Sunday, April 17, 2011

180º Turnaround

Last night, things went from
awesome to awful in an hour.

After getting my hair and make-up done, I excitedly shot off for a fancy pants dinner date at 32 The Mansion. My handsome date for the night? Dee. =)

We arrived at 32 The Mansion along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah in perfect time for our reservation at 7:30PM. We sat down and each ordered different variations of the set dinner, then proceeded to talk and people watch while waiting.

The dinner crowd had yet to come in but there was one particularly "interesting" table of male guests (read: well-dressed, flamboyant men in dress shirts and tight tight TIGHT slacks who cannot seem to stop holding on to each other and taking cheesy pictures together =p) already occupying the space. Very fascinating pre-dinner entertainment, I must say. Haha.

Soon, our appetiser and soup came – salad for the both of us, Wild Mushroom Soup for me and Cream of Tomato for Dee, as well as a side of Garlic Bread.

 Garlic Bread to go with the soup.

Wasn't a big fan of the salad (although Dee loved it and finished mine) and the Garlic Bread was soggy and a little too garlic-y (Dee agreed), but the soup (not pictured) was pretty tasty. Unfortunately, after the soup, the dinner went downhill for me. I started having a headache and feeling nauseous. -_-''' Couldn't even really enjoy my Salmon Something-Something.

 My Salmon Something-Something.

We rushed home soon after.  Didn't even think of staying to enjoy the jazz band that had just started playing their first song. (Haiyah, wasted nia.) And on the way back, we stopped so I could puke my guts out – salmon, soup and all – into one of the drains along the row of shop lots off Larut Road. Blergh. -_-

So very fancy for a bride-to-be in
full bridal make-up and hairdo, no? =p

Anyway, got home, took my bath, drank some Ah Pek tea, and puked a second time before crashing into bed by 10.45PM (incredibly early by my night-owl standards if you didn't know), only to wake up a good 13 hours later. @_@ So yeah. That's how my grand Bridal Make-Up & Hair Trial Day went. Whoopie. -_-


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