Friday, April 25, 2008

Definitely Gang, Maybe Bang

NOTE: This is gonna be a picture heavy post. If you're not on broadband... well, you're pretty much screwed. Tee hee. Enjoy!


We did it. We actually did it! Remember that Blogger Movie Meet I was talking about last week? Well, we pulled it off! First, meet my co-organiser, the infamous Mr YapThomas of the famous YapThomas-Narymama Innit Scandal.

Pam Song and YapThomas at McDonald's, Cineleisure.

To be honest, it was damn scary to plan things with him lor. (Yes, the can is open, let's let the worms out. Haha.) Thoughts running through my head before the event include: "Eh, what if he ffk me?! Then ma die!!! How to handle so many bloggers alone!?" "Hmmm. Dunno if anybody will show up or not considering his online reputation so cha." "IF THE BUGGER FFK ME, I'LL KILL HIM AND FEED HIS BONES TO STRAYS!!!" Thank goodness I never say 'meat'. The fella got no meat. Only bones. Haha. So yeah, I was thinking all that. But hey, at least I'm honest. =p

I'd say that the success rate was pretty high. We had a total of 17 bloggers show up. Minus Charlie who somehow came but never managed to find us. =( The 17 were:

1. pamsong
2. YapThomas
3. Yatz
4. David Cheong
5. amb3r1te
6. joshuaongys
7. Sheon
8. Choo Hwei Ming
9. aronil
10. Kellster
11. Narymama
12. Nigelais
13. Stanley
14. Randy Khoo
15. Aaron Ho
16. Michelle
17. Dillon

Not a bad crowd for a spontaneous meet,
if you ask me. Haha. Not bad at all.

17 tickets for 17 bloggers.

The same 17 tickets in MY hands.

I'm into the messy look.

Random is a form of order.

You can actually tell how organized YapThomas is and how disorganized his co-organizer is from those two pics. =p

As planned, most of us showed up at McD's before the show to have lunch together. As always, Malaysian timing was the rule of the day with both organziers being one of the last few to show up. Haha. I think the rest panicked for a bit. I blame YapThomas' reputation.

We had a lot of lounging around.

I can't believe I had my tai-tai hands out. Haha.
And I
don't even remember what I was talking about!

I was bored. I think Shortness was, too.
Look at that face. Haha. So bored can die.

So we decided to have an on-the-spot phone sale.
(Some people just wanted to show off their new phones. *rolls eyes*)

A bit tak laku. Then the killer DSLRs came out.

And then the fun really started. Haha!
Time to camwhore like we're famous. =p

Sheon's not ready. Haha.

One more time!

Back (from left to right): Aronil, me, Sheon, David Cheong.
Front (from left to right): Michelle, YapThomas, Amy.

And then Aronil went into some anti-Pam Song mode.

Aronil's hand blocking my face.

She refused to let anybody take pics of me.
Not just once, but MANY MANY TIMES!

Until people started taking pictures
of my half-finished french fries instead.


French fries tambah garam. Yums.

So I mogok and insisted on a retake. =p

My fries and I.

Barulah happy! Haha. Narcissism rules.

And then the clock struck 2:30pm. That means MOVIE TIME! But us being us, we just had to take a group picture first lah. Haha. All bloggers ma. Sure wanna blog about this. Haha.

Nadia and Nigel.

As soon as the cameras appeared, started lah.
All the camwhore queens (and kings)
automatically started getting into position. Haha.

Michelle, Amy, Kellster, Aronil, Randy and Dillon.
(See, guys love camwhoring, too!)

But take my word for it. No use wan.
Not until THE photographer makes his move.

Hwei Ming swiftly taking his place
as semi-official group cameraman.

Then only you start posing.

While the camera man gets his part-time assistant ready.

Haha. Okay okay. Enough about us
and our need to always be in the pics.
Time for the movie – Definitely Maybe.

