now past 4AM, I'm really, really, really glad I sneaked out those two and a half hours to catch Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs in 3D for free, courtesy of LSY.

HAH! Who say I have no life, huh?? WHO???

Anyhoo, since I'm nowhere close to being awake right now, I shall resort to entertaining myself for the next few minutes. Myself and you guys in the process, of course. (Lucky you.) Here are some very recent pictures of me – taken between 6:30PM to 7PM earlier today – to remind you that I'm still very much alive and kickin'.

See? Alive.

And cheeky. Nyek nyek.

Though the lack of lappie sure is running
my blogging schedule to the ground. -_-'''

Kawaii-bunga time!

(I know I'm so going to regret writing that lame last line when I log in again tomorrow but... alah, what the heck. Daring and dangerous sia. -_-' Damn kau keluar topik. Whaddevar larrr.)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Works Every Time

My Mom More "Geng" Than Your Mom

Since I'll be flying back to Penang again this weekend, I had my mom help me arrange my appointments on my behalf. (I'm slowly but surely mastering the Art of Delegation. Making real good progress in that department, too. Heh heh. =p)

Pam Song: Do you have my timetable for the weekend?

Mee: I have YOUR timetable?

Pam Song: Ya. (Look at that. So matter-of-fact. Haha.)

Mee: Wah macam your PA liddat.

Pam Song: Like... pedicure, Gleneagles (don't ask), bla bla bla...

Mee: Saturday – 10 or 10.30am pedicure & manicure (if possible); 11.45am Gleneagles; 2pm Lunch; 3.30pm Gurney to buy comp bag; 4.30pm Home to dress up; 6.45pm Leave for Sesame; 7.00pm Take photos; 7.30pm Guests arrive, take photos; 10.30pm Go home. (Whoa, she's on a roll!) Sunday – 9.30am Leave for church; 1.15pm Lunch; 2.30pm Facial; 4.30pm Back home to pack...

Pam Song: Che wah. You damn terrer. (Haha. I'm so irritating that I also beh tahan myself.) Go on.

Mee: 6.00pm Pick Dee from badminton court; 7.15pm Arrive at airport. (Okay, she's done now. Looks like I'm in for a crazy weekend. *sweat*) I am SUPERRR Planner!

Pam Song: INDEED YOU AREEEEE!!! (See, I give praise where praise is due!) Congratulations. You get to keep your job (as my PA). Keep up the good work. =p


My mom can do this your mom can or not?




Even in light of my recent loss, let me assure you that there's still plenty that I have to be thankful for.

No lappie, no worries.
Not when there's the Omnia.

(OMG, I'm such a geek! -_-')

Sure, I'm blogging on my Omnia again via Opera and yes, I'll bet my non-existent new comp that my arm's going to hurt by paragraph 3 but... hey, at least there's some place I can still blog. Any place is better than no place at all. Plus, I think I'm starting to get the hang of this screen-jabbing thingy. =p

Sure, I lost my entire music collection but again, thanks to the Omnia (and my home WiFi), I've got Pocket Tunes serving me good music from any radio station in the world that streams its programme. Wish I could find McDonald's Radio, though. Their musical line-up appeals to me big time. Right now, I'm doing Love Songs on Radio IO.

Sure, it's been a long day but somehow, I've been buzzing all night. Unbelievably hyperactive like I OD-ed on glucose or something. Duh Roads, Botak and some of the other guys at work can attest to that. (I was singing to my comp screen all night. -_-) I think Duh Roads thinks me nuts but really, I blame the salted egg fried sotong we had for dinner. (Oh, how healthy of us.) The happiness only kicked in when we were back at the office. After stuffing our faces, of course.

I'm sure there's more but I'd really like a bath first. (Eek! Chao chao!) May be back later for more, or I just may not. See how first. (Suspen giler! Ha. Ha.) Toodles!

p/s: The Omnia's not cooperating with the hyperlink stuff. Will work it out tomorrow when I'm at a comp with a mouse and a keyboard so don't get your panties up in knots over it.

EDIT at 11:29AM on 29 July 2009: Ok, done. Hyperlinks added. All's good in the world now. Have a good Wednesday, y'all!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My 6:45PM Rant

Negativity annoys me. A LOT.
Especially when it's coming from "friends".
Bloody wet-blanket people. >(

Monday, July 27, 2009

Brainy Bimbo Books

Good book, this one. The writer's got flair. Injects lotsa style into her words like a kick-butt, no nonsense, leap-before-you-look Texan woman should. Timeline of story's pretty good, too. Very wonky. Lotsa flashbacks. I like. Anyhoo, betcha didn't think of this:

"Carbon monoxide is a colorless,
odorless, and extremely deadly gas––

Hmm. How can something be extremely deadly? I mean, are there degrees of deadliness? If it's deadly, it's deadly, right? Ain't no extreme about it folks. Extremely deadly is extremely redundant in my humble opinion. But I guess I'm nit-picking."

