Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Making Plans

I'm not big on making plans. Especially not long-term ones that require foresight, premonition and superb powers of prediction. But I do like to know where I'll be and when I'm expected to be there. (You should see my very-full, very-colourful calendar cum day planner on my iPhone. =p) What happens there and then is a different thing altogether – one I'm not overly bothered about till the time comes, to be honest. But yeah... a general outline is always nice to have. Especially when big changes are involved.

The thing about making plans is that they always, always have the potential to change. And although I'm not one of Change's biggest fan, I'd take Change over Don't-Know-Nuts-About-Nuttin'-At-All in a heartbeat. Being in the loop beats being kept in the dark, doesn't it? (Yes, it does.) The variables? Where, When, How, Who, Why – easy questions that demand simple answers. But it rarely is that simple, is it? Cos the Where, the When and the How are often dependent on the Who and the Why.

"We can’t make big elaborate plans for our lives, because it’s all just a product of one thing leading to another thing. The plans I stressed out about making two years ago, and then a year ago, and then even six months ago, none of them are reflective of what’s happening in my current life, which means it’s probably about time that I finally learned the lesson, huh? That plans always change, at least a little, no matter what, and that they often change more than a little and in ways you could absolutely never have predicted. So stop predicting.

There are lots of reasons why our plans change, of course, but the biggest has to do with the people we love. The plans we made on our own often need to be broken down and rebuilt once we’re taking someone else’s plans into consideration." Nicole

So, I guess Nicole got it right. It is only to be expected that the plans we make on our own will always require tweaking in order to fairly and fully accommodate the people we love. And vice versa. Cos relationships aren't about one person. They're about two. And when someone else's plan meshes so greatly with yours, you don't get to keep your plan. You get to make new plans. That's pretty exciting too, right? Urm... right. :-/


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