I can't stand the fact that it's missing an 'e'. -_-

And thanks to our intensive photo-taking session, we ended up walking in late. Oh, it didn't help that SOME people had to go pee pee. So the rest of us ended up lounging again right outside the cinema.

We love blocking the way. It makes us feel big shot.

The movie was okay lah. Not the kinda show you watch at the cinema but... nice, all the same. I liked it. The ending was a total let down but I guess it's the kind of let down that you'd already see coming before it arrives. BUT HEY! It's not the movie. It's the company that counts. (Everybody, this is your cue to go 'Awww'.)

Us after the movie.

I like it better in black and white. =)

We went for a short yamcha session after just to talk and hang a little. The point of blogger meets is to bridge the gap between our online personalities and our real selves. As I said before, it's so you know the blogger behind the blog.

Us exchanging contacts. Linora, me, Kellster and Aaron.

On the way out of Cineleisure, the lot of us managed another short camwhore session. (Did you even think we'd do otherwise? Haha.) This time we broke up into little groups. =p

Kellster and I.

The lighting was real nice.
So we took more pics. Haha.

Us again. Woman, why you never tell me you're going
to pull a face??? I'm great at pulling faces, too!

Aronil joining in the fun.

Kellster, me and Aronil. Love this pic. =)

Oh! And I hurriedly grabbed a shot
with Stanley. He's TAAAAALLLLLLL.

And no, I wasn't bending my knees or anything. LOOK!


I'm warning you, I'll give you this look.

Somehow, Royalshortness caught me
looking super aunty. Haha. *shy*

Even the guys look extra short
in his presence, okayyy. See!

Stanley, Nigel, me and RoyalSHORTness.

But enough about height issues. It can be a tad sensitive to some people. Right, Shortness? =p (Sorry, couldn't resist a stab at ya. Haha. Who ask you to choose that nick?)

Loyal reader Joshua and I. Hooded.

As I was saying, we went yamcha-ing.

Yamcha-ing after the movie at
some mini restaurant at The Curve.

Was good catching up, yeah?
So... here's to the Blogger Movie Meet crew.

FRONT (from left to right): Aaron, Pam Song, Michelle,
Amy, Kellster, Nadia, Linora, Joshua, Randy.
BACK (from left to right): Yatz, YapThomas, Hwei Ming,
Stanley, David Cheong, Sheon, Dillon, Nigel.

The first ever Blogger Movie Meet,
brought to you by total strangers to one another
before this meet – YapThomas and Pam Song.

We hope you enjoyed yourselves!

The 'free man', Nigel's handiwork.
I want his job. Haha.

May there be many, many more outings. Aronil and I already have one in the works so stay tuned for more info. =)

* Pictures courtesy of (in alphabetical order) Aaron, Amy,
David Cheong, Hwei Ming, Kellster, Nadia, Nigel and Yatz. All pictures are not in their original versions and have been edited by Pam Song. (Sorry, guys. I'm anal that way. =p)


Anonymous said...

i LOVE and LOVE and LOVE ur post.
i laughed aloud when i read it.
especially the part u said


I'm warning you, I'll give you this look.'

gotta love that :) and i laughed so hard when i saw the picture of the guys being short compared to stanely. the look of david's face is classic-o. HAHAHA.

fantastic post babe!


Nigelais said...


Thanks for taking the effort to plan this!

Can't wait for the next one, and the next one and the next one and the next one...lolz.

Aronil said...

Hahahahaa very nice :) and i knew u wouldn't let me live the blocking thing down ahhhahha

Adrian Lim said...

Wkakakaka....Funny la you...The last picture rocks! Mwahahaha =)))

joshuaongys said...

just like wat i've said.. WE'LL BE BACK!! mUahahahhahaha

CincauHangus ( said...

hahahahahaa ketot! :P

Anonymous said...

hahaha oko nxt time we pull face together and eh i love the pic of us candid when exchanging contacts
i didn't dapat
hahaha :(


pamsong said...

