Wednesday, December 14, 2011

MNG Member's Day


And if you didn't get an invite,

Just kidding. Not. =p

But seriously. If you didn't go, the joke's on you cos the sale was ker-ray-zeh! Stacks upon stacks of folded clothes, hangers heavy with dresses and pants of every kind, slashed prices that would make any shopaholic who shopped yesterday blush – OH MAI KOT! Be still my beating heart before you burst from my chest and into the mound of women's wear lying in piles before me!

 Yours Truly taking her own sweet time in the changing room
while others impatiently wait their turn outside. =p

I bought that shirt you see up there, by the way. It was incredibly comfortable, not at all warm for a shirt, and I liked the way it fit me. =) That black skirt in the picture, on the other hand, was my own, bought a year or two ago. Probably at another MNG sale. Haha.

I also splurged on another more casual checkered shirt, a black and slightly dressy sleeveless top, and a striped black and gold cross-backed spaghetti. I'll be altering the last two a little before wearing them though. The sleeveless one could do with a slightly better fit, while I would very much prefer if the cross-back didn't... well, cross. :-/ Not a fan of those.

On a more serious note, the MNG outlet at Gurney Plaza is so much more organised during Member's Day Sales than the one at Queensbay Mall. The clothes were less messed up and there were a lot more changing rooms available so there was little need to wait. It was also much better in terms of ventilation. (VERY IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION!!)

I almost suffocated and died in MNG, Queensbay Mall earlier. BO damn kau. It pretty much smelled like a gym. A very old one that hasn't been aired in a long time. *faints* And now, I feel like I've got a cotton ball in my right lung from breathing in all that flying lint in the air. Pooh! -_-'''


Lissa said...

So skinny. Jealous. -.-

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Lissa
– Haha. Woman, you're mad. =p

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