Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When The Body Leads The Head

Panoramic view from Kings Park.

It's gone. I know.

But don't you like this new one better??
(Say, "Yes," thank you.)

I know I haven't had the panaroma header on for very long. But since the new template went up, there's been a slowdown in Tinki Talks' loading time. And I hate blogs that take forever to load. So, rather than live with the lag (read: grumble and do nothing), I decided to whip up a super quick, super simple header that would suit my blog's brand spanking new look, and help the page load in a jiffy.

So? Whaddaya think? Better?

Or should I have gone with this
white text option *points below* instead?

Update at 5:11PM on 18 August 2010: Ok, I changed my mind. The header with the floating white text is now up in place of the short-lived grounded black text one. The poor thing only had a half hour's worth of blog header glory.


Boon said...

Lovely for sure! I like the grayscale.. it is just like a grey card to me. =)

You inspired me big time, pam... lol

SY said...

ooh i got a similar shot from years ago..hhe. Not a panaroma tho..

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Boon
- Aww, what an honour it is to have inspired you to start working on your blog again. Keep it up! =)

And yesss, I'm liking this header a lot more than the panorama one. And I especially like the fact that my blog loads so mug faster now!! Yay!

Pam Song said...

- Hey that's the exact same place!! Hahaha. And it looks like it was from the exact same spot I took mine, too! Haha. Am I making you miss Perth? =p

SY said...

Aiyorr...quite quite! haha...tho seems when i was there i couldn't wait to come back here..LOL

Pam Song said...

– Hahaha. Always the case, right? Grass greener on the other side. =p

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