– Madeline Piatro,
protagonist in Jo Barrett's novel,
This Is How It Happened

Well well, won't you look at that.
Now, who says chicklit ain't intelligent?

Current Status

Still comp-less, still desperate.

Act Of Desperation

Complessness has got to be
the worst form of torture like, EVER.

It's way worse than not having Internet connection. Not only can't I blog or surf, I can't even Word Doc my posts and save them as drafts! Rarr! This totally blows. I hope the monsters who stole my 3-year-old MacBook earn peanuts from it. >(

Anyhoo, since I've been itching to blog since before bedtime yesterday night, I finally resorted to blogging on my Omnia. -_- Not an easy task, mind you. The screen's freaking small, the stylus isn't ergonomically designed, I can't edit or upload pictures, and writing this post is taking me so long that I'm starting to wonder if I'll wake up to a head full of white hair. -_-

Ok, wait... my hand's cramping up.


Pain. Not. Going. Away.

*waits some more*

Ok, this is not working out. My hand still hurts and it aches like I just spent the evening lifting weights. Even my shoulder feels like it's seconds away from popping out of its socket - wth, you weakling! -_-

Argh, I'm just gonna fergeddit
and blog again tomorrow.

Stupid stylus. >(

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thwarted... Kinda Sorta

The Plan... initially.


12:00PM - 3:00PM
Lunch with an old, old, old (time-wise, not age-wise) primary school classmate I happened to bump into earlier in the week. Funny story, that one. I was driving home from work. Potong-ed the car in the lane next to him and heard two honks. Turned to my right and saw a familiar looking dude waving madly at me. He SMS-ed me a minute later. I replied. He called. We planned to meet up. Coolios.

3:00PM - 4:00PM
Top secret appointment.

5:00PM - 8:00PM
Time for my weekly spiritual recharge with CHC's Saturday evening service.

8:00PM - LATE
A long-awaited catch-up session with Tim Tams. Haven't seen the dude since before I left for Surabaya - can you believe that!?

The New Plan - effective 9:00AM today.


9:00AM - 9:40AM
Answer wake-up call. Roll around in bed. Roll around some more. Stop rolling. Wonder why I'm waking up so early in the morning. Remember that I lost my laptop and that Baby's sitting outside with a blue garbage bag for a window. Roll over again and groan into my pillow.

9:40AM - 10:30AM
Take my time getting ready. Pick out my outfit for the day. Iron the top I plan to wear. Find myself itching to check my mail. Damn, no comp cannot check. Settle for lousy Saturday morning music on Mix.FM.

10:30AM - 11:15AM
Drive to the workshop to get Baby's window done. The longest drive ever, by the way. Stupid garbage bag kept flapping in the wind, causing small shards of glass to fly. >( Talk to my usual workshop boss and agree to an RM480 new, Proton original window + RM150 workmanship fees. Agree to pick Baby up at 4:00PM and sigh as I leave her behind.

11:15AM - 1:00PM
Chill and b*tch blog on YapThomas' comp while watching ASTRO.

1:00PM - 3:00PM
Lunch with the old, old, old primary school classmate I happened to bump into earlier in the week. Thing is, the appointment wasn't delayed on my account. The dude got robbed a couple of days earlier, too (WHAT IS WRONG WITH KL/SELANGOR NOWADAYS!?!), and had to get his reports, banking and documents done. Oh, and the fella had to go to a gym to shower cos Indah water cut off his supply or something like that. -_-' Looks like he more suey than me.

3:00PM - 4:00PM
Top secret appointment's still on. Heh heh.

4:00PM - 5:00PM
Pick baby up and sign away RM630. Boo hoo.

5:00PM - 8:00PM
Still going for my weekly spiritual recharge with CHC's Saturday evening service. Need this more than ever now. *sniffle*

8:00PM - LATE
My catch-up session with Tim Tams is now... pending. See how it goes first.

Haih. So suck.



