Wednesday, September 01, 2010

What's Your Buried Secret?

Decided to take a rest from painting today and leave it till tomorrow. Instead, I watched Private Practice on Astro. And when that brilliant brainchild left me with a cliffhanger and some lingering thoughts, I decided to log onto my comp and read through some old emails I exchanged with friends. That's when I found this old bit of personality trivia:

They say money can't buy happiness, and that seems to ring true for you. Whether you have a mountain of debt or are sitting on a giant nest egg, you're certainly not going to email your bank statements around. Your money is your business, and there's no reason to involve other people, even if they nose around for more information.

Borrow a few bucks for lunch? Let someone pick up the tab? Not you – you know that nothing will ruin a friendship quicker than those precious greenbacks. So whether you're a long lost Hilton heir or the next Trump, it's not like you'd tell us. Way to keep them guessing!
– What's Your Buried Secret? from Tickle.

It's my result from a Tickle Test I took in 2006 (no links for you cos Tickle is no longer in service – boo hoo) and shared with a close friend back in the day. And I can't help but nod at how true all this is for me.

In the same way that some people abhor revealing things about their personal lives or family histories, I abhor talking about my finances. So, I generally don't. Not about what I have, about what I earn, about what I owe or do not owe the bank, about how much money is in my accounts, and about what my credit card statements look like.

And because I don't ever willingly offer that information up, I don't expect to be told how much people earn, how much they have, or how much they're worth either. And I never ask. Ever. (If they willingly tell me, it's a different story.) Heck, if anything, I don't even know what my parents earn! (Apparently that comes as a huge surprise to many people. -_-)

I don't know why lah but talking about money just makes me feel uncomfortable. Still... if given a choice, I think listening to matters of money is better than having to talk about it. =p So if ever that situation arises, and I'm given insight to the dollars and cents of another, I usually just smile, nod along, go home, and keep my mouth shut. End of story.


Jeffro said...

Wow! You still remember a test you took back in '06? I can't even remember the test I took yesterday! O.o The difference between us is just too great! *falls in despair* Hahaha, pardon me for the drama.. it's the time 3.45am I guess =P

Well I heard over the radio, that you've gotta talk about money~ 'cause majority of the problems comes from money, and if you let it pile up, it'll sure to blow up one day...

Ooo it's not a surprise you don't know what your parents earn (just so long you know they have been/are earning something)... Even I don't know what my parents earn, I just know that soon it's MY TIME to earn xD

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Jeffro
– Haha. I didn't remember what the name of the test was. But I remember taking it. Anyway, it's not like I went looking. I just stumbled upon it while reading old emails that were exchanged between me and a friend of mine. =)

And I don't mind talking about money with people whom the money affects. Like my boss. (Talking about pay.) Or my husband. (Sharing expenses and budgeting based on what I earn.) But I find it really weird when I'm put in a position to talk about all that with other people just so I can feed their curiosity.

Haha. True dat. As long as my parents are earning something. Well, they put me through college so I suppose that's good enough. =p

So when you starting to earn?

Jeffro said...

Ohhh! Well, at least you still remember upon stumbling upon it, I can't even recall the things I sent to my classmates last week (even reading through the mail, I thought I was hijacked! hahaha)

Yeah, most importantly you talk those money matters with people who are concerned (and trusted). To others who just wanna know for the fun of it, even I ignore =P Hmmm, you're often placed in those situations?

Hahaha, we just need to know that the family is financially okay, otherwise, there'll be more work to do in order to compensate for it =)

I'm starting work 13th of September... So I guess it'll be my turn to be the breadwinner =P

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Jeffro
– Unfortunately, I'm placed in those positions quite a bit. Not that I don't trust the people who ask though. It's just... I don't feel comfortable having everybody know what I earn. A bit weird lah. I mean, if they want to talk finances, why can't they tell me what they earn?? Cos this way, it's not a 2-way conversation. It's just me being questioned. -_-'''

How's bread-winninng working out for you?

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