Friday, December 16, 2011

Splurging On A Memory

Bought a bottle of O.P.I nail polish today. If you think it was an impulse buy, think again. Cos unlike many other things girls buy when they shop, I actually went looking for this particular colour. First place I asked no longer had it in stock. But thankfully, this one manicure shop at Queensbay Mall still had one bottle left. Needless to say, I bought it in a hurry. Yup, I snagged me the very last one. =)


RM59 for a 15ml bottle of nail polish is pretty steep, if you ask me.
But I'd like to think that RM59 for a memory is fairly cheap. =)

The exact nail colour I used during my wedding. =)

p/s: The colour pictured here isn't very accurate. (Looks most accurate in the upside-down-bottle picture #2.) It appears very Barbie Doll Pink in the pictures *shiver* but it's actually a lot less primary-school-girl in real life. Kinda like a Rosy Nude with a side of sexy-mature, not boring-old. (@_@ Wth.) Not your average nude at all!

p/p/s: This shade was first launched in the Fall of 2008 under the La Collection De France so I was a little worried that I would be buying old nail polish that has been sitting on the shelf, gathering dust, for the last 3+ years. Thankfully, the label tells me that this bottle was manufactured on AUG '10 – just 1+ years ago. I could live with that. =)

p/p/p/s: I hardly buy nail polish but I'm an O.P.I girl through and through. I think it’s the benchmark for all nail polishes out there because of its brush, finish and wear. Sally Hansen no fight at all.


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