Friday, February 10, 2012

Double Cheese Burger

Was all kinds of tired out from scrubbing the bathroom floor (we had the plumber over to solve some flush and water flow issues) so I decided to just whip up a quick lunch before heading out the door to show face at MCKL. Only thing I had the strength for (aside from Maggi Mee) was another Ramli Burger except this time, I didn't just put one layer of cheese on it, I layered on TWO! *salivates*

And OMG... even betterrrrr!!!

 Damn ugly but damn tasty.

I had cheese dripping off my egg and into my meat
before overflowing outta my buns on both sides.


I know it sounds salah but it's so true. Look!

Up close and personal with my DIY Double Cheese Burger.


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