Friday, August 06, 2010

Melbourne, 9-12 June '10: The Morning After

I got up bright and early the next morning (ok, fine – not that early la actually, harhar) and got ready to take on the streets of Melbourne.

Yes, it's necessary to camwhore when your hotel
comes equipped with a full length mirror. =)

One thing that made a huge difference during the trip was that we had an iPhone with us. (Oh, Thank God for that.) So we basically listened to amazing friends and family who told us where we should go and when (thanks, you guys!) and then we just GoogleMapped our way through Melbourne. Haha.

Ok, so we left the hotel,
and started walking.

And walking.

And walking.

OMG, it felt like we walked forever!

Through narrow alleyways between buildings...

...and across busy intersections...

...shadowed by tall skyscrapers...

...and more skyscrapers that are still being built.

Concrete jungle. A pretty different sight
from the greens in Perth, I can tell ya. =)

But to be honest, it was too cold for me to really appreciate the sights. I had my face stuffed into the collar of my jacket most of the time. Haha. What?? Dun judge! The wind was killing me! Especially when they came at me full-force between the buildings. Brrrr...!

That's why a pipping hot meal is very much welcomed.

Kebabs for lunch. YUMS!

I had to take those pictures on the sly though. Sket later kena scolding. -_- I dunno why lah, but it really felt like we weren't welcomed there. (Unlike the way I feel when I'm here in Perth.) The people weren't very nice. Big Town Syndrome, perhaps? Most of them were like "Mean Girls" personified. Very see-and-be-seen, and very pushy and bossy.

Think about it. We were there for 4 days. And throughout our stay, only ONE person smiled and talked to us. ONE! In Perth, that's the amount of conversation with strangers I get in an hour! *exaggerated* And to make things worse, I even saw a 7-eleven sales lady scold a customer. Like, wth??? *rolls eyes* Cannot make it, man.

But whatever lah.

Bottom line is I didn't have a good impression with Melbourne's population. Kebabs not bad. Buildings also quite nice. But people cannot make it. Ok. Dun wan talk about it liao. Hungry. Haha. Be back with more tales on Melbourne later. Ciao!

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陳一豪 said...

Hmmm morning after?

Pam Song said...

ATTN: 陳一豪
– Ah boy... BEHAVE!

Lissa said...

After Ukraine, any city is a friendly city. :P

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Lissa
- Urm... then... I dun ever wanna go there. @_@

Lissa said...

Haha... I got used to it, though? :P

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Lissa
– Well, having a loving bf there helps with the getting over unfriendly ppl, I suppose. Haha.

Lissa said...

Hahaha... Mebbe. :P Not like you don't have a loving fiance, though. >.>

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Lissa
– Oh... true true... =p

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