Friday, March 16, 2012


Yeah, past tense. You know how I told you guys I'd be moving to a new seat amongst the Creatives in MCKL at the end of last month? Well, I finally made the move! Today! A week shy of a month after the notice was emailed out for us to get moving. Haha. No surprise that it's taken this long, really.

We all have comfort zones. And after sitting in one place for far too long, you tend to accumulate stuff, making it even more difficult to move out of those comfort zones. So... because other people didn't move, the dude who was in this seat couldn't move, so I also didn't get to move. Chain reaction lah.

BUT ANYHEW... Here I am today!

In my new seat amongst the Creatives
and out of the sight of the Brand Team.
Ahhh, a Creative's dream come true. =)


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