Thursday, February 09, 2012

What Men Buy for Valentine’s Day Infographic

If you thought Asian men were cheap and that ang moh guys would give them a run for their money in the romance department, you thought wrong! Turns out, it's the Asians who are more willing put their money where their mouths are and buy you a V-Day gift!


Not only that, it turns out that Asian men are also
more willing to go the distance for you. Literally!

So don't complain about your unromantic, cheapskate China man if you have one. He may end up surprising you with more than just food on your plate this Valentine's Day. (Chinese sure got food wan. That wan you no need worry. =p)

But as always, don't expect the world. =p

Haha. It's 5 days to Valentine's Day, people! Time for you to panic if you haven't found a gift or planned an unforgettable night for your loved one. Cos this time, the pressure's ON, Asia!


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