Friday, April 08, 2011

Sony Ericsson Satio™ FOR SALE

So here's a story I never told you. I won a lucky draw. They gave me a mobile phone. A Sony Ericsson mobile phone. A Sony Ericsson Satio™, to be exact. =)

But since I've already got a mobile, I'm selling it.
Below market price. For just RM1,100.

I didn't know much about the phone but after Googling (in order to know enough to sales-pitch you kau kau lah, of course), I found that the phone's actually pretty darn equipped with everything a smartphone user would need and more!

And that's not everything.

 Full specifications. [Source]

But facts and figures are boring. (Unless you're an Accountant who thinks that balance sheets are God's gift to man. *snore* =p) Here's the bit about the Sony Ericsson Satio™ that really took my breath away: its 12.1 megapixel camera with Xenon flash.


16x digital zoom. Fast continuous shooting with BestPic™ – 9 pictures taken in 1 second. Image stabiliser. Red-eye reduction. Smile detection. Photo fix. Geo-tagging. Touch focus and auto focus. Can anybody say whoa??? Looks to me like this phone was built to perform like a standalone touchscreen digital camera!! Perfect for the ladies who don't want to bog their bags down with a phone and a good camera that takes decent pictures. (Eh, even iPhone dun have smile detection and all that, ok...)

There are lots of other cool features
when it comes to music and web surfing
but... I a bit lazy to type liao. =p

 Just check out the specs
in the official website lah ok?

Oh, and don't worry... I know how important it is for buyers to see the actual product before buying (seeing is believing?) so... here are a few pictures of the actual Sony Ericsson Satio™ I won that I'm selling. =)

 Unopened box.

 First look.

Another angle just so I can tunjuk kreativiti.

The Sony Ericsson Satio™ in my hands.

Slot for extra Micro SD card on far right.

  Big capabilities in a surprisingly slim body.

 The Satio™ with the camera slider closed to hide and protect the lens.

With the camera slider open.

 The 12.1 megapixel camera equipped with Xenon flash.

Mint condition. I haven't even put the battery in before!

Everything that came with the phone in the box
is still brand new. Charger, USB cable, etc...

 Warranty Card included.

So, yes. That's the Sony Ericsson Satio™ I won that I'm selling below market price. That said, it's up for sale for only RM1,100. Interested parties can reach me at Also... help me spread the word, guys! Thanks! =D


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