Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Expensive Chunk Of Smelly Cheese

While visiting Ben's Independent Grocer's at Publika with The Husband last weekend, we walked past a whole section of cheeses that made my heart flutter. And then, while taking in the sight before me, I spotted the holy grail of cheeses – The President's Brie.

I immediately wanted to pick one up and go home with it but The Husband commented, "Har?? So big ah? Can finish meh?" My heart and mind answered, "OF COURSE LAH! 2 days also finish liao lor," but my mouth just said, "Oh... Liddat ah. No need lah," and walked away, leaving my heart behind. But as fate would have it, two aisles away, right across the meat section, we suddenly saw the most unbelievable sight:


With its own door and all! 


We couldn't believe how hardcore the not-so-notorious BIG was with its cheeses! We immediately went in and... "POOH!" *dies* OMG, damn smelly. It smelled like a room full of rotten milk. -_-''' *snorts* Go figure. But it was there that we saw smaller cuts of less commercialised-looking Brie in cling wrap. The Husband then turned to me and said, "Buy this type lah, better! *cue big eyes* "REAL wan!" So he grabbed a small chunk, and we ran outta there like our pants were on fire. Haha. Too smelly liao. Beh tahan.

Anyway, this is (what's left of) what we bought:

1kg of Le Grand Rustique Brie – half gone, of course.

And yes, this Brie is just unbearably smelly. Haha. Some nasty Blue Cheese must have rubbed off on it or something. So as much as I think this could somewhat be more "authentic" compared to President's Brie, Imma go back to buying my good ol' mainstream President's Brie from now on. Less pungent, more commercialised cheese for me, thank you!


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