Sunday, February 19, 2012

V-Day 2012

Damn happening for me this year. Woke up at an ungodly hour and spent the better part of the morning with The Husband stuck in a jam on the way to Subang Airport. Whoopie! So romantic! -_-'''

Boarded Flight FY2082, flew out of KL,
across the peninsular, and up to Penang.

 The view from inside the flight out of KL.

Another shot from a slightly different angle.

Heading into Penang. That's the shadow of the plane I was in!

Went for a pitch, talked to a GM and his ma cais, rushed some work for some other clients back at KRPG, and got back on a flight outta Penang and into KL.

 Bad shot of the plane getting into KL.

Got picked up, spent the next half hour semi-listening to The Husband and Papa talking shop in the car all the way home, got back to our place, took my bath, talked a little to The Husband before bedtime and promptly fell asleep after. And that, my friends, was Valentine's Day 2012 for me. Haha. Let's hope next year is better. *fingers crossed*


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