Sunday, February 05, 2012

Celebrating The First Day Of Spring!

Late last night, The Husband and I grabbed my camera and went down to the living room to try our hand at egg standing. (It was all over Facebook and when I explained to The Husband that it was "some-weird-equinox-something-something-day-of-the-Chinese-New-Year thingy", we decided we had to see it for ourselves to believe it. The Husband was doubtful; I was hopeful. But barely 3 minutes later... TADAAAA!!!

The Husband and his standing egg.

OMG, it's doable!!! @_@ But not for me. T_T The Husband's egg obliged us with a stand-up miracle but my egg simply refused to stay upright. Then, within minutes, The Husband's egg tipped over, too. Haha. So we spent the next 10 minutes or so trying again and again and again – with other eggs and even the very same one that stood before – but to no avail. Bleh. So potong. Oh well, at least I've got some pictures to show for our late night efforts. :-/

And egg, standing on its own!


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