This Friday's Losses

  1. Back-right window
  2. 2 lilies
  3. Favourite, super-slim lappie bag *sniff*
  4. MacBook
  5. Half a MacBook charger
  6. 350GB harddisk
  7. Samsung Omnia USB cable
  8. Printed copy of upcoming flight details
  9. HSBC credit card statement
  10. This weekend's to-do JRs
  11. 1.5 year's worth of work
  12. Countless copysheets and Word documents
  13. Resume and Portfolio
  14. 100GB worth of music
  15. 220GB worth of sitcoms and movies
  16. Hundreds of thousands of pictures (including those I took while I was away on holiday in Surabaya *sighs*)

I have everything backed-up on a 350GB external harddisk. Just to make sure I don't end up losing my stuff in the event of a crash. Too bad I didn't foresee having my comp stolen ALONG WITH that 350GB back-up harddisk. -_-

Friday, July 24, 2009

TGIF? Backside Lah TGIF.

My MacBook just got stolen.

Great. Just great. Looks like I've got a perfect weekend coming up. Thanks, Friday. I knew I could count on you to live up to your name.

Girl-Guy Thoughts

Was talking to The Torturer earlier today and he brought up an old advertorial effort Nuffnang ran. One where two bloggers of different genders were to go at loggerheads with each other when it came to dating etiquette, as well as boy-girl friendships and relationships.

That brief mention got me thinking a little. I mean, I've got my stand (which I will reveal later) and all but I'm interested to hear what you guys have to say. Tell me your take on the matter, will ya?

  1. Who does the inviting?
  2. Who drives?
  3. Who picks up the tab?

UPDATE at 9:16PM on 24 July 2009: Since I was asked, perhaps I should clarify. By "picking up the tab", I mean paying for the meal/movie/outing. Whether or not it's one person paying FIRST and then having the other person pay them back or just paying with no expectation of payment in return, it's up to you. You tell me.

Pretty Reasons To TGIF

Went out for a meeting earlier today
and came back to find this sitting on my desk.

Thought I was seeing things cos it didn't seem likely that I'd be getting another bouquet this soon after the one I received yesterday. Took a peek at didjital and saw him eyeing me with an idiotic grin on his kaypo-fied face then decided, "Ok, this is real. There really are flowers and chocolates sitting on my desk." Oh, look! A card.

The card that came with the flowers.

Opened it to discover a paragraph of good wishes.
(One could never do with too many good wishes. Heh.)

And a line that responded to
a post I published last night.


Looks like the angels work fast these days.
Delivery in less than 24 hours. Not too shabby. =p

And there's variety, too!

...and chocolates.

The roses even came with tiny dew drops on them.

Nice! I think that flowers should
always come with dew. Haha.

Anyways, it's funny but compared to yesterday's bouquet, this one was a big, big hit among the BOYS. @_@ They were all so very captivated by it! It was pretty surprising. The girls and "girl" – Duh Roads, Zok, Yours Truly and, uh, Sausage Boy – couldn't quite figure it/them out. Haha.

and Kenneth (too lazy to come up with nicknames right now) especially. The former kept squeezing the rose buds (stop squeezing my bud, boy! =p) and latter couldn't stop touching the leaves. Even The Senior Writer's hands got itchy.

The Senior Writer's handiwork.

The rest of my colleagues, on the other hand, have started asking questions. "What's the occasion?" "Your birthday ah?" "Eh, got people want to 'khau' issit?" "Pam, this guy so rich wan ah? One day one bouquet?!" And the best one's this one: "Which corner do you stand at at night? So good business wan." -_-''' Wth, my life is hardly that exciting scandalous.

Okay... just to clarify, it isn't my birthday. Not yesterday, and not today. There isn't a special occasion, either. It just so happens to be Springtime. Beef Jerky thinks I'm cheating on her but it isn't true. I have eyes for no one but her. And darling Ah Beng with his jeng jeng fashion sense, of course. (SUNDAY'S ON FOR YOU AND ME, SLUT! Don't you dare forget! FFK me and I'm lettin' the B*tch loose on you. Rawr.)

Well, whatever the reason, flowers are always nice. (All girls like them lah. If they say they don't, they're lying. It's like how they sometimes tell you a salad's filling. I'm sorry I've got to rat my girls out but IT'S A LIEEEE!!! Haha. Now, you know. =p)

Even macho-man wannabe
hard dance DJ didjital loves flowers.

The boy can't seem to keep his hands off mine. =p




Thank you for the lovely flowers.
(I'm sure you know who you are.)

I've tried the chocolates, too. The milk one is simply delish – it melts in the mouth. The coffee choc, on the other hand, got didjital and I buzzing from the caffeine rush. Haha. It'll definitely come in handy when and if I'm stuck at work till late. Again, thank you for putting the TGI into my Friday. =)

– Pam Song


Here's one more for the road.

