Friday, February 24, 2012

Lunch With The Old Folks

No, not literally. But these folk aren't new on Tinki Talks.
Friends, say "hello" again to Umberraerra and Ah Beng!! =D

Umberraerra, Ah Beng and I.

This reunion has been a loooong time coming. It was actually supposed to take place last Friday but... aiya, you know lah. Advertising timetable unpredictable like shit wan. So it just tak jadi in the end. My fault entirely. (But in my defence, Ah Beng wasn't even planning to show up last week.) But today, we finally walked the talk at The Bee, Publika.

My lunch – 180gm Australian minced beef burger with cheese from The Bee.

It was really good catching up with these friends who've had a taste of the industry life and are able to understand advertising speak. Haha. Makes me even more thankful to have a flexi (more or less lah) work schedule with MCKL, too. We will definitely be doing this Friday lunch thingy again. Hopefully soon. And next time, hopefully Balala shows up and graces us with his dark presence. The fella FFK today. ECD too busy to eat lunch. =p


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