Friday, April 29, 2011

Why It Sucks To Have A Wedding A Couple Of Months After The Royal Wedding

Why? Cos there's, like... I dunno... A LOT of expectation to live up to?? I mean, how the heck do you top a ROYAL WEDDING watched by BILLIONS of people ALL OVER THE WORLD, that costs just about every lung, limb and liver anyone could ever sell??? It's impossible!!

*stress die me*

And don't tell me nobody compares, okay. EVERYBODY compares. In the same way that people compare Kate's sense of style to Diana's. (Poor her.) And the same way people compare Will's balding head to his daddy's. (Poor him. HAR HAR. =p) Sure will compare wan. Take tonight for instance. Over dinner, my future MIL asked:

Future MIL: Eh, Pam! Did you watch the wedding??

Pam Song: Yeah, I did!!

Future MIL: Kate Middleton's wedding gown very nice hor? 

Pam Song: Yeah! So much better than Diana's!

Future MIL: So, is yours so nice ah?

Pam Song: @_@ *blink blink* Urm... *gulp* *crickets*

Whoaaa... Talk about piling on the pressure, man! Haha. Believe you me, I could sell everything I've ever owned still come up short with the payment for Middleton's dress. Would probably only have enough to pay for one lacy sleeve and maybe half a petticoat. HAHA.


My wedding gown will sooo kick Waity-Katy Middleton, princess-in-waiting Catherine's gown's behind, okayyy. ...Once I find it, that is. @_@ *gulp* *crickets*


yapthomas said...

Need help? :P

Lissa said...

Good luck with the search! *crosses fingers for you*

Jasmine said...

Have you thought about designing one?

zecount said...

That wedding dress is really beautiful.. simple, elegant and classy

Pam Song said...

ATTN: yapthomas
– Yes please! Will tell you what I need help on soon, ok?

ATTN: Lissa
– Haha. Thanks, babe!

ATTN: Jasmine
– I did. But I'm also worried that it won't come out just the way I envisioned it to be then... die!

ATTN: zecount
– Yeah, I thought so, too. Stop lusting after married women, Leon! She's taken! By a prince!

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