Thursday's Surprise... Just Because, He Says

Received a couple of panoramic postcards (not shown here) from a land far far away (how vague of me – haha) yesterday morning, then came back from lunch to discover a pretty bouquet of un-bloomed (is there even such a word?!) lilies on my desk waiting for me.

The reason for the flowers?

Just because.


I think I could get used to
"just because" gifts. Haha.

Here's what they look like:

That opened bud on the left is
the one bloom among the buds.

Gotta give it a wee bit more attention.

Especially since it smells sooooo divine. Haha. Can't wait for the rest to pop open, too. (IF I remember – no promises – I'll drop you guys another picture when that happens.) By then, I'm sure my place at work would smell so much like heaven that I wouldn't even think of going home. Haha.


Thank you (you know who you are)
for bringing a little piece of heaven
to my workplace. =)

– Pam Song


The Proposal

Got me a free ticket to watch The Proposal (I love wedding Rom Coms!) earlier in the week, courtesy of Jan-E. Sat in the first row... (@_@ can go blind, man) ...and ended up crying in the cinema. TWICE. -_-''' And if you know me at all, you'd know that that rarely ever happens. Sigh. Makes me feel so... so... pathetically female.

A weak one at that.


Ugh. Meluat only.

Anyhoo, tears aside, this movie was hilarious! If there's one romantic comedy you are to watch this month, this would be it. It actually blew me away; exceeded my expectations. It's funny as hell but the touching bits are simply heart-wrenching. I found myself laughing one minute, crying the next, and then spraying snot all over the place a minute later when I'm laughing again. It's fan-freaking-tastic! Rom Com at its best.

The cast was pretty awesome, too. I mean, I've never had a thing for Ryan Reynolds (he plays Andrew Paxton, the male lead) but sure, I'd say he's pretty hot here. (Maybe cos he appealed to my mushy side this time cos he was just oh-so-senti. Haha.) The man did a pretty good job. Can't fault him for his acting this time around. The emotions he portrayed were beliveable. And Sandra Bullock (who plays the lead actress, Margaret Tate) has still got it goin' on. She's totally sizzles for a 45-year-old, I tell ya!

But don't just take my word for it.
Check out the trailer.

I'm planning to get a copy online buy the original DVD so I'll be able to pause, play, forward and rewind as I and when I need to. Haha. Yes, it's THAT good. Now, go watch!

p/s: Keep an eye out for Sandra Bullock in her sexy, racy, lacy, black nightie. I spied a fashion disaster (followed by a blooper). Let me know if you catch it. =p

The Absence Of Right Does Not Make It A Wrong

NOTE: This piece was written late last night but due to my very-dead, very-useless home Internet connection, it's being published today.

I was 15mins late for the movie. But hey, there were brief moments of laughter sprinkled throughout that Rom Com so it's not all bad.

I'm roped in for stuff that's so far beyond my job description I can no longer remember what I signed up for 2-something years ago. But hey, at least it also means I get to see The Torturer and talk blog during working hours.

I stayed out later than I intended for a lousy dinner with cold fish and bad rice. But hey, at least there was FREE WiFi I could use – a blessing considering my home Internet is still a cold, dead lump of Useless.

I'm terribly backlogged with my photo editing. But hey, at least that means I've got more memories on print than I can keep up with.

I've got a busy weekend ahead with more appointments lined up than I can keep. (I think I've been overly ambitious. -_-) But hey, at least that means that in spite of my job and my weekends away, I've still got friends, I haven't been forgotten, and most importantly, I've still got a life. Go, me.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


You know how some days just feel like they simply refuse to go the way you want them to? Like all that's supposed to be right is wrong? Like you're at war with the world and you have no inkling why? Well, I'm there. And this seat I've plonked myself onto, I believe, is called Discontentment with a capital D.


I want so much more than what I have. And I'm not ashamed to say it. Problem is, the more that I want is... difficult to possess, to say the least. It doesn't come with wealth and is most certainly not found in the material things that Life brings. These trivial (but sometimes necessary) things are attainable over time with sufficient effort on my part (as well as a little bit of good fortune and lots of favour from The Man Himself). These I can handle.

But the things my heart long for are intangible.
Like Happiness. Or Contentment, for instance.

I think I'm running around in circles now. I am, aren't I? Sigh. I guess that's the biggest problem right now. I know what I want and I know where I want to be. I just don't know how to get there. All I know is that this place I'm at isn't exactly where I want to be.

O.M.G. I. Think. I'm. Going. To. Die.

My parents killed a crow today.


