Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Phuket, February '12: Getting There

On the 3rd day of Chinese New Year, The Husband and I along with his family left for a super delayed family holiday in Phuket, Thailand. We initially meant to make a trip together at the end of 2011 but procrastination won out – haha, big surprise there – and the trip ended up getting delayed to late January 2012.

We left Muar on the 2nd day of CNY, arrived in KL a little past midnight, and had to wake up super early to catch our flight out of KLIA the morning of the 3rd day of CNY. OMG, I felt jet-lagged before even leaving! Haha. (I've never actually experienced such a hectic CNY holiday before. My family usually escapes the heat and traffic of town and heads up to the highlands for quiet CNYs.)

Anyway, the cabs (we needed two) arrived at our doorstep before dawn. But distance was great and traffic was heavy at certain areas (hello, KL!) so by the time we arrived at KLIA, the sun was up.

KLIA Departure drive-through area.

The gate we entered by.

The airport was bustling by then and because of that, the queue for MAS' international check-in was ridiculously long. We even bumped into a church member – aaronthj – who was waiting in the same line to board an international flight to Singapore. So instead of just waiting, The Husband and his older brother ran off to find a way to get us in through the self check-in kiosks. (The same one I used when I traveled to Surabaya back in July 2009.)

Passports belonging to The Husband and I.

Success followed and before you know it, we were in and looking at planes landing and taking off over drinks at a café. Soon after that, we went through immigration and boarded Flight MH786 to Phuket, Thailand.

Flight MH786 to Phuket, Thailand.

Appreciating the greens of our local landscape soon after take-off.

More clouds come into view the higher we fly.

A sky filled with cotton candy clouds
and seemingly nothing above or under! =D

But of course when our in-flight food came,
my interest in nature went out the window. Haha.

Chinese New Year food cover! So semangat.
After slipping the festive cover open.

After opening the foil that covers the dish.


I can't remember what our other option was on this flight but the Nasi Lemak was so good I don't even care. Gosh, the fragrant rice... the hard boiled egg... the prawn sambal... the kacang and the ikan billis... OMGGGG!!! *dies and goes to heaven* So good. If only I could tapau this to work every morning. And why did I specifically mention tapau? Well, cos these guys are PROS when it comes to tapauing. 

Kacang and ikan billis. Very wisely kept separate
to ensure its crispiness and crunchiness.

Ahhh, bottom line is that this was damn good lah. In fact, it was so good that The Husband even wolfed down my leftover prawn sambal. (I dare not eat too much in case lau sai while on holiday lah. Dun play play with seafood + sambal, man.) And he's not even a fan of prawns! Look!

The Husband greedily stuffing his face with my leftovers.

You're lucky it's pixelated. It wasn't very appealing to look at. HAHA. But I'll tell you what's appealing. PHUKET!!! Just look at the beauty that appeared before our very eyes even from the time our plane was circling the skies before landing!

More on Phuket soon. Stay tuned!

p/s: It actually feels way more than rocket science trying to blog about family holidays when the only family I can show on this blog... is me. @_@


infinitium said...

ugh... phuket is overpriced and overrun with ang mohs!

Pam Song said...

ATTN: infinitium
– Haha. I'm not a big fan of Phuket either (been there once before this time and didn't come back gushing) but the place we stayed at was really nice so... not bad lah.

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