Thursday, April 14, 2011

Perth, March '11: Leaving Perth

Said 'goodbye' to the city apartment I'd spent so many nights in (and even got proposed to in!), then turned my back, walked away, stepped into the lift and watched the doors close. But not before capturing the moment. In my mind, in my heart, and on my GF2.

 The Fiancé's old unit number.

Seems like only yesterday we arrived and the sky was a solid blue. But now that we're going home, just 5 days after landing, the weather is significantly cooler and sky is already scattered with fluffy, white clouds of every shape and size.

Because we had a little extra time to spare, we decided to stop at ExoMod Coffee, Mount Lawley for a cuppa each before shooting off to the airport.

 Cars parked along the street.

 Our drinks. I obviously didn't take this picture. =p

In two sips an a few burning gulps,
we were back in the car and off again.

Back in the car, on the way to the airport.

 At the airport.

Another picture of the Perth Airport carpark.

Going through the entrance into Perth Airport for check-in.

2 hours later, we were up in the air
and headed for home with MAS.

That's our plane sitting right next to Iron Maiden's private plane. =p

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