And not just one parent, mind you. PUH-LOO-RAL. (Read: Plural. -_-) It was BOTH of them. Together-gether, sama-sama berganding bahu. But they were not just partners in crime in one getaway murder car. No, siree. They went at it organised-crime style. Planned attack from all sides. Real hardcore stuff. Terrorist giler babi. Don't mess.

The TWO of them
killed ONE crow

in TWO separate cars.


Read the story here.

Poor thing.

That winged black bird probably didn't
wake up thinking it'd be dead by tea time.

*blink blink*

*slaps self*

What am I saying??? That scavenger totally deserved to be roadkill lah. Now, there's one less bird for me to worry about. One less reason to keep an eye on the skies; one less reason to duck when shadows sweep the ground. I could totally live with that. Nyek nyek. Anyhoo, now do you see why I'm plagued with ornithophobia? I blame the parentals. Traumatised me since childhood okay... -_-'''


The Internet's BACK! Whoopie!

That's it lah. It's been 19 hours since I last saw a loading bar. Time to open a gazillion pages and go crazy with the uploads and downloads. Heh heh. Wheee! I'm back in action, bay-beh! Watch out, Internet!

Tene nene! Tene nene!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Am An Investor!

THIS is the right form.

Che wah. I suddenly feel so grown up. HAHA.

Just for the record, I waited at Maybank for more than 5 hours for this. FIVE. HOURS. -_- Half of which was spent waiting in line OUTSIDE Maybank. -_-''' And I tell you, it was full-on aunty central there, man. There were aunties upon aunties of every shape, size, height, hair colour *shiver* and dialect there. And all of them were Chinese so you can just imagine how loud and gossipy they were. Almost like an all-girls highschool reunion gone awry.

The funny part was that
we ended up chatting.


Kinda makes me wonder if
I'll be like them someday. =p

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Happiness Lies 366km Away

Mee and I. Photo taken before my cousin's wedding reception.

Dee and I. Photo taken during my cousin's wedding dinner.


Me wants go homeeeee! ='(

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Overwhelming Need To Run

First day back at The Office and already
the stench of work overwhelms me.

I'm looking at the JRs that litter my desk and... today I find myself looking at them with such hatred and disgust that I scare myself.

No copy has been written in my absence.
All deadlines have been postponed.

Like, wth???

Duh Roads even said, "You should go on leave more often. When you're not here, I have no work. Haha." Riiigghhhhtttt. You wanna know why I should go on leave more often? Here's why:

So I get to come back to
this hellhole and realise that
this isn't what I want for my life.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Lied

My before-bed read turned out
to be too good to put down.


NOW, I'm going to sleep.
Ha. Ha. So. Not. Funny.


Too Tired To Talk you guys get a picture instead.

My head full of new lights.

Am not entirely happy with the work done but now's not really a good time to rant. I've been up for a total of 26.5 hours now. -_-' Am running on some pretty heavy credit so The Brain's making me pay back what I've (over)used before it'll let me surf again. So... till we meet again on Tinki Talks, please refrain from calling or SMS-ing cos I'll be busy catchin' some Zs. Nights, y'all.

Invest In Amanah Saham For Higher Returns

Was informed of the perks of investing in Amanah Saham earlier this afternoon and promptly made the necessary arrangements to get. it. done. a.s.a.p. Went to the post office to grab a form or two (actually, cos I'm kiasu, I took three -_-), had money transfered to my Maybank account by late evening, and withdrew the amount I wanted to put into Amanah Saham before the ATMs close at midnight – all in preparation for the 8:30AM on 21 July 2009.

So it was 4:38AM when I finally sat down to look through and fill up my form(s). Problem was, I couldn't even make it past reading the first para in the Pengakuan Pemohon. Cos guess what?

Post. Office. Chick. Screwed. Up.


The woman gave me a Bumi form that says I mengaku I'm an "orang Melayu atau Orang Asli atau Bumiputera Sarawak atau Sabah seperti yang termaktub di dalam Perkara 160 Fasal (2) dan Perkara 161 (a) Fasal (6) dan Fasal (7) Perlembagaan Malaysia."


Heck, England-speaking-orang-Cina me
doesn't even know what the bloody hell a Fasal is!!!
How could she have possibly thought I was Bumi?!


I mean, come on lah. I've been confused for being a Korean before, a Japanese before, and even an angmor on some occassions. All equally as impossible but but but... a Bumi!?! Like, seriously!? AAARRGHH!! >(

Corny As Hell

...but also kinda sweet.