ATTN: kellster
– Haha. Thanks. =p Dinner soon, ya? Haha. That time we can pull faces.

ATTN: Nigelais
– Haha. Looks like you're the only obedient one with the 'awww'. Haha. And no prob about the planning. It was fun! We shall do this again. =)

ATTN: Aronil
– Of course! How could I forget? You owe me, woman. You owe me 5 minutes of fame. Pay up.

ATTN: Adrian Lim
– Haha. Yes it does. All thanks to Nigel. =)

ATTN: joshuaongys
– Haha. Yes yes. You were right. And yes, you can learn photo editing one day. =p But I WON'T BE CARRYING MY LAPTOP AROUND!!!

p/s: Make sure it's a Mac.

ATTN: CincauHangus (
– HEY! Siapa you panggil ketot!!!

amb3r1te said...

please please make the meet before june 1st!
coz i'll be going back to sarawak then.

Satkuru said...

wahhhh, LOL. must have had loads of fun ler. arghhhhh wasted i couldn't make it :P

man look at all those dslrsss @_@

Randy Khoo said...

I like the auntie pic!

sheon said...

i was doing the "just-passing-by" look ... :P

yapthomas said...

WAH!!! I pulak yang kena!! hahah
yes, you are not so organized.. :P
Come learn from YapThomas.. ;)

Charlie actually came?
sigh.. see la never check e-mail with my mobile number there summore..
maybe masuk spam mail kot...


Firdauz takes five said...

ahhh ur quite cute


Nikkiko said...


oh my, the dslrs really look damn killer siah!

come on a road trip to singapore next time! xD

pamsong said...

ATTN: amb3r1te
– Going back!? WHY!? For what???

ATTN: Satkuru
– Ya la. Why you never come? Ish. You going this weekend or not? As in tmr.

ATTN: Randy Khoo
– Classic hor? I like it, too. Haha. Royalshortness lah! Simply snap only. Make me look like aunty. Haha.

ATTN: sheon
– Dun bluff! You not ready say you not ready.

ATTN: yapthomas
– Hey, at least I'm not ALWAYS the latest one to arrive. HAH! Ya lor, Charlie came. He left a comment to ask if we all ffk. -_-

ATTN: Firdauz takes five
– Haha. Uh, thanks! =p

ATTN: Nikkiko
– I also thought it was damn freaky. Haha. See, like me so senang. Use hp. =p

Road trip to Sg? Haha. Now, there's a thought! May be a tad difficult though. Hmmm. Will think about it. =p

sheon said...

serious lar.... :)

Simon Seow said...

so much fun. too bad I can't attend.

You got dimples so cute.

who dare ffk the queen of multiple post wor, don't scare nanti you post a multiple ranting post on them meh :P

pamsong said...

ATTN: sheon
– Dun believe.

ATTN: Simon Seow
– You lah. Work on Sunday. Haha. Or else can join us.


Haha. And dun say lah like I'll kill them if they ffk me. Haha. I very nice wan. Ask Aronil!

sheon said...

dimples cute what....hor? i like dimples....

i shall not debate on that issue any further..whether that 'pose' was deliberate or not? hahaha

Yatz said...

the pic u say u dun like or dunno make what face 1..u look a bit chubby in that pic..LOL

congrats all of us :D

pamsong said...

ATTN: sheon
– I used to be on the receiving end of a lot of jokes. Not fun.

ATTN: Yatz
– Issit??? I look fat? Yay! Haha. I shall treasure that pic forever. Haha.

And yes! Congrats to all of us! Thanks to you for your tactic. =p

Bluey/ Hlynn said...

lol, when's next one?
birthday's over so don't think i tak dapat pergi this time! hehe.


pamsong said...

ATTN: Bluey/ Hlynn
– Just stay tuned. You'll get the news soon enough. Plans are already in the making. =)

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