Friday, February 17, 2012

Crash 'n Burn

Two days ago, Rabel gave me a mid-week gift:

An ice-cold can of 100Plus worth 50sen
from the office dispenser sitting at the pantry.

Unfortunately, I was so excited about being belanja-ed that the wet can just slipped right from my grasp as I was gushing over his generosity, hit the floor with a loud bang, and slid halfway across the entire workspace area of 35 people. @_@

OMG, MALUATION!!! =_='''

I tell you, when that can met the floor, I even half expected it to burst open and fizz all over every employee at MCKL. HAHA. (I wouldn't count on it not happening to me, after all.) But thankfully, all that happened to it was this:

Badly dented can.


And in case you were wondering,
no, I wasn't that dumb to open that can
as soon as I slunk back to my seat. -_-'


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