Funny how these things find their way
into my Inbox sometimes. =)

Monday, July 20, 2009

So Many Drama In 1 Short Trip

I just got back. Made it home in the dirtiest taxi ever. Yay! Malaysia Boleh! And yes, somehow, there is got so, so many the drama when I doing the traveling business. -_-' Anyhoo, I'm gonna make this a quick one cos what I really wanna do is shower and crash so... here goes:

  • Realised I forgot to grab my passport on the way out of the house (JENG JENG moment right there) after we passed the highway toll so we had to turn back for me to get it. -_-
  • Made it to the airport just in time to board the plane.

  • My spa session (I'm no longer a spa virgin – yay! =p) took longer than we thought it would (we counted!) and by the time I was done getting molested (don't worry, got story there also), it was late. And not just a little late. It was the we're-supposed-to-be-at-the-airport-already kind of late. -_-
  • Sped all the way to the airport (150kph) in a 530i and made it to the check-in counter just 10 minutes before it closed – the lady at the counter told us so.

And that's just the beginning and the end of my trip. Haha. Stories of everything in between when I'm less zonked, okay? Whatever the case, it sure feels good to be home. Catch y'all tomorrow. =)

p/s: If you're not on broadband, I can already tell that you're so going to hate the Surabaya posts I've got planned cos they're really, really, REALLY picture-heavy. I've got a few Gigabytes to sieve through so... consider yourself forewarned. =p

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Project 365: 27-28/04/2009 [Oops, I Did It Again]

CONFESSION: I slacked off.
RESULT: You don't get no pictures for these two days of April.

But don't worry! This post is scheduled! By the time you read this, I'd already have boarded my flight back to KL. (Unless so suey until kena delayed or something lah. -_-') Wheee! That means more posts and more pictures and new stories of new places! Yays!!!

Project 365: 26/04/2009 [Me On BMM3 Day!]

NOTE: The following pictures were shot by Nigel Tee a.k.a Flyguy (formerly known as Superman here on Tinki Talks) during the DGMB Blogger Movie Meet 3 at Cineleisure Damansara. Just so you know, these pictures were taken without my knowledge so DUN CAME AND SAY I POSER! (Haha. Must add disclaimer first to cover backside and save ego from potential meltdown. =p)

Again, you get two pictures cos I can't decide which I should publish. I like them both equally. Simply because nicely taken candid shots are ever so rare though they rock so hard.

So... when in doubt, be kiasu.


That's your key learning for today. Thank you for joining us as we study The Pam Song Art Of Making Decisions. Stay tuned for more.


Project 365: 25/04/2009 [Curse Of The Black Cat]

Today's Project 365 a bit more special.
You guys get, not one, but two pictures!


To make up for how terribly slow my Project 365 updates have been (see, I admit when salah wan) and cos I was wearing a dress I bought AGES/YONKS/EONS/CENTURIES (take your pick) ago *grin* and altered MANY, MANY YEARS/MOONS/LIFETIMES (same thing, just pick one – close eye point also can strike) ago *sweat* but never got around to wearing till that Saturday in April. *faints*



  1. Firstly, I like this dress.
  2. Secondly, I like that faded cropped jacket.
  3. Thirdly, I'm guessing you're wondering why this post was titled "Curse Of The Black Cat". Heh.

Funny story, really. (I can't believe I'm actually going to share this story with you. -_-''') Do you remember those mad scratches on my hand that I once blogged about? Well, they were, uh... caused by a black cat. @_@ And contrary to what you may think, no, it didn't attack me. It didn't claw me. It didn't touch me. Heck, it didn't even come close enough to me.

Ahhh, but it was sneakier (like all cats are).
It followed me. Jeng jeng jeng.

It all happened when I was walking back to my car after dinner at Bianco. Black Cat followed me all the way from the restaurant to where my car was parked. When I stopped, it stopped. When I walked, it walked. When I crossed the street, it... you get the idea. Naturally, I started to freak out lah! Cos this ain't normal, yo. Especially the way it kept turning to look at me to make sure I see it.

Easiest way to lose it would be to pick up speed. I did that. Didn't work. It started jogging next to me. -_-' When I finally got to the car, I thought: "Ok. This is it, Pam. Get into the car, get the car into gear, and drive outta here like you've never driven before. NOW OR NEVAARRRR!!!" So I rushed to the side of my car, unlocked the car with a "tweet tweet", whipped the car door open, took a step in my car seat's direction...

...then lost my balance and fell into a bush.

The end.

p/s: How to not hate cats, I ask you??? -_-'

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Project 365: 24/04/2009 [Shadow]

Meet my shadow.

I think she looks less tired than I do. Heh.

