Monday, August 09, 2010

Taka's Kitchen, Shafto Lane

If you're ever in Perth City and are low on cash (or are just plain kiam siap =p) but are so hungry you could eat a horse and wouldn't mind settling for Japanese cuisine in place of... well, a horse, then head over to Taka's Kitchen on Shafto Lane.

The store is closed and the tables are overturned
in this picture cos I took it AFTER I finished eating. =p

Don't worry if you're not familiar with the names of Japanese dishes. They've got a picture menu so you get to see exactly what you're ordering. And in the case of Taka's, your meal should look either as good or possibly even better than it does on the menu. =)

And believe me, the set meals here
are e-x-c-e-l-l-e-n-t value for money.

I always, always, always order the Large Teriyaki Fish Set. Cheap, safe and yummy. It comes with Rice, Miso Soup and endless refills of Genmaicha (a.k.a Brown Rice Tea), too! All for just $7.30 AUD. So cheap!! You can't even get a proper rice meal without drink and soup at that price here in Australia, man.

And unlike most other places where pictures of the food look better than the real thing, I personally think that the real thing looks better in the case of Taka's Kitchen. Look!

Wah, see also hungry. Haha.

There's gotta be something special
in their Teriyaki Sauce. It's so tasty!

The cabbage is always crunchy fresh
and the fish is never chao-cho (read: no fishy smell).

This picture was actually taken back in June, during my first visit to Taka's Kitchen. I was sitting indoors then cos of the Winter chill. Haha. But last weekend (all the other pictures you see in this post were taken last weekend), I sat outside and I must say... it was very nice out in the alley! The breeze was nice and it was a lot more peaceful outside than it is inside. No hum of the stove and no echoing chitter-chatter of other patrons. =)

So, yeah. You should definitely pay Taka's Kitchen
a visit if you're ever around these parts. =)

As you can see, they've got other outlets about town so you can go to any of the others if it's more convenient for you. I tried the one at Barrack Street before and it's just as good. Got QC so dun worry. =)

Taka's Kitchen Shafto Lane
Shop 5 & 6 Shafto Lane
347 - 417 Murray St.
Perth WA 6000
Tel: 08 9324 1234

Taka's Kitchen Barrack Street
150 - 152 Barrack St.
Perth WA 6000
Tel: 08 9221 4771

Taka's Kitchen Fremantle
Shop 2 Old Shanghai
6 Henderson St.
Fremantle WA 6160
Tel: 08 9335 7676

Click on image to visit to Taka's website.


陳一豪 said...

Erm, Shafto??

Nice name wtf.

Pam Song said...

ATTN: 陳一豪
– Your brain really cannot save liao.

SY said...

mannn all these places you keep going to... deja vu!

Pam Song said...

– Awesome stuff, right?? Beh tahan. Where else you can recommend me? Haha.

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