Wednesday, February 29, 2012


You know you're getting old and
have begun going over the hill when...

1. Nobody claps when you do something right; everybody frowns when you do something wrong.

2. Your colleague tells you she's 22 and your mouth automatically goes, "YOU'RE WHAT???" before your brain actually processes the information.

3. You laugh at the idea of still being in the office at midnight.

4. Your brain goes offline at 11PM anyways.

5. People ask you your age and you've gotta reeeally think and count the years before you can spit out a number.

6. Half the time, it's the wrong number. -_-'''

7. You signed your singlehood away.

8. You receive wedding invitations attentioned to you. Not your parents', with you being listed as "& Family".

9. You no longer wish Time would get its groove on and just move; it has begun to march to its own beat.

10. You'd actually rather pay for help than do it yourself cos half the time, your back is begging you not to lift that finger.

11. You finally make enough to be able to afford to pay for help.

12. You car repairs don't just take care of themselves. Neither does the fuel your car drinks. It all comes out of your pocket.

13. The government makes you pay taxes that disappear into thin air (or magically get converted into super big US$24 million diamond rings) once the money leaves your bank account.

14. You worry about the future.

15. You wonder if Malaysia's the best place to raise kids.

16. You worry if you're making enough to pay for baby's milk if/when the time comes.

17. You see a belly bulge slowly appear around your waist but it sure ain't a baby.

18. You start taking health supplements.

19. You worry if that finger stiffness in your right hand is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome waiting to happen.

20. You know the difference between PA, Medical and Life Insurance.

21. You actually have insurance. And pay for it.

22. You sometimes wake up with aches.

23. You wear glasses more often than you wear contact lenses.

24. While out shopping, your feet hurt faster than your wallet does.

25. You start buying flats instead of heels.

26. You prefer shopping alone cos you don't waste time waiting around.

27. You start investing in a few good outfits rather than many cheap ones.

28. Accessorising sounds like a LOT of work.

29. Watching a movie AT HOME on a FRIDAY NIGHT sounds tiring and you'd rather just vegetate.

30. It's not even midnight and you're already in bed.

Goodnight, peeps.
This old girl needs her sleep.

NOTE: This list was inspired by a post published by fourfeetnine. If you don't think you're there yet, GOOD FOR YOU! Don't grow up! Haha. Kidding. Advice on growing up to be found on Adulting. Some pretty-good-and-realistic-as-shit stuff there. And I say that even if you're Peter Pan.


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