Sunday, April 10, 2011

Girls' Weekend, April '11: First Stop

So yes, as you would have already known by now, my girls made a trip up to Penang to spend the weekend with me. And after I picked everybody up from the airport, the hospital (long story), and the bus station, we finally made it to lunch. At 3-freaking-PM. *faints then dies of hunger* Our first stop? Well, Siam Road for the world's best Char Koay Teow, of course! =D

But first, meet the girls...

 The Lauderone.


Duh Roads.

Yours Truly.

Looking at these pictures, I'd say
we don't do candid very well. Haha.


But you know what just effortlessly
and naturally looks good in pictures?


Haha. True story.

Then Lamé suddenly, just stood up
and shouted, "TOP SHOT!!!"

So, I posed. =p Cos I'm fast like a speeding bullet that way. And a professional camwhore, no doubt. HAHA. Then the love for Char Koay Teow just possessed us, made us ditch our cameras, and we pretty much ate in silence. But after we were done stuffing our faces, I positioned my camera and shouted, "GROUP SHOT!!!"

From L-R: The Lauderone, Lamé, Duh Roads and Yours Truly
with our finished plates of Char Koay Teow. Click here
to jump to the post this picture first appeared in.

 And we all posed. Just like clockwork.
Cos birds of a feather? We flock together. =p

Anyway, that was just the beginning of a veeeery loooong day. After that, we were off to the tailors' to get my bridesmaids measured out. Naturally we had to camwhore on the way there. Haha. And even all the way back to the car and in the car.

Lamé and I on our way back to the car.

Duh Roads lagging behind cos she's got
an odd fetish for floor tiles. @_@

 Us on our way to our next stop – the tailor's!

Ok, it's late. More tomorrow! =)


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