Sunday, March 04, 2012

La Senza Sale

Was walking around Sunway Pyramid with The Husband tonight when I spotted a pink sale notice with the words "La Senza" and "Buy 1, Free 1" on it. @_@ Whoaaa... Such a combination, how can miss, right?? Especially since I'm such a big fan of their pajama pants*. So we made a stop and I came home with this lot:

2 pajama pants and 5... urm... other things other people won't see.

I just tried on everything I bought
and I love, love, love it all. =D

(Never purchased any of La Senza's "other things"
before this so I wasn't really sure if I'd really like them.)

Now, to be fair to all you shopaholics out there who were planning to immediately take emergency leave to zoom off to La Senza first thing tomorrow morning, do note that not everything in-store is on sale, ok? There's just a small rack of pajamas you can buy under the "Buy 1, Free 1" promo, as well as a so-so-sized pile of underwear you can get under their "Buy 3, Free 2" promo. Not really a mega sale by my standards but still... better than no sale at all lah, right? =D

* I don't know what kind of super high-tech pajama pants technology they use but... when I sleep with La Senza, my pant legs don't ride up to my thighs no matter how many somersaults I do in bed. It's amazing! It makes La Senza pajama pants super comfortable to wear, which eventually equates to giving me a really good night's sleep every time. =)


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