Sunday, April 17, 2011

Not. Happy.

I'm unhappy. There. I said it. About what? Well, about a lot of things. And I'm starting to believe that life is just unfair. I mean... isn't it? Innocent babies get abandoned. Young women get raped. Good people suffer. Earthquakes and tsunamis wipe out entire towns. Buses crash along the highways and the many who die... didn't even do anything to deserve it.

But the bottom line of what I'm saying is this:
Life just doesn't play nice to good people.

The good ones get stepped over, and the better ones get their asses taken advantage of right, left and center. And you know who wins at the end of the day? The bad people. Cos eventually, it's the bad people who get away with everything. They get away with the mean things they say... the terrible things they do... and they even get the added bonus of having a good night's rest after the day is up.

Funny how life plays out sometimes, huh?
Too bad it's not so funny when Life plays us out.


neena said...

The promise that everything will be paid for in the hereafter is the only thing that keeps us going. Hope that cheers u up?

Vin aka Hiyashi said...

"At first it hurts, but... then it mostly makes you want to win." - Finn, Glee s02e16

May not be exactly the best song but yeah, I just had a Glee marathon. So... >o<

Lissa said...

Our God is not blind, nor is He unjust. :) *hugs*

Pam Song said...

ATTN: neena
– Aww, thanks, neena! I should have known I could always count on you folks in Cyberworld to cheer me up. =)

ATTN: Vin aka Hiyashi
– Waaa... Passings me your Glee filessss! Me needs some glee cheer!

ATTN: Lissa
– Thanks, babe. Hug!

kellster said...

you just said everything i felt for years :)

sigh, and those people who has wronged me so badly, seem to be having it all now

Pam Song said...

ATTN: kellster
– Yep. Life's unfair. You know, sometimes I feel like standing up for myself and giving those people a piece of my mind... and then I realise: Heck, then I'd be just like them!

And I sure as hell don't wanna be.

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