Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Yup, I'm back.

And I blame the recent online MIA-ness to
the heat and humidity of Malaysian weather.



I've just been busy unpacking the bags I brought home from Australia. Although I didn't do much shopping, I ended up leaving with a little more than what I expected, and definitely more than what I went with. Harhar.

I've also been busy throwing out old books, clothes and memories from my room here at home. All that effort in hopes of making space for the massive amounts of nonsense I lugged home from KL 3 months ago that have been sitting in the living room, gathering dust and dog hair. -_-

I also spent the better part of tonight packing for a super-quick, zoom-zoom trip down to KL I'm making tomorrow with Mee. (Yay!) Lots to do there like bridal shop hop and, uh... bridal shop hop. Haha. That and I'll probably meet some friends up for a quick catch-up before I disappear again.

I've also got some Singaporean bridal magazines to pick up when I'm in KL. Can't forget that, now can we? No, no. After all the effort my bridesmaid has put into buying those magazines and including her own comments and notes, I'd be cruel to forget. (Mental note to self: COLLECT MAGAZINES! You know she'll kill you if you forget!)

Packing, unpacking and repacking aside, since I got back, I've also managed to squeeze in a quick visit to a local boutique to check out some bridal gowns. Pathetic collection, though. Hopefully I'll be more impressed with what I see in KL. (SS2, anyone?) I remember the window displays being pretty impressive and that Duh Roads and I would gape at them whenever we drive by together. Haha.

I also visited MPH Gurney Plaza with Mee to pick up some bridal magazines. (Bride-to-be, very lost. -_- Inspiration needed. Directional instructions appreciated. Ended up walking out with two bridal mags on one hand, and Jeremy Clarkson's latest book – "Driven to Distraction" – in the other.

Photo captured at Borders, Perth City.

This one first caught my eye about a month back while I was browsing in Borders, Perth City. But since the price tag didn't have the letters "R" and "M" on it, I gave it a miss and told myself I'd make sure I own a copy later on, if I ever find selling in a currency I earn. Well, today, I did. =) Clarkson sarcasm, here I comeee!!

Oh, and another really exciting thing I did since I've been back was to sync the contacts on my Omnia II with Google Contacts. =D Spent the whole of last night working on it – gosh, I didn't know my online contacts were in such a mess! – and ended up sleeping at 5AM. -_- Oh, but it was sooo worth it. No more guessing numbers, and no more forgetting email addresses now. I've got everything sorted and synced to my iPhone! Yay!

But after that late night, I must say: I'm beat. This girl ain't 16 no more. No, she isn't. (Haha. Which reminds me... The Fiancé and I were just talking about how old and forgetful we're becoming nowadays. =p) And since she'll be the one behind the wheel tomorrow, she shouldn't catch her Zs to late.

Anyway, that's pretty much what I've been up to and will be up to over the next couple of days. I hope to write more while on the road but Maxis has been playing up big time (my data line hasn't been working since I returned – grrr) so... no promises. Keep your fingers crossed! I'll do the same with mine. =)


Lissa said...

Oh yes, SS2 has soooo many bridal boutiques! I always stare at the pretty dresses when we pass them by. LOL.

Welcome back, though. :) Hot, innit? *snickers*

ming said...

where is my apple strudddddddeeeeeeeelssssss.. =p

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Lissa
- Don't rub it in. Haha. I keep getting dull headaches. I think it's cos my brains are frying inside. And yesss! So many many shops with so many many gowns!!

Pam Song said...

ATTN: ming
- Wait for me to go back to Penang and publish a dedicated blog post on that. =p

ming said...

cannot!! u r in KL n u didnt even call me!!

Moonfish said...

Happy shopping! Be a bridezilla! So you'll get what you want ;)

Pam Song said...

ATTN: ming
– Haha. It was a super rushed trip lah, fren.

ATTN: Moonfish
– HAHAHA. That's advice from a pro wedding planner! Haha. Did you turn bridezilla, too?

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