Tuesday, March 06, 2012


I enjoy the process of earning money doing what I love to do... but I'm so not a fan of paying the hefty parking fees* I get charged whenever I'm at MCKL's physical office. RM3 for the first hour, followed by RM1 for every subsequent half hour? That's daylight robbery, I tell you! >(

So, when 22YO came over to give me a handful of chocolates (she was away on her birthday holiday) when I was seated at my workspace at work today, I felt a little more rewarded for my effort to go in and pay parking for doing work at MCKL instead of just doing it at home where parking is free.

I'm like a kid sometimes. =)

* I gave up my monthly parking card when I left MCKL the last time. T_T


neena said...

"I'm like a kid sometimes. =)"

I believe we all are. Life wouldn't be fun if we weren't would it? HAHaha!

By the way, I miss leaving comments here. And I know it's looooooonggggggg overdue, but Congratulations! You're married(for a few months already but yay!)!!
Lookin' shinier these days, I see =)
God bless ^_^

nithyakuthiah said...

You park inside?! It's ridic! Are you in the building by the way?

Pam Song said...

ATTN: neena
- Hey neena!! Super long time no see! It's like you disappeared. Haha.

And yes! Being a kid rocks sometimes! It keeps you easily pleased and very quickly happy, too. =D

Thanks! Yeah it's been almost 9 months since we got married. Time flies doesn't it? Haha. Thanks for the wishes. <3

Pam Song said...

ATTN: nithyakuthiah
- Yeah, I park inside. Crazy huh? I think I'm crazy too. Haha. But parking outside is just so... Bleh. I got used to parking inside over the many years that I worked there. Haha. So I got pampered. =p

I was in the building earlier. Left already. Haha. I usually try to leave before after work traffic. =)

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