Thursday, February 09, 2012

Muar, January '12: Snow White Had A Red Apple, We Have Red Plums

The Husband's Kong Kong bought plums for us to eat while we were in Muar. Shocking red ones that looked good but killed me on the inside with every bite.

The reddest plum in all the land.

Why? Cos they were super duper sour! Haha. The Husband took a bite and his eyeballs almost popped out of his head. Me? I think my saliva glands went on instant overdrive. Both of us tak boleh tahan. So we did the diplomatic thing... and shared one. (We were actually given one each. =p)

So we ate it the only way we knew how. WITH SALT.

After that, I got totally addicted to the taste – the combination really packed a punch and was super yummy! – and The Husband actually had to stop me from stuffing my face with the second one. Haha.

Halfway through my sour plum, egged on by my best friend, Salt!

And with this ends my trip to Muar that took place during the first two days of Chinese New Year. Next, our 4-day getaway to Phuket, Thailand! Stay tuned! =D

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