Monday, February 20, 2012

Oliver & Jesslyn's Wedding Night

No la... not the night itself (and its activities) lah.
I'm talking about the wedding banquet nia. Haha.

Decided to go get some help getting dolled up for this wedding so I left the house in the afternoon for a bit. When I came home awhile later looking like this...

...The Husband took one look at me and ran into the kitchen. @_@ Huh??? Then suddenly, he ran out again with Mama hot on his heels, pointed straight at me and said, "YOU SEE! SHE LOOK LIKE SANDY FROM GREASE!!!" -_-''' Wth?! Crazy man. Where got. I look nothing like that. Look again!

L: Sandy from Grease; R: Yours Truly.

See?? Hairstyle totally different laaa...
Where got Sandy, where got Grease??
Talk nonsense. >(

But then again, I don't know which one I'm more shocked at. The fact that The Husband thinks I look like another woman... or the fact that the man actually knows there's even a "Sandy from Grease"! Hahaha!!! =p


Before changing into my outfit for the night.

After changing into my outfit for the night and accessorising.
As you can see, my hair has lost some of its curls, as always. T_T

This time, The Husband and I made sure that we were not late. Unlike the... urm... last time. Haha. So we ended up having lots of time to take pictures and mingle with the crowd, my parents included. Again. (Unfortunately, his parents were unable to make it.)

Blurry pic no thanks to ChattyLass' shaky hands. Tsk tsk.
And I don't know why The Husband looks so tanned here.
You can't see it though. Haha. Oh, and I have even less curls here. T_T

After a good, long while, the ballroom doors opened and we finally got to go in. For once, we got to pick seats that actually faced the stage! Yay! (We usually go so late that we end up taking whichever seat is left. Damn sad case wan. T_T) This was the view from my seat:

The stage in Vistana Hotel's ballroom.

I spent a quarter of the night talking to friends and catching up on the latest news, happenings and goss in town. Then the second part of the night was spent watching the groom and his friend (who also happens to be my friend from a lifetime ago) sing their lungs out on stage in every language known to man (but not to Malaysians). =p A third quarter was spent listening to speeches and laughing at how they went. Then, of course without fail, the final part of the night was spent doing what girls do best: camwhoring. =D

Taken by ChattyLass' younger sister with her Samsung.

And then we moved out of the ballroom and
took our camwhore pictures the way pros do it.


In the toilet.

...and the camwhoring just went on and on and on
with just micromillimeter differences between our
latest shot and the millions of shots before. Haha.

And guess who we bumped into on our way out from the loo?? The bride herself! (She was on her way out to change into a second evening gown for the second half of the night.) And with her was one of her bridesmaids, my super good, old friend who's also in the creative industry, alwayscuilin! So we talked a little and quickly grabbed a pic together. (Somehow, BananaBabe, alwayscuilin and I didn't manage to take any pictures together during my wedding last year!! T_T)

From L-R: alwayscuilin, BananaBabe, Pam Song and ChattyLass.

Yes, I camwhore like a pro. 4 people also can masuk.
No Photoshop cropping necessary, thank you. =p

Anyway, it was a good night of fun and laughter. (Weddings are like mini reunions!! =D) And of course, the bunch of us who wouldn't be rushing back to any hotel room to go boom-boom-boom like rabbits, went out for drinks to talk more, laugh more and goss summore. Haha. No pictures from our 8-person outing to Euro Deli at Gurney Plaza though. Too busy shouting over the music to bother. =p

And to end this series...

ChattyLass and I. Still in the toilet. =p

One last pic to commemorate the effort I put in
to find a dress to keep to the theme this time around.
Best we could do without a full length mirror. =)

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Zhen Ying said...

Perhaps Shen's hoping to be Danny?

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Zhen Ying
– HAHAHA. And rock the skinny jeans and biker leather jacket?? Maybe... maybe... =p

Melsong said...

Sandy wore a different hairstyle, more like yours, in the earlier parts of the show. When she sang "Hopelessly Devoted to You." Before she became naughty and sported the headful of curls.

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Melsong
– GOT MEH???

Melsong said...

Got. You just check images for "Grease" and look for the earlier parts where she hasn't transformed into the leather clad vamp.

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Melsong
– Lazy lah. Haha. Why you so anti her?

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