Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Matsuri Japanese Restaurant, Perth City

My holiday in Australia is coming to an end much quicker
than I'm ready to board a plane back to Malaysia. =(

With that thought a-l-w-a-y-s at the back of our minds, The Fiancé has been bringing me out for dinners more often. Very little cooking at home after sundown. Just so I get to eat all the things I know I'm gonna miss once I fly. =)

In the last week, we've had
Taka's Teriyaki Fish for dinner 3 times.
 THREE in 7 days! Hahaha. Siao liao.

But that's not the end of the Japanese dinners for us.

Last weekend, The Fiancé brought me to this a fancy Japanese restaurant in the city that just reopened. It was closed for awhile cos a car crashed into its floor to ceiling glass walls early last month. But don't worry. Injuries were miraculously minor and nobody died. =)

 That boarded up corner you see was where the car crashed into it. 

It's on the ground floor of QV1,
at the corner of Hay and Milligan Streets.

And it's called Matsuri.

We didn't make a reservation but since Asians never turn business away, we were given seats. After placing our orders, I started taking discreet pictures – high class place a bit hard to go all out with the photography – just to while the time away.

That's my coat-covered shoulder and a bit of hair.
That's also the crash spot when seen from the inside.
I think they did a good job covering it up. =)

That's us under the table.

But we didn't have to wait long at all.

2 random shots, and then the prettiest plate
in all the world landed before me.

 White cherry blossoms on a baby blue plate.

Isn't it just the sweetest plate ever??

Then before I was even satisfied with my picture of the plate, our hot ocha arrived. And soon after that, everything else came. Man, I love Asian service to the max! So efficient! So I started taking pictures of those other things instead.

REAL Green Tea.

Agedashi Tofu covered in shredded seaweed (yay!) and spring onions (yuck).

Tempura starter.

And then I kena marah from The Fiancé for ooh-ing
and ahh-ing and snapping pictures for so long. 

"Just take all together lah! Want to eat already laaaa." 

Haha. Haiyo. Ok la.


After that, he dug in while I continued
taking pictures of the food on my own plate.

The Fiancé doesn't like the seaweed. I do.
So I got the seaweed-covered tofu. =)

The Fiancé very kindly offered me the prawn.

Wah, I tell you, the tempura was soooo good. The fish was soft, perfectly white, and not at all smelly. And even the cucumber was super tasty! So, can you just imagine how good the prawn was?? Thinking about it now, I feel like I can almost taste it in my mouth. Mmmm..


And then our main dishes arrived.

Unagi Don that came with Miso Soup and Salad.

As always, I ordered my usual – Unagi Don. Good stuff. But I think I'm used to my unagi being a little more bakar-ed. Haha. So, this one was a little slimy for me. But people generally like that texture so I'm gonna say they did well. =)

After taking pictures of my unagi, The Fiancé suddenly said he felt left out cos I didn't take pictures of his food. HAHA. So to make the boy happy, I took one of his half-eaten Chicken Katsu Don. =)

Chicken Katsu Don that came with Miso Soup and Salad.

By the time we were done with our meal (ok, I lied – we didn't actually finish our meal cos we were so stuffed with starters we couldn't finish our main courses -_-) we were dragging our tummies to the counter to pay for the extra weight we put on in the short time we were there. =)

So, yeah. If you're ever in Perth City, you should definitely pay Matsuri a visit. And you MUST MUST MUST order the tempura! Not to be missed. That was the best part of the entire meal. =)

Matsuri Japanese Restaurant
Lower level, QVI Building,
250 St Georges Terrace, Perth
T: (08) 9322 7737
F: (08) 9322 7767
Email: info@matsuri.com.au

They're open for lunch from 12pm to 2:30pm, Monday to Friday; and dinner from 6:00pm to 10:00pm, Monday to Saturday. And like many other shops here, they're closed on Sunday and Public Holidays.


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