14 weeks have passed since I snapped that picture. (GOSH! Is this project that delayed?! -_-') I can't for the life of me remember what happened before or after but from what I see, it must have been another one of my late nights at work and I was on my way to the parking lot. At the time, I didn't yet have my parking card so I was paying valet prices for non-valet parking daily. Manyak sakit gua mia dompet masa tu.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Project 365: 19-23/04/2009 [So Tak Jadi]

Hello there, darling bloggers. I hope the day's been treating you well. My day's been made just cos you exist. You know you're my favourite people in the world, right? You know you guys always make my day, right? You know how each time my Unique Visitor count rises, my heart swells with love for you, right? You know how...

Argh, fergeddit. I can't do this bodek nonsense. -_-

I have a confession to make lah, okay. You know why I haven't been updating Project 365? Well, it's cos I was stuck with a bunch of dates I had no pictures to. Yeah, you heard that right. I didn't take pictures of myself from 19-23 April 2009. And I'm not going to bother making up for it! AndyouguyshaveNOsayabouttiwhatsoever – hah! Eh, this is MY blog, okay?! I make the rules! You obey! Now, drop and give me 20! Roar rawr rarr!

Haha. Shit. Power crazy sial.

Anyhoo, like I said, I failed to camwhore on those days lah, okay. I've dealt with it; you should, too. You think what? So free do nothing but take pictures for you guys all day long ah? Cheh. I got life wan, okayyy. Dun play play. =p


Since I'll be MIA from the blogosphere for the next few days, I'm going to be scheduling a bunch of Project 365 posts. Show you my face (or parts of me – don't think senget) in an effort to help you remember that I'm still alive and kicking... albeit in another part of the world that probably won't allow me much access to a comp that's equipped with Photoshop and is enabled with free WiFi. (Sorry lah. Penang people memang cheapo.)

But that's my problem. Not yours.
You guys just keep popping by to do your
catching up with my 3-month-old face. =p

Akhir kata (che-wah), if I can't get connected where I'm heading (I fear the thought of withdrawal symptoms kicking in when I'm at Surabaya, man), I'll catch ya when I'm back on Sunday! Toodles noodles, poodles! You better be missin' me when I'm gone. =p

Blessing In Disguise

I gotta start remembering that it pays to respond to missed calls. (I usually don't. I'm terrible that way.) Even accidental ones from your super cool, uber-nice, fashion savvy, keep-forgetting-to-lock-keypad Pastor in KL. Haha. He's awessum lah. But story later.

The effects of The Accidental Call
will only take place in Surabaya anyways.


Anyhoo, I just feel so blessed lah. I'd really love to write a full testimonial documenting what happened (just 5 mins ago, actually) but I don't quite have time to steal right now. Gotta get stuff done before I head off. Catch ya later.

Main Budget


Ok. Time for some kick-ass Math.

Hotel/Lodging For Duration Of Stay:
IDR 1,000,000 per night ÷ 3 persons
= plus-minus RM370 per night ÷ 3 persons
= RM247 each

Car Rental For 1 Day:
IDR 330,000 per car per day ÷ 3 persons
= plus-minus RM120 per car per day ÷ 3 persons
= RM40 each

Mount Bromo Catch-The-Sunrise Visit:
Entrance Fee + Transport Fee
= IDR 20,000 + IDR 40,000
= IDR 60,000
= plus-minus RM23

Surabaya Zoo Visit:
Entrance Fee
= IDR 10,000
= RM4

RM10 per meal x 4 meals a day x 2.5 days
= RM100

Expected to be RM15 max.

RM100 max – any more than this and I'm just going to forget about stripping and having people's hands working up a lather on my body. Getting molested shouldn't cost this much.

RM200 max – Must. Behave. And. Practice. Self. Control.


Ok, that's it. Brain KO already.
Gotta close shop now or else tomorrow
flap wings also cannot fly. Nights, people.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Things Are Looking Up

This was the weather forecast at noon today.

This was what became of it by 5:32PM.

Things are definitely looking up
for The Wife and I! Wheee!

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It's You And Me (And Two Other Peeps) Tomorrow, Surabaya Bay-beh!

I'm watching the weather cos
I fully intend to bring The Wife
out to play while we're away.

*cough cough*

Pictures later. Must act busy now. =p

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It's 6:09AM And I Still Can't Sleep

I can tell that today's gonna rock. Hard.

My Friends Love Me So Much That When They Go On Holiday, They Think Of Me

Ok, I lied.

