Friday, December 16, 2011

Incestuous Compliments Are The Best Ones

I was walking around Gurney Plaza with The Husband, his younger brother (I shall refer to him as KJ on Tinki Talks from now on) and Mama last weekend, when Mama bumped into a friend. Well, that friend of hers? She's now my new best friend. Haha.

You see, Mama was just casually telling the lady that The Husband and I were married now, when that aunty suddenly gasped in shock. She then proceeded to explain that she couldn't believe I was married since I looked "so young". So I confessed that I was 27. And then... she totally straight-face-tagged me at 17 or 18! =D =D =D Wowza!

But she didn't stop there. After that, she pointed to KJ and announced that we looked like we could be dating instead of me being married to his older brother of 5 years – The Husband. Haha. Oh, then there's the punchline: Before we parted ways, she added that The Husband looked like he could be...

*drum roll please* DAD.

 *cymbals crash*

Bwahahaha. Yup. That's what
he gets for not shaving. Apek. =p


nithyakuthiah said...

Eh please la. You both look the same since college. That Auntie over a bit.

Pam Song said...

ATTN: nithyakuthiah
– WEI WEI WEI... dun burst my bubble can?? And ya lah! Correct. I look the same as college. I.e. 17-18yo. He looks his age. =p

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