Friday, February 03, 2012

Muar, January '12: Playin' With Fire

I can't remember the last time I played with fireworks but this Chinese New year, I definitely did. And it was so freaking, flipping fun that I don't know why I haven't played in such a long time. =D We didn't have much to go on with but the few types we had at our disposal were better than having no fire at all.

We started off playing with Pop Pop. No, not the mild type I grew up with that was just a ball of gun powder in twisted white paper, sold in a yellow box. This was a new generation "Super Noisemaker" that goes, "POW!" upon impact. Haha. Very hardcore.

Pop Pop, the 2012 version.

Mini dynamites.

After that, we brought out the big guns.

There were two types in there. (Not that I could tell the difference from just looking at the pack. :-/) One that shot up straight into the sky before going, "BOOM!" And another that repeatedly burst into colourful bunches of fire flowers about 6 feet above the ground. Like this:

It was a fun night. I just wish I wasn't the moron who reformatted her SD Card before she extracted the videos of the fireworks in action. -_-''' ANYHOO... this was the illegal lot of loot that we begin with:

Not a lot... but whatever. I know we had a lot more fun than we had fire power. And if you ask me, that's the whole point of playing with fire anyway. =) Now, I can't wait till next Chinese New Year to roll along. Haha. And with that ends Day 1 of CNY 2012 in Muar!

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