Friday, August 06, 2010

Melbourne, 9-12 June '10: Yarra River

The Yarra River (originally called Birrarung by the Wurundjeri people who occupied the area back in the old days) is supposedly the river in Melbourne. (Just like what Swan River is to Perth.) A part of it flows right under a bridge in the city and you can see that if you're at the steps of the entryway into Flinders Street Station.

Anyway, I shan't go on about this anymore
cos pictures say it better.

Think it's nice? Well, you're WRONG.
The Fiancé and I were NOT impressed.

I mean, come on.

THIS... is a river – clean, calming and inviting. =)

Matilda Bay, Swan River, Perth.

THIS... is a monsoon drain
cutting across a concrete jungle. -_-

Yarra River, Melbourne.

BUT... tourist ma. So must
act sua ku and take picture lor.

On the left.

On the right.

Tadaaa! Ok, end of story.

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Lissa said...

LOL. You posted several entries today. :P

But yeah, Yarra River reminds me of the Thames in London. Heck, I think even the Thames looks better (to me). >.>

choco said...

Haha, I believe that the biggest mistakes tourists make is to visit "touristy" sites. Those are never good areas because of the obvious monetary reasons.

In Melbourne, the real Melbourne is hidden. Like a really good dumpling restaurant in a dodgy back lane in the middle of the city, or a countryside area that is peaceful or serene. :)

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Lissa
– Haha. I did! Am trying to finish posting about my Melbourne trip for the sake of a friend who's going there this Sunday. Haha. Dun think I'll be able to finish on time though. HAHA. Too bad for him lah.

And YAAAA... Not impressive huh? Pfft.

ATTN: choco
– It wasn't really cos of what we spent or didn't spend actually. It was more like... the whole trip was a flop. T_T Maybe its cos we didn't have anybody to bring us to the "hidden" spots.

Ooo... But I did go to Shark Fin Restaurant at Chinatown. That a friend recommended and said it's awesome sauce.

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