Saturday, February 11, 2012

Late Mornings, The Ultimate Luxury

Today, for the FIRST TIME since The Husband and I got married, we got to wake up late, without the buzzing of an alarm clock, the ringing of a phone, the knocking of the door, or the sound of people talking outside. I got out of bed at the unbelievable hour of 11:42AM after tossing and turning under the sheets for a couple of hours. (Back in college, I used to be able to sleep straight till 3PM before even opening my eyes. =p) When The Husband saw me get up and walk to the bathroom, he mumbled, "Good afternoon." But did he wake up then, too? Hell, no. The man finally got out of bed at 1:48PM!! And guess what? While walking to the bathroom, he sleepy-smiled at me and said, "Good morning."


Looks like age has really taken its toll on him.
Counting fail, AM vs. PM pun fail. Haha. =p


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