Monday, March 19, 2012

Hopeless Case

Kena accident again while cooking last night. I really dunno what to do with myself already. Maybe I should just start cooking in protective bubble wrap or something. Gotta to do something to at least preserve my life. Cos last round, waist up kena. This round, waist down. -_-'''

 Bruise on my right knee.

Got that fancy bruise when I slammed my right knee into the kitchen cabinet in an effort to avoid a hot, falling frying spatula from landing on my skin. Mana tau, as I was executing my Olympic long jump, my left leg got in the way of my right leg so its big toe nail gave my right heel a deep scratch as payback. -_-'''

Raw scratch on my right heel.

Let's hope this will be the end of my kitchen mishaps. I'm running out of skin to bruise, scratch and scald. But then again, something tells me there will be more to come. It is me after all. T_T


infinitium said...

hey, at least a bruise is prettier than a patch of burned skin!

Pam Song said...

ATTN: infinitium
– True lah true. HAHA.

Zhen Ying said...

Perhaps you're not meant to do anything in the kitchen. Seems like the kitchen is no go zone for you. :p

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Zhen Ying
– I should hire a cook. =p

Melsong said...

Do more one dish meals. Put everything in crockpot, let it stew then eat. Or marinade meat dump into oven with vegetables.

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Melsong
– Yerrr... cheating wan.

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