Thursday, February 09, 2012

Ramli Burger Special Tambah Cheese

I made it for lunch yesterday. Actually, I've been making it for The Husband's tea or supper for a couple of weeks now but never actually had one myself. Until yesterday. And OMG, it's freaking awesome! (Even if I do say so myself. Haha.) Now, I slapping myself on the forehead, wondering why I never indulged in such sinful greasiness before myself!

 A tasty Ramli beef patty covered in egg, topped
with cheese and hugged by burger buns.

Beef patty revealed after my first bite.

Heaven in every sinful bite. No wonder The Husband told me last Saturday that I should open my own Ramli Burger roadside stall in the area to make some extra money at night. Hahaha. (Yeah, right. I think I'm overworked as it is, thank you.)


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