You see, I've got pretty mean friends who don't give two hoots about my sanity. Namely a certain Okui (dun wanna click also nvm – her blog's dead di, I think) whom I met in Penang, who came down to KL cos she enrolled in HELP Institute, who moved into the place I was renting and lived with me for awhile while pursuing her degree, who then moved to the great US of A to further her studies, who then worked there in the US for a bit before promising she'd come back for me, who decided to go to the UK to visit Mr Okui (sorry lah, I got no better nick for her bf), who then ended up not coming back at all cos she decided to reside in the UK to be with Mr Okui. -_-'''

*pause to catch breath*

Well, no matter. Out of sight, not out of mind.
She still remembers me. I know because of this:


Love me so much hor?
Wanna know my response?

Nah. See lah.

I tell you, Facebook is the devil's workshop, man. >(

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Barely past July and already,
I'm looking forward to November.


But more on that later. (Read: After I'm done selling my soul to advertising. Haven't even come close to meeting today's sales quota yet. -_-') I'll be back, bay-beh! It'll only be a few hours. In the mean time, try not to miss me too much while I'm gone. Mwah mwah.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nobody By Wonder Girls... Round 3

Haha. Sorry lah, guys. I know you must be going 'wth-is-wrong-with-this-girl' now but... it's not me. I BLAME RESURRECTED! He sent me the link to this video. Haha. How very Garden-of-Eden of me.

I know lah I've already published two entries on Wonder Girls *click and click* but... I just couldn't resist posting this one too. These coppers can dance, weh! Gotta give it to them. I see also I think Sausage Boy and I kalah terus. Haha.

Check 'em out. Pasti tak menyesal. =p

Actually, if you wanna learn the dance, it's easier learning it from this video than from the original MV. His moves are super clean, crisp and very easy to catch. (Not that I've tried following his moves lah, of course. Haha. Seriousssss.)

The Melissa Crabtree Gown

I've never really been a fan of big wedding gowns with hundreds upon hundreds of layers of petticoats and long, trailing trains but... I totally fell in love with this one. And this A-line baby is just MASSIVE!

Isn't it???

Look again!

It's crazy!

And crazy beautiful, too.
(The equally as beautiful bride and her
hourglass figure helped lah, of course.)

Melissa (that's the bride's name) got married in Penang (ahh, affinity already!) actually carried it all the way from England. That's where she studied and met the love of her life – John Crabtree. (YOU ALL REMEMBER OR NOT?? I BLOGGED ABOUT THEM BEFORE! HE SMELLS HER TOES!) To fly halfway across the world with a carry-on like this? Wow. Imagine how toned her arms must be after that journey! Haha.

But ahhh, people often do the impossible
for the perfect wedding day, don't they?

And I don't know her personally but...
her wedding day looked pretty perfect to me.

Mummy adjusting her dress
before she walked down the aisle
of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit

Dancing with her daddy during the dinner
at Pelangi Ballroom, Rasa Sayang.

So... yeah. That's that. Lust hour's over. Haha. I shall remember that dress from pictures on my blog and she can keep the real dress with the sweat stains. (Haha. Private joke. She got married in April and hasn't washed it yet! =p) Jokes aside, many thanks to the beautiful bride, Melissa a.k.a Mrs Crabtree, for saying 'yes' to my can-I-please-please-please-steal-a-pic-and-blog-your-dress? pleas. Haha.

And hearty congratulations to
the lovely couple, Mr & Mrs John Crabtree.

p/s: Don't just hear it from me. Read Melissa's own post on her wedding day here. I focused on the dress. There are more pictures of the other stuff in her post. All equally as nice. =)

No Stars Tonight

Was hoping I'd catch some stars on my drive home tonight but... alas, there were none. The haze got blown away by the wind (yays) but the stars still seem a little shy to me. I hope they say 'hi' tomorrow. It's been awhile since we last caught up.

I wouldn't dream of chasing
the stars away with lights if they
came out for a twinkle or two.

This reminds me... I've still got a borrowed bunch of Calvin & Hobbes comics to dig into. -_-' (To whom it may concern: I'm sorry I'm taking forever to get through them!!) I think I'll start tonight. It feels like a night for a little naivety and childish innocence anyways.

Hmmm. I hope I'll find myself giving the world a once-over through rose-coloured glasses when I wake up tomorrow morning. Maybe I'll finally be able to go back to living my life with careless abandon. Gaze at all things in wide-eyed wonder. Laugh at every joke I hear. Smile at every person I see. (Oh, wait. I already kinda do that.)

C&H, I'm counting on you.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I'mma Feelin' A L'il Girly Tonight

Just one of those days. =)