Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Muar, January '12: The Price Of Ice

I've never been big on alcohol but one type I actually like, is Shandy. (Don't cast your judgmental eyes or shake your head at me, you alcoholics out there. To me, one percent alcohol is still ALCOHOL!)

So, one hot CNY afternoon in Muar, estherlauderlyn and I decided to share a can of Anglia Shandy – that effectively means that we each only get half the dose of the 1% of alcohol in the can, HAHA – on the rocks. (Chewah, macam pro! =p)




At this point, The Husband's maternal grandma walks past,
takes a disapproving look at our icy cold Shandy and says:

Por Por: Ah Peng ah! (That's what she's always called me. A decade along and still no change. I give up.) Mai ciak peng peng. Bo ho. (English Translation: Pam ah! Don't take ice. Not good.)

Pam Song: Oh... Ho... (English Translation: Oh... Ok...)

Por Por: *proceeds to rub my belly* Ciak leng, ai tua potoh bo ho hor. (English Translation: Take cold stuff, not good when wanna get pregnant ya.)

Pam Song: @_@ Oh... *gulp* Ho... (English Translation: Oh... Ok...)

It makes me laugh when I think about how she was more worried over the ice than the alcohol. Haha. Memang traditional tu. But... pregnant? Where got pregnant? No laaa... I GOTS ICY SHANDY!!! =D

 Perfectly bubbled, deliciously iced.

estherlauderlyn and I.

If this is what life is like in Muar,
Imma head there all the time now! =p

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Zhen Ying said...

Ah Peng ah, lu eh Por Por ai po chi le chor soon liao. Meh ah meh!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha ;p

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Zhen Ying
- Eh eh eh... Ban ban lai lah! Aneh kua cho hamik?? Haha.

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