Thursday, February 09, 2012

Trouble In Partner Paradise

A working partnership is a lot like a marriage. You spend an inappropriate amount of time together, you share ups and downs, and you give birth to work you care about and represent the Creatives you are. Basically, it's like marriage, only minus the hugging, kissing and... urm... other stuff-ing. Haha.

In a marriage, there are two parties. Two people who come from two separate families with different customs, traditions and preferences. In order to keep the peace, and in respect to your spouse, you should never speak ill, talk bad or even breathe an inappropriate comment about your spouse's family, no matter how weird, queer or difficult they may be at times. These are boundaries you should never cross.

Likewise, in a working partnership between a Copywriter and an Art Director, there are boundaries that are not to be crossed in order to keep the peace and to show due respect to your partner. A Copywriter should never dictate art, layout or design, and an Art Director should never overstep the fine line between "just making a comment" and "giving instructions" on how copy should be written.

So to Art Directors out there who don't know the
unspoken rule of maintaining a happy partnership...



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