Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wants Vs. Wishes

You know, I can't imagine
ever giving up my job in this lifetime*.

But then again... every once in awhile, when shit hits the fan and work feels like a chore, I imagine living the life of a stay-at-home wife who does nothing all day but ride white unicorns across the horizon in the morning, lazes in a bed of roses (no thorns, thank you) while being fed plump, juicy grapes from a silver platter by a fat cupid with too little clothes on in the afternoon, and goes to sleep in a cot of fluffy clouds with just the twinkle of the stars and the soft glow of the moon for light at night. =p

Haha. Yeah. Right.

Just give me work and a fat paycheck
in place of that white unicorn and fat cupid,
and I'll take it all with no second thoughts
any day of the week. =p

* I say "lifetime" but you know I don't really mean a w-h-o-l-e lifetime, right? Work till I'm 90? No way! Only up till the point of retirement, thank you. Say 50 or 55. Maybe less if I change my mind when I turn 40. =p But right now? I think 55's a good age to kick back and relax. But not while I'm at the peak of my adult life and my career, like now. After all, what's the point? Study 15 years of my life away, work a little and then suddenly decide to drop it all and do nothing with all the head knowledge and experience I've gained while I still have the strength, energy and my youth to make a difference?? Hell, no.


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