Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Muar, January '12: One, Two... CIAK!

Day 2 in Muar started earlier than The Husband and I had hoped. No late mornings for us there. Instead, it was a mad rush for breakfast. The general rule of thumb when it came to all things food-related? Must! Be! The! First! To! Eat! Hahaha.

I guess that having grown up as a single child, I forgot that big families actually have to "fight" for their food. First come, first serve, cos the late go hungry. "Take the egg first!" "Put the tau kua on your plate!" "Eat faster!" Wahhh... With The Husband barking orders at me between every bite, eat also stress. -_-'''

So how to release all that tension?

Go fly kite lah...

Kite-flying in the afternoon of CNY Day 2.

Literally. HAHA. 

Jokes aside, the best part of our meals in Muar was the soup. OMG, THE SOUP! Heaven in every mouthful. If you don't look and just swallow lah, that is. Haha. Cos is made from what seems to be every part of every animal known to man. Pig's stomach, chicken feet, something's bones, full-body ikan billis – you name it, it's all in there. Everything but the kitchen sink. =p

And because nothing else even comes close to the soup, I shall refrain from talking about anything else in this post, and leave you with a picture of an almost-empty pot of super awe-mazing apa-pun-ada soup that makes me salivate at the thought (not the sight =p):

Super amazing soup. I had 3 portions in one seating!!

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