Monday, August 30, 2010

Arirang Korean BBQ Restaurant + Cafe, Perth City

I remembered having the most amazing Korean BBQ the first time I visited Perth back in 2005. And it was at this place in the city called Arirang. Thing was, Arirang was undergoing some renovations during my recent trip. So it wasn't until my very last week there that I got to enjoy the taste of the perfectly marinated then BBQ-ed beef strips I remembered so well.

The Fiancé was skeptical about the place. But I remembered it very distinctly so we went ahead and asked for a table after checking out the menu outside the store window. We both ordered the BBQ beef set in different marinades – he picked the chilli beef while I opted for original.

And then we waited.

Random picture of one part of the menu while we waited.

The side dishes arrived soon enough
and was cause for much excitement for me.

I tucked in as soon as I was done with the photo-taking
while The Fiancé continued to sit and wait for his meat.

The cucumber on the right tasted like fried, shredded wintermelon. The kimchi on the left was surprisingly tasty. (Maybe I was just very hungry cos I usually don't like kimchi. Haha. I have no appreciation for its taste and smell. *gag*) I didn't eat the taugeh behind it. But I walloped the sliced potatoes next to it. Yums! So before I knew it, I was out of food. Again!

So I went back to waiting with The Fiancé.

After awhile, the red hot coals arrived!

Unfortunately, it came without our meat.
So we still couldn't eat. -_-

So, we just sat, clutched our growling tummies,
and watched the coals glow from under the grill.

And we continued to wait, and wait, and wait. -_-

Gosh, the wait was so e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y long that The Fiancé almost died of hunger! Me, too! And it didn't help that the whole place smelt wonderful cos of the BBQ-ing that was going on at almost every table. Wah. Torture max max, man.

Then finally, dawn breaks!
Light appears at the end of the tunnel!
Marinated meat arrives!

 Chilli beef on the left, original beef on the right.

So we started laying them onto the BBQ grill along with some random pieces of vege we were given, and just stared at the bloody strips in hopes that they'd cook faster under our fiery glare. HAHA.

Looks unappetising but, trust me, it's AWESOME!

The meat was really, really tender. You hardly need to chew. Haha. And you don't really taste the fat cos it's thoroughly marbled. Or at least that's what it looked like to my untrained eye. =p By the time we were done, this was what was left:

We finished EVERYTHING else.

Unfortunately, it's one of those meals that are expensive but you makan tak puas wan. The Fiancé and I were barely half-full when we walked out of the shop and back into the cold Winter streets of Perth City. -_- But it's good lah. Very good. So if you're ever there, you should definitely pay Arirang Korean BBQ Restaurant + Cafe a visit. Just make sure you go on a day when you're not too hungry. =p

Arirang Korean BBQ Restaurant + Cafe
91-93 Barrack Street, Perth
(04) 9225 4855


yapthomas said...

OH MY STOMACH! Is so hungry now...!!!!
I miss Arirang and the "garang" Korean Girl Manager there....

Pam Song said...

ATTN: yapthomas
– I didn't see any garang manager wor! Only one very blur male cashier. Hahaha.

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