Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February's Reading Material

Two weekends ago, The Husband and I drove up to Penang to enjoy the long weekend at home. The Tuesday night before we left, while sitting around waiting till we could begin our long and arduous journey back to KL, The Husband suddenly walked up to me with a women's magazine in his hand. This one:

The Malaysian Women's Weekly of February 2012.

He pointed to the section below, looked me
straight in the eye and said, "READ. THIS."

*cough cough*

And then he continued with a smile,
"Oh, and you can read this, too," 
while pointing to this feature:

Hahahaha. I think this second piece more interesting leh... If this was a Malay magazine, I'm pretty sure that it would be a "nasi kangkang" story of some sort. =p


Zhen Ying said...

Someone's hinting!!!! ;)

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Zhen Ying
– Nothing new lah. He loves kids.

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