Friday, March 02, 2012

First Day Of March

Gah, can you believe we're on the third month of the year already?? How time has flown this year! Can't believe how quickly the days are zooming. I feel like I have to really start making each day count before precious moments sneakily slip me by, one by one, without my notice. :-/

Thank goodness I blog though. =) At least it helps me remember SOME of the things worth remembering in life. Which is more than I can say for people who don't log anything anywhere at all. Haha. =p

ANYHOO... here are today's
food-related highlights:

Had lunch with 7 members of the MCKL team – all women – at My Elephant, Seksyen 17 today for a pre-birthday celebration with a 22-year-old writer (actually, turning 23 liao but the fella still in denial =p) who won't be working on her birthday. (Hence, the early celebration lah. Duh.)

Front (from L-R): Yours Truly, Mimick, V-for-Velle and D;
Back (from L-R): Mama Hen and 22YO, the birthday girl.
KitZ's missing from this pic cos she had to run early. :-/

We ordered 7 dishes (excluding rice!) and ended up sapu-ing e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g dry. Us girls can eat, man! High five! =p But real good food to note there? Definitely the Green Curry Chicken and the Fried Pandan Chicken Strips. OMG, TO. DIE. FORRR... If/When I return, it shall be those I'll be fighting for. =D

Then later on, The Husband and I came home to a yummy pre-cooked, home-cooked dinner. All we needed to do was heat up the dishes and stuff our faces with it till our tummies were full.

Pre-cooked, home-cooked dinner thanks to Mama.

Ahhh, this is the life. =)

March is definitely starting off
on the right foot, if you ask me. =p


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